Study highlights importance of not investigating exon splicing in isolation

A study published in the journal Function highlights the importance of not investigating exon splicing in isolation. Exon splicing is the process by which introns are removed from pre-mRNA and exons are spliced back together......»»

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Study: Teacher perceptions of chronically absent young students may add to the challenges of missing school

A new study finds that early elementary school teachers report feeling less close to chronically absent students and view them less positively, even when those students do not cause trouble in the classroom. This "cooling down" in the relationship be.....»»

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Extreme wildfires doubled over past two decades: Study

The frequency and intensity of extreme wildfires has more than doubled worldwide over the past two decades as human activity has warmed the planet, said a new study published Monday......»»

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Most plastics are made from fossil fuels and end up in the ocean, but marine microbes can"t degrade them

Marine plastic pollution is a massive environmental issue, with a plastic smog of an estimated 170 trillion particles afloat in the world's oceans. This highlights how urgently we need to develop strategies to mitigate this environmental crisis......»»

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Rising health care prices are driving unemployment and job losses

Rising health care prices in the U.S. are leading employers outside the health care sector to reduce their payroll and decrease their number of employees, according to a new study co-authored by Yale economist Zack Cooper......»»

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Researchers develop RNA-targeting technology for precisely manipulating parts of human genes

Researchers at the University of Toronto have harnessed a bacterial immune defense system, known as CRISPR, to efficiently and precisely control the process of RNA splicing. The technology opens the door to new applications, including systematically.....»»

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Biodiversity loss from 2010 oil spill worse than predicted

A new peer-reviewed study from researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington; the University of Nevada, Reno; Mokwon University in Daejeon, Korea; and Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi shows the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill of 2010 af.....»»

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Study shows magnitude of displacements by December 2020 Petrinja earthquake

The December 2020 earthquake near the Croatian town of Petrinja (magnitude 6.4) was felt in all Croatia and in many places in the neighboring countries, and caused serious damage at the site. A recent Croatian-Hungarian collaboration has analyzed the.....»»

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Speeding through the microcosm: Insights into ultrafast electron and lattice dynamics

A study has unlocked new dimensions in understanding the ultrafast processes of charge and energy transfer at the microscale. The research delves into the dynamics of microscopic particles, providing insights that could revolutionize semiconductor an.....»»

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Hydrothermal vents on seafloors of "ocean worlds" could support life, new study says

We've all seen the surreal footage in nature documentaries showing hydrothermal vents on the frigid ocean floor—bellowing black plumes of super-hot water—and the life forms that cling to them. Now, a new study by UC Santa Cruz researchers suggest.....»»

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Study provides new understanding of Gurbantunggut Desert"s dust source

Central Asian dust has a significant impact on regional and global climate, and it is crucial for the balance of local ecosystems, socio-economic development, and human health......»»

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Your wig could be poisoning you: Study finds pesticides and other toxic chemicals in synthetic hair in Nigeria

Well-groomed hair is a symbol of beauty for many black African women. Natural hair requires special care and attention, though, which can be time consuming. Wigs (human or synthetic hair), weave-ons and other artificial hair extensions offer women an.....»»

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Rocks on Rapa Nui tell the story of a small, resilient population—not a doomed, overpopulated island

Conventional wisdom holds that the island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, once had a large population that crashed after living beyond its means and stripping the island of resources. A new research study my colleagues and I conducted has s.....»»

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New study confirms forever chemicals are absorbed through human skin

A study of 17 commonly-used synthetic 'forever chemicals' has shown that these toxic substances can readily be absorbed through human skin......»»

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Do protons decay? The answer might be on the moon

Does proton decay exist and how do we search for it? This is what a recently submitted study to the arXiv preprint server hopes to address as a team of international researchers investigate a concept of using samples from the moon to search for evide.....»»

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Following in parents" educational footsteps offers financial rewards, study shows

Lawyers, doctors and engineers who have studied in the same field as their parents have higher incomes than their colleagues, according to a new Danish study published in The British Journal of Sociology. While this could be a sign of nepotism or oth.....»»

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Non-coding RNA acts as "superhighway" for gene expression, study finds

The function of non-coding RNA in the cell has long been a mystery to researchers. Unlike coding RNA, non-coding RNA does not produce proteins—yet it exists in large quantities......»»

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Study explores high-performance copper/graphene composite conductor for motors

A study, led by Tingting Zuo, was based on the idea of in-situ growth, and a series of Cu/Gr composites with improved interfaces were prepared by vacuum hot press sintering. Combined with cold-drawing and heat-treatment processes, composite wires wit.....»»

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Study pushes understanding of how cells migrate

Interactions between two key structures within cells help establish the front-to-back "polarity" that is essential to cell migration, according to a new study by Weill Cornell Medicine researchers......»»

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Ethylene oxide emissions from two plants could have raised cancer risks for Illinois residents, report shows

People living near two Lake County industries could face significantly greater risks of developing certain cancers, according to a new federal study based on monitoring of ethylene oxide pollution in surrounding neighborhoods......»»

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EU says Apple anti-steering rules in breach of DMA, officially investigating Core Technology Fee terms

The European Commission has formally announced today its preliminary view that Apple is in breach of the Digital Markets Act, surrounding App Store anti-steering rules. Additionally, the commission is also officially investigating Apple’s ‘al.....»»

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