The evolution of DevSecOps

73% of IT decision-makers admit more could be done to improve their DevSecOps practices, with many organizations behind in their goals, according to a survey conducted by Insight Avenue. In this Help Net Security video, Mark Troester, VP of Strategy,.....»»

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The social code: Deciphering the genetic basis of hymenopteran social behavior

Since Darwin, biologists have been fascinated by the evolution of sociality. In its most extreme form, eusocial species exhibit a division of labor in which certain individuals perform reproductive tasks such as egg laying, while others play non-repr.....»»

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Starry tail tells the tale of dwarf galaxy evolution

A giant diffuse tail of stars has been discovered emanating from a large, faint dwarf galaxy. The presence of a tail indicates that the galaxy has experienced recent interaction with another galaxy. This is an important clue for understanding how so.....»»

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Rapid plant evolution may make coastal regions more susceptible to flooding and sea level rise, study shows

Evolution has occurred more rapidly than previously thought in the Chesapeake Bay wetlands, which may decrease the chance that coastal marshes can withstand future sea level rise. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame and collaborators have dem.....»»

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Fossil teeth reveal how brains developed in utero over millions of years of human evolution

Fossilized bones help tell the story of what human beings and our predecessors were doing hundreds of thousands of years ago. But how can you learn about important parts of our ancestors' life cycle—like pregnancy or gestation—that leave no obvio.....»»

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Large mammals shaped the evolution of humans in Africa, says ecologist

That humans originated in Africa is widely accepted. But it's not generally recognized how unique features of Africa's ecology were responsible for the crucial evolutionary transitions from forest-inhabiting fruit-eater to savanna-dwelling hunter. Th.....»»

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What crocodile DNA reveals about the Ice Age

What drives crocodile evolution? Is climate a major factor or changes in sea levels? Determined to find answers to these questions, researchers from McGill University discovered that while changing temperatures and rainfall had little impact on the c.....»»

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Polygamous birds shown to have fewer harmful mutations

Bird species that breed with several sexual partners have fewer harmful mutations, according to a study led by the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath. The study, published in Evolution, shows for the first time how polygamy increas.....»»

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Stress may trigger male crucian carp defense against predators

Only males among the fish species crucian carp have developed a strategy to protect themselves from hungry predators, according to a new study from Lund University in Sweden published in the journal Evolution. The explanation could lie in that the su.....»»

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Study of bryophytes reveals evolution of genetic pathways governing plant branching

Non-vascular bryophytes live in colonies that cover the ground and resemble tiny forests. In a real forest, plants compete for light in different layers of the canopy. If a plant does not receive enough sunlight, it stops lateral branching and instea.....»»

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Researchers uncover new potential for ancient mint plants

MSU researchers have traced the evolution of mint genomes for potential future applications that range from medicines to pesticides to antimicrobials......»»

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Researchers derive a unified topological speed limit for the evolution of physical states

Physical systems evolve at a particular speed, which depends on various factors including the system's so-called topological structure (i.e., spatial properties that are preserved over time despite any physical changes that occur). Existing methods f.....»»

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Understanding of point defect mechanism boosts photovoltaic performance of antimony selenosulfide

Recently, a research team led by Prof. Chen Tao from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) revealed the formation and evolution of the point defect of antimony selenosulfide. This work was p.....»»

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Could feral animals in Australia become distinct species? Some early signs that it"s possible

You might think evolution is glacially slow. At a species level, that's true. But evolution happens every time organisms produce offspring. The everyday mixing of genes—combined with mutations—throws up new generations upon which "selection press.....»»

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Baboons "crouch and sprint" to take standing up in their stride

At some point in our evolution, humans gave up walking on four limbs, yet all of our ape cousins continue sauntering on four, resorting occasionally to two. Peter Aerts from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, is curious about how primates walk. When.....»»

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Better hydrogen transfer brings better hydrogen evolution reaction performance

The electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is one of the most efficient methods for producing green hydrogen. However, the inefficient mass transfer of hydrogen has greatly impeded HER efficiency......»»

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Rare fossilized feathers reveal secrets of paleontology hotspot during Cretaceous period

The site of Jehol Biota in China is famous for stunning fossils which preserve soft tissue—skin, organs, feathers, and fur. These fossils offer rare insights into the evolution of characteristics like flight, but they need careful interpretation to.....»»

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Sympatric or micro-allopatric speciation in glacial lake? Genomic islands support neither

Speciation is one of the core issues in evolutionary biology. Sympatric speciation is the evolution of reproductive isolation without geographic barriers in which new species arise from a single ancestral population. However, bidirectional gene flow.....»»

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Ken and Roberta Williams are back to evolve the adventure game genre

Ken and Roberta Williams had unfinished business with adventure games, so they came back to realize their evolution of the genre with Colossal Cave......»»

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Evolution of uniquely human DNA was a balancing act, study concludes

Humans and chimpanzees differ in only one percent of their DNA. Human accelerated regions (HARs) are parts of the genome with an unexpected amount of these differences. HARs were stable in mammals for millennia but quickly changed in early humans. Sc.....»»

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Bionic integrates with Wiz to provide customers with full cyber-risk coverage

Bionic has announced a product integration with Wiz to provide customers with an agentless way to unify and scale their cloud and application security posture in production. With this integration, DevSecOps teams now have complete visibility and cont.....»»

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