SEC requires financial institutions to notify customers of breaches within 30 days

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the adoption of amendments to Regulation S-P to modernize and enhance the rules that govern the treatment of consumers’ nonpublic personal information by certain financial institutions. The ame.....»»

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Google’s Gemini AI is Microsoft Clippy for a new generation

Gemini's AI capabilities are coming to Google's Workspace app suite, but only for paid customers......»»

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CDK tells dealers DMS outage won"t be resolved before June 30

CDK also told dealers in the June 25 note if they needed "to make alternate plans for your month-end financial close process, you should do so.” .....»»

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More competition in banking, less information—research reveals the impacts on potential borrowers

A new study conducted by Filippo De Marco of Bocconi University, Milan, and Silvio Petriconi of the Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis reveals that competition among banks.....»»

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The dark side of loan guarantee programs for SMEs

There is always a downside. Even for loan guarantee programs for small businesses, launched during financial crises to stave off the drying up of credit, particularly likely in periods of recession. It turns out these programs also have negative effe.....»»

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This leak just spoiled the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

We have further confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is real and launching in just a few days. We also know it's price, key features, and hardware......»»

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Guide to mitigating credential stuffing attacks

We have a collective unaddressed weakness when it comes to basic cybersecurity. Out of the many reports circulating in the news today, many statistics revolve around the number of detected breaches. Why are credentials so sought after? How can we com.....»»

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CDK says DMS restoration process from cyberattacks has begun, reiterates "several days" to end outages

CDK Global, in a note to customers, referred to the cyberattacks for the first time as a ransom event......»»

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Provenir’s AI-powered risk decisioning platform increases fraud detection

As the financial services world becomes increasingly digitized and consumer demands evolve, fraudsters and their methods are becoming more sophisticated. Provenir is helping organizations fight back by detecting these emerging threats via sophisticat.....»»

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Your wig could be poisoning you: Study finds pesticides and other toxic chemicals in synthetic hair in Nigeria

Well-groomed hair is a symbol of beauty for many black African women. Natural hair requires special care and attention, though, which can be time consuming. Wigs (human or synthetic hair), weave-ons and other artificial hair extensions offer women an.....»»

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Following in parents" educational footsteps offers financial rewards, study shows

Lawyers, doctors and engineers who have studied in the same field as their parents have higher incomes than their colleagues, according to a new Danish study published in The British Journal of Sociology. While this could be a sign of nepotism or oth.....»»

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Mystery of massive aurora in Arctic skies in December 2022 solved by astronomers

A small team of astronomers affiliated with several institutions in Japan, working with a pair of colleagues in the U.S., has solved the mystery of the unusually smooth aurora that appeared in the Arctic sky in December of 2022......»»

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Could we put data centers in space?

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm lately. It also requires loads of band-end computing capability to do the near-miraculous things that it does. So far, that "compute," as it's known in the tech industry, has been based entirely on.....»»

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble review: Sega is on a roll with its latest hit

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble is the best entry in Sega's quirky platforming series since its GameCube days......»»

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1 out of 3 breaches go undetected

Organizations continue to struggle in detecting breaches as they become more targeted and sophisticated, with more than 1 out of 3 organizations citing their existing security tools were unable to detect breaches when they occur, according to Gigamon.....»»

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Why are threat actors faking data breaches?

Earlier this year Europcar discovered a hacker selling info on its 50 million customers on the dark web. The European car rental company immediately launched an investigation, only to discover that the data being sold was completely doctored, possibl.....»»

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Scientists explore the vast reservoir of dissolved organic matter in oceans

Few things last very long in the world of the open oceans, it would seem. In the light-filled surface layer, microscopic algae convert carbon dioxide and water into biomass via photosynthesis. Individual cells vanish in a matter of hours or days, ing.....»»

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CDK says DMS restoration process from cyber ransom attack has begun, reiterates "several days" to end outages

CDK Global, in a note to customers, referred to the cyberattacks for the first time as a ransom event......»»

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At dealerships, ‘wishful thinking" for CDK cyberattack resolution on crucial sales Saturday

Dealerships, which typically have busy sales days on Saturdays, enter the fourth day of the cyberattack shutdown with uncertainty......»»

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CDK cyberattacks could trigger litigation from consumers and dealers alike

It was a rough week as CDK Global dealt with two cybersecurity attacks, its customers rushed to adapt and experts predicted more breaches to come......»»

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Findlay Automotive Group facing lawsuit over cyberattack

The lawsuit alleges that the dealership group failed to protect the private information of its customers......»»

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