The Imaginary Rocket Driving a Small-Town Spaceport

Is the FAA licensing spaceports that are doomed to fail? From a report: The latest launch attempt out of Kodiak, Alaska's spaceport shows in vivid detail just how quickly things can go sideways. In the video, rocket maker Astra's 3.3 skids horizontal.....»»

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China Conducted Two Hypersonic Weapons Tests this Summer

The Chinese military conducted two hypersonic weapons tests over the summer, raising US concerns that Beijing is gaining ground in the race to develop a new generation of arms. Financial Times: On July 27 the Chinese military launched a rocket that u.....»»

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NASA completes mega-moon rocket stacking

NASA has completed stacking of the agency's mega-Moon rocket and spacecraft that will launch the next generation of deep space operations, including Artemis missions on and around the Moon. Engineers and technicians successfully secured the Orion spa.....»»

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Security changes needed to protect corporate networks from non-business IoT devices

Cyber adversaries know that one small IoT sensor can provide entry into a corporate network to launch ransomware attacks and more. According to a survey of IT decision-makers by Palo Alto Networks, 78% of respondents (among those whose organization h.....»»

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How SpaceX ignited a new Raptor engine on Starship without an explosion

So why don't all rocket engines have giant nozzles? Enlarge / SpaceX ignites a vacuum-optimized Raptor engine attached to Starship on Thursday, October 21. (credit: SpaceX) SpaceX took another step on Thursday evening toward v.....»»

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Pro­jection of extre­me rain­fall impro­ved

Mapping the effects of mostly small-scale but extreme rainfall events in global climate models poses major challenges. Computer models that are used to simulate the global climate, for example in the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate.....»»

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Fossils of two Early Cretaceous species discovered in southwest Arkansas

Two new species dating back to the Early Cretaceous Period were recently discovered in Sevier County in southwest Arkansas. One is a small skink researchers named Sciroseps pawhuskai and the other is a new fish named Anomoeodus caddoi......»»

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Media consolidation takes toll on local news but doesn"t necessarily bias coverage

When big conglomerates buy up small news outlets, local news takes a hit. But the parent company may not influence the political agenda of its stations as much as some have suspected, finds a new CU Boulder study of TV goliath Sinclair Broadcast Grou.....»»

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Rocket Report: South Korea just misses orbit, Ariane 5 to set payload records

"We do not see any meaningful positive catalysts for the stock." Enlarge / The Orion spacecraft is stacked atop NASA's Space Launch System rocket. (credit: NASA) Welcome to Edition 4.21 of the Rocket Report! Plenty of news thi.....»»

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Small- to medium-size TV panels see fast price drops

While LCD TV panel prices have generally been falling since July 2021, the extent of decrease for the 32-, 43- and 55-inch segments has been much bigger the 65- and 75-inch ones, which has sent makers cutting more of their small- to medium-sise TV pa.....»»

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NASA photos show Orion capsule atop its mega moon rocket

NASA has taken a big step toward the launch of the Artemis I moon mission after placing the Orion crew capsule atop the almighty SLS rocket......»»

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Novel peroxide-based material emits fluorescence in response to stress

Polymers make up everything from the clothes we wear to the plasticware we use for eating. In recent years, polymers that can release small molecules (like drugs) have been of major interest to pharmaceutical researchers. Previous studies have demons.....»»

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Don"t underestimate rabbits: These powerful pests threaten more native wildlife than cats or foxes

In inland Australia, rabbits have taken a severe toll on native wildlife since they were introduced in 1859. They may be small, but today rabbits are a key threat to 322 species of Australia's at-risk plants and animals—more than twice the number o.....»»

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App boosts Amazon tree project

A new app will help small-scale farmers grow trees and earn a living in deforested parts of the Amazon......»»

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South Korea launches first domestic space rocket but mission fails

South Korea launched its first domestically developed space rocket on Thursday but failed to put its dummy payload into orbit, a setback in the country's attempts to join the ranks of advanced space-faring nations......»»

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South Korea launches own space rocket for the first time

South Korea launched its first domestically-developed space rocket on Thursday, carrying a 1.5-tonne payload as it seeks to join the ranks of advanced space-faring nations......»»

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Leak shows overclocking Intel"s Core i9-12900K Alder Lake CPU to 5.2 GHz turns it into a cutting-edge space heater

Intel could reveal its Alder Lake-S processors for enthusiasts as soon as next week, but the ongoing stream of leaks is slowly driving the hype train off the cliff. The upcoming Core i9-12900K CPU has been spotted in a series of benchmarks where it s.....»»

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Changing ocean currents are driving extreme winter weather

Throughout Earth's oceans runs a conveyor belt of water. Its churning is powered by differences in the water's temperature and saltiness, and weather patterns around the world are regulated by its activity......»»

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Zoox will start testing its autonomous vehicles in Seattle

To improve the capabilities of Zoox's L3 autonomous vehicles (standard cars equipped with software and hardware for autonomous driving), the company will run tests in Seattle. Compared to the other test locations, Seattle's infrastructure and driving.....»»

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Valve rolls out a beta patch for Half-Life 2, includes long-awaited bug fixes and Vulkan support

The Beta update makes several small but important changes to Half-Life 2, most of which seem geared toward making the game run and look as good as it possibly can on Valve's upcoming Steam Deck handheld PC. We'll get to some of the bigger changes in.....»»

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What Katey Sagal Has Done Since Sons of Anarchy Ended

Katey Sagal played one of the most important characters in Sons of Anarchy, but what has she done since the show came to an end? In 2008, Kurt Sutter took the audience to a small town in California to meet a motorcycle club and all the drama in their.....»»

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