Scientists track world"s largest turtles to previously unknown foraging locations

Leatherback sea turtles, the largest of all living turtles, undertake extensive migrations that can span multiple years. They travel from subtropical and tropical nesting locations to temperate foraging areas. Despite decade-long tracking efforts, th.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro shipments reportedly cut as US demand for headset wanes

Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple has reduced its orders for Apple Vision Pro parts and assemblies, with the cut in shipments said to indicate lower demand for Apple's headset than previously thought.Apple Vision ProThe launch of the Apple Vision Pro in the Un.....»»

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Scientists study lipids cell by cell, making new cancer research possible

Imagine being able to look inside a single cancer cell and see how it communicates with its neighbors. Scientists are celebrating a new technique that lets them study the fatty contents of cancer cells, one by one......»»

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Star bars show universe"s early galaxies evolved much faster than previously thought

The universe's early galaxies were less chaotic and developed much faster than previously thought, according to new research looking back more than ten billion years in time. An international team of astronomers led by Durham University, UK, has used.....»»

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All Baobab Tree locations in Tales of Kenzera

Each Baobab Tree that Zau visits and reflects at will give him a buff to his total HP. If you want the maximum health bar, you will need to visit them all......»»

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AirTags range: here’s how far the tracker can reach

How far can your iPhone track an Apple AirTag? Perhaps a lot further than you ever imagined thanks to the Find My Network. Here are the details......»»

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Celebrate Hubble’s 34th birthday with this gorgeous nebula image

Tomorrow is the 34th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble. To celebrate, Hubble scientists have shared an image of the striking Little Dumbbell Nebula......»»

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VinFast adds 12 U.S. dealerships, including 5 in Florida and 4 in Texas

The Vietnamese automaker says it now has 18 stores across seven states. The new locations will start selling the VF 8 crossover and later receive the bigger VF 9 and smaller VF 7 models......»»

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Will we know if TRAPPIST-1e has life?

The search for extrasolar planets is currently undergoing a seismic shift. With the deployment of the Kepler Space Telescope and the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), scientists discovered thousands of exoplanets, most of which were detec.....»»

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McLaren"s new F1-inspired halo to cost $2 million-ish, arrives in 2026

The British marque plans to build fewer than 400 examples of the 1,000-plus-hp track monster......»»

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The big quantum chill: Scientists modify common lab refrigerator to cool faster with less energy

By modifying a refrigerator commonly used in both research and industry, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have drastically reduced the time and energy required to cool materials to within a few degrees above ab.....»»

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NASA to overhaul mission returning samples from Mars—here"s why it must and will go ahead

NASA recently announced that it is seeking new ways to complete the return to Earth of rock cores drilled by the Perseverance Rover in the Jezero Crater on Mars. This has led to some anxiety among space scientists, who view the Mars Sample Return (MS.....»»

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Supercomputer simulation reveals new mechanism for membrane fusion

An intricate simulation performed by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers using one of the world's most powerful supercomputers sheds new light on how proteins called SNAREs cause biological membranes to fuse......»»

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Researchers detect a new molecule in space

New research from the group of MIT Professor Brett McGuire has revealed the presence of a previously unknown molecule in space. The team's open-access paper, "Rotational Spectrum and First Interstellar Detection of 2-Methoxyethanol Using ALMA Observa.....»»

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New evidence found for Planet 9

A small team of planetary scientists from the California Institute of Technology, Université Côte d'Azur and Southwest Research Institute reports possible new evidence of Planet 9. They have published their paper on the arXiv preprint server, and i.....»»

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New algorithm solves century-old problem for coral reef scientists

An algorithm developed by a Florida Tech graduate student creates a new ecological survey method that allows scientists to unlock important historical data from a vast trove of coral-reef photographs dating back more than a century......»»

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Scientists reveal new path to increasing lactation for nursing mothers

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz have discovered a cellular process in the breast that can increase milk production by pregnant women, revealing a potential path to addressing lactation insufficiency syndrome—the inability of a nursing mother to produce.....»»

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Researchers uncover natural variation in wild emmer wheat for broad-spectrum disease resistance

Bread wheat is one of the most important staple crops for millions of people and is apparently the largest cultivated and traded cereal worldwide. Bread wheat is a hexaploid species with three subgenomes (2n = 6x = 42, AABBDD) that has undergone two.....»»

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Novel method could explore gluon saturation at the future electron-ion collider

The U.S. nuclear physics community is preparing to build the electron–ion collider (EIC), a flagship facility for probing the properties of matter and the strong nuclear force that holds matter together. The EIC will allow scientists to study how n.....»»

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New small molecule helps scientists study regeneration

Regenerating damaged tissues or organs has been a dream of scientists for decades. Now, researchers at the FMI and Novartis Biomedical Research have discovered a new molecule that activates a protein involved in regeneration. The tool holds promise f.....»»

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Scientists stencil-paint carbon nanotube components for flexible transparent electronics

Researchers from Skoltech, MIPT, and elsewhere have found a fast and inexpensive way to create geometric patterns in carbon nanotube films. The resulting films turned out to have superior properties for manufacturing components for 6G communication d.....»»

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