The History of the Modern Graphics Processor

#ThrowBackThursday 3D graphics turned a dull PC industry into a light and magic show after generations of innovative endeavour. Here's our extensive look at the history of the GPU, from the early days of 3D, to game-changing hardware and the industry.....»»

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Best cheap processor sales and prices for December 2021

Looking for the best price on the latest CPU? See our roundup of this week's best cheap processor deals and sales......»»

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"Massive" Startup Wants To Rent Your Spare Compute Power To Pay For Apps

What if users could pay for apps or services not with money or attention, but with their spare compute power? A startup called "Massive" is working to take this concept "into the modern world as an alternative to charging users or pounding them with.....»»

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Nvidia might use TSMC"s 5nm process node for upcoming GeForce RTX 4000 GPUs

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 graphics cards could break cover as early as next summer, and it’s also possible that we’ll see an RTX 3000 series refresh before that. The next generation of cards from Team Green carry the Ada Lovelace codename internally, b.....»»

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"Tweens" increased media use during the 2020 pandemic summer, says study

"Put down your phone" is a common parental phrase, the modern-day equivalent of "turn off the TV." That's because parents have long thought that staring at a screen for too long will have a detrimental effect......»»

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Razer"s Qualcomm-powered Handheld Console Leaks

Qualcomm appears to be collaborating with Razer on a new gaming handheld developer kit built around its upcoming Snapdragon G3X processor. From a report: Leaked slides published by VideoCardz call the device a "Snapdragon G3X Handheld Developer Kit,".....»»

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Chequered History. Future Star. Since their invention in the late 19th century, electric vehicles have gone through both high and low phases. Initially they were hailed as the more efficient alternative to the traditional motorcars with cumbersome in.....»»

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Statistical methods used to estimate when canine teeth shrunk in modern humans

A team of researchers led by Gen Suwa of the University of Tokyo has used statistical methods to calculate when canine teeth in modern male humans began to shrink down to their current size. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Aca.....»»

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Failures of California"s first plan to stop offshore oil drilling cast shadow over new efforts

Offshore oil derricks dotting the California coastline continue pumping despite a history of catastrophic spills and vows from generations of politicians to send them to the scrapheap. They've even survived a modest attempt by state officials more th.....»»

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19-year-old man shot during attempted PlayStation 5 robbery

Thanks to the global chip shortage, electronic devices such as consoles and graphics cards are difficult to find outside of reseller sites where they cost a fortune, and that makes them even more appealing to criminals......»»

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Sapphire"s RDNA 2-based mining cards revealed

The images and spec sheets for the two graphics cards, the Sapphire GPRO X080 & the GPRO X060, were leaked by El Chapuza Informatico (via VideoCardz), showing their Ethash performance and other details......»»

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Airbus A340 Plane Lands On Antarctica For First Time

An anonymous reader quotes a report from India Today: For the first time in history, a commercial Airbus plane made a successful landing on the white continent of Antarctica. One of the company's A340 planes touched down on an ice runway earlier this.....»»

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Bessemer Venture Partners Raises $220 Million to Back Founders in India

Bessemer deepens presence in India, continuing long-standing history of partnering with founders and CEOs to build enduring companies Bessemer to invest in early-stage Indian startups and support them through subsequent growth stages Firm also announ.....»»

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Nibbling prehistoric herbivore sheds new light on Triassic diversity

A Triassic herbivore, known for its supposed similarities to a modern-day ostrich, has been revealed to have entirely different approach to feeding from previously thought, according to research at the University of Birmingham......»»

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Can’t find Cyber Monday graphics card deals? Try these gaming PCs instead

Are you searching for some Cyber Monday graphics card deals? That might be tricky, but don't worry -- jump on these gaming PC deals instead!.....»»

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What Can A Predictive Dialer Do For Your Outbound Call Center?

Call centers need to rely on modern technology and resource allocation to run efficiently. Many businesses rely on them for different services. It is imperative to enhance agent productivity with the right blend of software and processes. Auto Dialer.....»»

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Why is data cleaning crucial? How do you clean the data?

  Data cleansing has technically played an important part and vital role in the history of data science and data analytics, so also it continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  But what is data cleansing, and why is it so necessary? If you want to buil.....»»

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Tata faces legal restrictions on consumer data usage

Many big companies are building their super app in South and Southeast Asia. There are Tencent, Alibaba in China, while Gojek, Grab are growing fast in Indonesia and Singapore. Backed by Softbank, Paytm was the largest IPO in India history and the Pa.....»»

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Creating a modern and seamless automotive supply chain with blockchain

Automotive supply chains are extremely complex. A car is made up of thousands of components and involves an elaborate network of individuals, organizations, resources and tasks. In an otherwise well-connected world, the industry continues to grapple.....»»

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The ancient origins of glass

Glass's rich history is being traced using modern archaeology and materials science. Enlarge / This glass fish was found in a fairly modest private house in Amarna, buried under a plaster floor along with a few other objects. It may on.....»»

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5 Ways to Connect Your Old Storage Devices to a New PC

If you're upgrading to a new computer, laptop or desktop, a modern PC may not support your old storage devices. This guide will give you options to connect your old storage drives to a new computer......»»

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