Support for Dead Cells Ends Soon, after More than Half a Decade

The game's most recent update featured the "Return to Castlevania" DLC. The post Support for Dead Cells Ends Soon, after More than Half a Decade appeared first on Phandroid. After several years of game updates, DLC, and software support, i.....»»

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Seaports found to be hotspots of contagious cancer in mussels

Seaports act as hubs for the global spread of MtrBTN2, a rare contagious cancer affecting mussels. In this disease, cancer cells can be transmitted, like parasites, from one mussel to another nearby......»»

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Researchers develop molecules for a new class of antibiotics that can overcome drug resistant bacteria

About a decade ago, researchers in UC Santa Barbara chemistry professor Guillermo Bazan's lab began to observe a recurring challenge in their research: Some of the compounds they were developing to harness energy from bacteria were instead killing th.....»»

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Learn up to 14 languages with a lifetime of Babbel for $150

Don’t miss this Presidents' Day price on lifetime access to Babbel Language Learning on sale for $149.97. TL;DR: Score lifetime access to Babbel Language Learning on sale for $149.97. This price drop lasts only 24 hours — it ends on Feb.....»»

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Stop using rice to save your wet phone, Apple warns. What to do instead.

Stop putting wet phones in rice, Apple warns. Here’s why. As it turns out, the decades-old method of saving one's wet phone in rice isn't a good idea, according to Apple. A recent support document states that this hack actually makes things w.....»»

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Death and grief in Swedish children"s books

Death is blue, or a flying animal. This is how death is most commonly illustrated in Swedish children's literature, according to a new study from Uppsala University based on analyses of 62 books. Just 6 out of 10 books use the word "dead," which may.....»»

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View from Washington: Mercedes-Benz unit takes on U.S. charging deficit

Andrew Cornelia, CEO of Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging North America, says more EV chargers are needed to support the vehicles on the road......»»

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Research highlights power of interactive, gesture-based lessons when teaching abstract math concepts

Researchers at Colorado State University are exploring how non-verbal communication could be leveraged by faculty to reach educational goals and support individual learning around abstract math concepts......»»

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Spinning, magnetic micro-robots help researchers probe immune cell recognition

Researchers at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Chicago have engineered tiny, spinning micro-robots that bind to immune cells to probe their function. The robot, or "hexapod," gives sci.....»»

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Scientists track world"s largest turtles to previously unknown foraging locations

Leatherback sea turtles, the largest of all living turtles, undertake extensive migrations that can span multiple years. They travel from subtropical and tropical nesting locations to temperate foraging areas. Despite decade-long tracking efforts, th.....»»

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Learning how cells dispose of unwanted materials is key to potential new therapeutics, say scientists

Are you sick and tired of getting sick and tired? A UNLV-led research team is exploring whether the reason we sometimes feel ill in the first place is because our body's cells suffer from trash that accumulates within them......»»

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The modeling and simulation of self-organized intracellular twisters in the Drosophila oocyte

Cytoplasmic streaming is the large-scale motion of cytoplasm (i.e., gelatinous liquid inside cells) inside a living cell. This flow, known to regulate various intracellular processes, can vary greatly between different cell types at different stages.....»»

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Supreme Court sides with Apple in $503M VirnetX lawsuit, ending decade-long battle

It’s been over a decade since VirnetX – known as a patent troll – started a number of lawsuits against Apple. Now after 13 years, it appears the battle between the two companies is over as the Supreme Court has denied a bid by VirnetX to revive.....»»

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SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ review: Small, but helpful, robot vacuum with incoming Matter support

The SwitchBot K10+ is a small, hard-working robot vacuum that promises to support Matter in a future update. But unless you have the SwitchBot Hub 2, it won't be HomeKit compatible.SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ review: K10+ stationed at its base c.....»»

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Physicists develop new solar cell design for better efficiency

Physicists at Paderborn University have used complex computer simulations to develop a new design for significantly more efficient solar cells than previously available. A thin layer of organic material, known as tetracene, is responsible for the inc.....»»

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Report finds most Americans do not support partisan violence

Despite political chatter about a new civil war, Americans' support for partisan violence remains very low, according to a new report issued by the Polarization Research Lab......»»

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New AirPods Max rumored to hit shelves in 2024 without giant feature changes

A new rumor suggests that Apple will be refreshing its AirPods Max before the year ends — but only to swap out its Lightning port.AirPods MaxApple released its high-end AirPods Max in 2020 and still hasn't released a second generation yet. However,.....»»

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Stop putting your wet iPhone in rice — seriously

Experts have been warning users against the rice bag technique for over a decade. Now, Apple also advices against putting a wet iPhone inside dry rice......»»

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10 best comedies of the 1990s, ranked

The '90s were a big decade for comedy films, and these 10 hilarious pictures are the best of the best......»»

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MagSafe Monday: With Qi2 support, Anker MagGo Wireless Charger replaces Apple’s MagSafe charger in my bag

Qi2 is the latest wireless charging standard the Wireless Power Consortium developed, incorporating Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) based on Apple’s MagSafe technology. This ensures accurate alignment and faster charging speeds of up to 15 watts – s.....»»

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Meizu Announces Exit from Smartphone Industry, will Focus on AI

The company reassures customers though that support for existing products throughout China will remain in effect. The post Meizu Announces Exit from Smartphone Industry, will Focus on AI appeared first on Phandroid. Not too long ago, Chine.....»»

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