SpaceX offers ride to Soyuz astronaut in case of ISS emergency

A damaged Soyuz capsule has forced NASA and its Russian counterpart to consider solutions in case the space station needs to be evacuated in an emergency......»»

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Rain offers slight reprieve from largest wildfire in history of Texas

Rainfall offered some reprieve from the largest wildfire in the history of Texas, officials said Friday, though dry, gusty conditions were expected to return this weekend for a blaze that has killed two people and scorched a million acres......»»

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Nvidia is reportedly ‘worried that it’s missing the boat’

Nvidia has completely neglected the gaming handheld market, which is where AMD absolutely dominates -- but that might not be the case for long......»»

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March is here, and so are AirPods Pro 2 at $189, a Beats spring sale, and today’s other best Apple deals

An all-time low is back on AirPods Pro 2, complete with the new USB-C charging case at $189. If you’re looking for another listening experience, Apple is launching a Beats spring sale to go alongside this 29% off Nomad iPhone 15 cases sale. Hit the.....»»

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Apple cites bevy of scared users to back up its case against the EU DMA

Apple has to comply with the EU's new law about rival App Stores, but it's protesting all the way and is now showing emails from users who fear the changes.Tim CookAhead of the March 7, 2024 deadline and the facility for third-party app stores in the.....»»

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Rocket Report: Astra warns of “imminent” bankruptcy; Falcon Heavy launch delay

"We’ve worked through a number of issues that delayed the launch from last summer." Enlarge / Static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket that will launch the Crew 8 mission in early March. (credit: SpaceX) Welcome to Edit.....»»

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Texas battling largest wildfire in its history

Texas emergency crews were struggling Thursday to contain the largest wildfire in the US state's history, with the blaze leaving at least one person dead and scorching a million acres as it raged out of control......»»

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Emergency atmospheric geoengineering wouldn"t save the oceans

Climate change is heating the oceans, altering currents and circulation patterns responsible for regulating climate on a global scale. If temperatures dropped, some of that damage could theoretically be undone......»»

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One iPhone 15 Case You Shouldn’t Buy

iPhone 15 owners looking for a case have a mind-boggling number of options. While there are plenty of great cases out there, there’s one in particular that shouldn’t be on a shopping list. In the months since the iPhone 15’s release.....»»

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The hidden driver of the ride-sharing economy

When Greg Buchak was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Uber and Lyft were just beginning to spread across the country. Since he didn't own a car, he found the ride-sharing apps convenient for short and long trips. Yet as a financial ec.....»»

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SpaceX delays Crew-8 launch, but lines up Starlink launch instead

Bad weather conditions on the launch corridor for a human spaceflight from Kennedy Space Center have prompted a two-day delay, so SpaceX took the opportunity to roll out and try and shoehorn a launch without humans from nearby Cape Canaveral Space Fo.....»»

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With space travel comes motion sickness. These engineers want to help

In a corner room of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building at CU Boulder, Torin Clark is about to go for a ride......»»

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SpaceX reschedules this week’s Crew-8 launch to the space station

NASA and SpaceX are making final preparations for Crew-8's flight to the International Space Station in a launch targeted for Saturday night......»»

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VisionDevCamp offers $100 Vision Pro hackathon event in Santa Clara

The team behind previous iPhone and iPad developer camps has announced VisionDevCamp, a hackathon-style event for developers interested in working on Vision Pro apps … more….....»»

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I found the 3 best 75-inch TV deals available now — from $500

If you're looking for 75-inch TV deals to upgrade your home theater setup, here are the top three offers that we've found with prices starting as cheap as $500......»»

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William Gibson"s "Neuromancer" is coming to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has announced the development of a ten-episode science-fiction drama based on William Gibson's award-winning novel "Neuromancer."Image Credit: Apple TV+The series will center around a skilled but troubled hacker named Case, who is forced in.....»»

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Emergency Planners Are Having a Moment

Governments, businesses, and even militaries pay for the help of experts to help them prepare for the worst. In a world lurching from disaster to disaster, they're doing so more often......»»

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This 15-inch Acer Chromebook is fantastic value at just $149

The Acer Chromebook 315, which is powered by Google's Chrome OS and offers access to Android apps, is on sale for only $149 from Walmart after a $30 discount......»»

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How strong is Nintendo’s legal case against Switch-emulator Yuzu?

Nintendo is "basically taking the position that emulation itself is unlawful." Enlarge / The eye of Nintendo's legal department turns slowly towards a new target. (credit: Aurich Lawson) Nintendo has filed a lawsuit agai.....»»

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FAA closes investigation into SpaceX Starship"s double-explosion 2nd flight

As SpaceX continues to gear up for flight No. 3 of its massive Starship and Super Heavy from Texas, the Federal Aviation Administration has closed the investigation into the second flight that resulted in explosions of both the booster and upper stag.....»»

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SpaceX needs good weather for Crew-8 launch. Here’s how it’s looking

SpaceX is targeting Friday for the Crew-8 launch to the International Space Station, but it needs good weather. Here's how it's looking......»»

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