The evolution of DevSecOps

73% of IT decision-makers admit more could be done to improve their DevSecOps practices, with many organizations behind in their goals, according to a survey conducted by Insight Avenue. In this Help Net Security video, Mark Troester, VP of Strategy,.....»»

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Similar genetic elements underlie vocal learning in mammals

The vocalizations of humans, bats, whales, seals and songbirds vastly differ from each other. Humans and birds, for example, are separated by some 300 million years of evolution. But scientists studying how these animals learn to "speak" have time an.....»»

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Shining a light on the effects of habituation and neural adaptation on the evolution of animal signals

A new paper published in The Quarterly Review of Biology examines the possible effects of two properties of receiver playing fields documented in studies of animal psychology—habituation and neural adaptation—on the efficacy of mate choice signal.....»»

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The Future of Mobile App Development and Why Flutter is Leading the Way

Mobile application development has experienced a radical pathway, traversing an evolutionary course that calibrates with the pacing of technological advancements and the changing perception of users. The evolution from the simple utilities of the yes.....»»

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New findings suggest convergent evolution of algal CO₂-fixing organelles

Researchers at the University of Tsukuba identified the proteins of a CO2-fixing organelle, namely, "pyrenoid," in the marine algal group Chlorarachniophyta and revealed various pyrenoid-associated proteins among algal groups, suggesting the independ.....»»

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Eco-friendly catalyst and materials research explores pathways to renewable energy

The search for sustainable and affordable energy conversion technologies has highlighted the importance of the oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions (ORR and OER). These processes are crucial for the efficiency of devices such as fuel cells.....»»

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New measurement captures clearer picture of our galaxy and beyond

With unique capabilities to track microwave energy fluctuations, a small observatory in the Andes mountains of northern Chile produced maps of 75% of the sky as part of an effort to measure the universe's origin and evolution more accurately......»»

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Earth"s early evolution: Fresh insights from rocks formed 3.5 billion years ago

Our Earth is around 4.5 billion years old. Way back in its earliest years, vast oceans dominated. There were frequent volcanic eruptions and, because there was no free oxygen in the atmosphere, there was no ozone layer. It was a dynamic and evolving.....»»

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Killer instinct drove evolution of mammals" predatory ancestors, scientists suggest

The evolutionary success of the first large predators on land was driven by their need to improve as killers, researchers at the University of Bristol and the Open University suggest......»»

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Study finds a smoking gun for the spread and evolution of antibiotic resistance

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have uncovered a key link between the spread of antibiotic resistance genes and the evolution of resistance to new drugs in certain pathogens......»»

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Biology textbooks do not provide students with comprehensive view of science of sex and gender, say professors

The teaching of science has long generated controversy in the United States—from evolution in the early 20th century to climate change today. Debates have also often emerged around how textbooks teach concepts related to social groups, and in parti.....»»

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Astronomers observe the effect of dark matter on the evolution of the galaxies

Dark matter comprises around 85% of all the matter in the universe. Although ordinary matter absorbs, reflects and emits light, dark matter cannot be seen directly, which makes its detection difficult. Its existence is inferred from its gravitational.....»»

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Science in times of crisis: Lessons from Fukushima and WWII

Collective memory is one way to ensure that past mistakes in the evolution of science systems are not repeated after a crisis, disaster or conflict according to a University of Tokyo historian who has contributed to the International Science Council'.....»»

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The cultural evolution of collective property rights for sustainable resource governance

Community-based natural resource management has been dominated for several decades by the design principles of Nobel Prize laureate Elinor Ostrom. These principles provide guidelines for improving the governance of resource systems, from small-scale.....»»

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Ancient retroviruses played a key role in the evolution of vertebrate brains, suggest researchers

Researchers report in the journal Cell that ancient viruses may be to thank for myelin—and, by extension, our large, complex brains......»»

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Technological Tales: A Journey through Web Development and Design in Online Gaming

In the dynamic world of online gaming, where pixels collide with imagination and code fuels virtual worlds, web development and design play pivotal roles in crafting immersive experiences. The evolution of web technologies has not only revolutionized.....»»

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Linux Leaps Ahead: Dynamic Future of Linux in 2024

As we journey through 2024, the world of Linux is witnessing a fascinating evolution, shaping the technology landscape with innovative trends and promising developments. We cannot overlook the increasing relevance of Virtual Private Networks in the L.....»»

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Using three AI protein prediction tools, study uncovers new wrinkles in the folding story of "orphan" proteins

When Profs. Joel Sussman and Israel Silman were asked to mentor Chinese students online during the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing they expected to come out of the experience was highly innovative research on protein evolution that could change our.....»»

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Case study: The evolution of a series of participant-centered workshops

Ludmila Tyler, senior lecturer in the biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) department, is co-first author of a paper in the journal Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education that reflects on the lessons learned from the first full year of Incl.....»»

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Passing stars altered orbital evolution of Earth and other planets, astronomers find

Stars that pass by our solar system have altered the long-term orbital evolution of planets, including Earth, and, by extension, modified our climate......»»

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New evidence changes key ideas about Earth"s climate history

A new study published in Science resolves a long-standing scientific debate, and it stands to completely change the way we think about Earth's climate evolution......»»

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