The best antivirus for Mac is none at all

The online world is still a dangerous place, but while antivirus providers are trying to sell you subscriptions for their wares, macOS is still secure enough for users to resist the products. The best antivirus for Mac is a combo of existing protecti.....»»

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Microsoft Exchange admins advised to expand antivirus scanning

After having stressed the importance of keeping Exchange servers updated last month, Microsoft is advising administrators to widen the scope of antivirus scanning on those servers. Microsoft Exchange servers in attackers’ crosshairs Cyber attac.....»»

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Best Antivirus Deals: Protect your PC or Mac from just $25

Everyone needs antivirus protection. Here are the best antivirus deals going on right now......»»

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This Windows security attack can take down your antivirus

A new case of Windows Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver attacks was seen in the wild......»»

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This Google Ads campaign pushes malware that your antivirus can"t pick up

Fake Google Ads campaign promoting popular 3D rendering software is actually deploying dangerous infostealers......»»

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Acronis combines antivirus protection with easy backup in an all-in-one solution

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office for macOS offers complete protection for your digital life by combining antivirus capabilities with the ability to easily recover your backup data in an all-in-one solution (including an iOS app to manage backups)......»»

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Spyware found stealing Iranian user data via infected VPN installer

Antivirus provider Bitdefender finds traces of spyware's scripts in Iran VPN 20Speed, with users at risk......»»

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year of Norton Antivirus for PC or Mac for $20 for Cyber Monday

If you're buying a new desktop or laptop during this Cyber Monday sale, be sure to get yourself an excellent security suite like the Norton 350 Deluxe......»»

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Product showcase: ESET’s newest consumer offerings

It’s no secret that antivirus software is as essential to your computer as a power cord. However, the threats don’t stop at your devices. For example, criminals that are trying to steal your data can attack your Wi-Fi router, and phishing attempt.....»»

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Criminals hijack antivirus software to deliver malware

Chinese hackers are abusing antivirus software to sideload LODEINFO......»»

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Small Business Cybersecurity: Tips for Choose the Best Antivirus Software for Linux Systems

Today, many small businesses use Linux based systems, which are easy to use and less vulnerable to security concerns.While Linux systems are secure, due to the increase in cyber-attacks for small businesses, it is vital to have a good security system.....»»

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Malwarebytes crippled by macOS Ventura update

The new macOS Ventura release has killed the real-time protection feature in Malwarebytes, but the company has a solution.MalwarebytesA bug in macOS Ventura is affecting security apps that rely on Full Disk Access, such as antivirus programs. The set.....»»

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This devious malware is able to disable your antivirus

Hackers have found a way to disable antivirus programs by using vulnerable legitimate drivers......»»

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Why Endpoint Security on Macs used at work goes beyond traditional Antivirus

Macs are on pace to become the top endpoint in the enterprise in the coming years. If you entered the workforce in the last 5-6 years, there’s a good chance you were given a Mac on your first day and you likely don’t remember a world where the o.....»»

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Norton Antivirus Free Trial: week of protection

Digital security is becoming more and more important, and a Norton Antivirus free trial is a great way to explore one of the best options available......»»

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Beloved browser extension acquired by non-beloved antivirus firm

You can see why some don't want Avast having access to every site they visit. Enlarge / Nearly every major site warns you about cookies, and it's a shame they share a moniker with one of life's great pleasures. (credit: Getty Images).....»»

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This McAfee deal is your best chance at cheap antivirus software

Protect your digital devices and save big with this impressive discount on McAfee antivirus software, which is just $40 for one year of the McAfee Plus plan......»»

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Good Mac security goes beyond antivirus

For years, the Mac has been seen as a safer platform than competitors. But, there are still steps you can and should take to keep yourself safe.Mac antivirusSo far in 2022, over 34 million samples of new malware have been discovered. But only 2,000 o.....»»

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This Norton deal protects 5 devices for $20 and includes a gift card

Save $30: As of July 19, Norton 360 Deluxe antivirus software for five devices is on sale for $19.99 at Amazon, which saves you over 50% off its usual $49.99. A $10 Amazon gift card is included.In 2021, there was a surge of ransomware cyberattacks. A.....»»

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The best antivirus software options for keeping safe and secure online

Getting decent antivirus software is as essential as a keyboard and a mouse. It’s madness to plug in and get online without it, quite frankly. Because whatever computer you have, there’s something nasty out there trying to do it damage.St.....»»

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The best antivirus software options for Macs

You've probably heard that Macs don't need antivirus software, but whoever told you that was wrong. It’s a bit of an outdated myth about Macs.Sure, Macs are generally more secure than PCs. Windows does tend to have more security vulnerabilities.....»»

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