Scientists introduce DIProT—an interactive deep learning toolkit for efficient protein design

Scientists have developed DIProT, an innovative, user-friendly toolkit for protein design. The toolkit utilizes a non-autoregressive deep generative model to address the protein inverse folding problem, integrating human expertise into the design loo.....»»

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Saturday Citations: Bulking tips for black holes; microbes influence drinking; new dinosaur just dropped

What did scientists do this week? Exactly four things, all of which are summarized below......»»

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X will soon limit the ability to livestream to Premium subscribers

There’s been a lot going on at X recently when it comes to attempts to make more money from the platform. After Elon Musk confirmed his plans to introduce a small fee for new users, X has now confirmed that it will soon limit the ability to livestr.....»»

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This air fryer oven is normally $170 — today it’s $60

Prepare your favorite foods in a healthier and more efficient way with the Bella Pro Series 6-Slice Air Fryer Oven, on sale today for just $60 at Best Buy!.....»»

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Beyond CRISPR: seekRNA delivers a new pathway for accurate gene editing

Scientists at the University of Sydney have developed a gene-editing tool with greater accuracy and flexibility than the industry standard, CRISPR, which has revolutionized genetic engineering in medicine, agriculture and biotechnology......»»

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Novel catalysts for improved methanol production using carbon dioxide dehydrogenation

Encapsulating copper nanoparticles within hydrophobic porous silicate crystals has been shown by scientists at Tokyo Tech to significantly enhance the catalytic activity of copper-zinc oxide catalysts used in methanol synthesis via CO2 hydrogenation......»»

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Ariane 6 launches: Splashdown for Nyx Bikini

Europe's newest rocket soon launches, taking with it many space missions each with a unique objective, destination and team at home, cheering them on. Whether launching new satellites to look back and study Earth, peer out to deep space or test impor.....»»

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Human activity: A double-edged sword in the face of drought

Earth and environmental scientists have reported that, as human socio-economic activities increase, greenhouse gas emissions will rise, leading to more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. However, a research team from Pohang.....»»

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Samsung’s next Galaxy Buds could be its most comfortable design yet

Leaked images that purport to show Samsung's Galaxy Buds 3, feature a stem-based design that looks a lot like Apple's AirPods Pro......»»

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The best movie and show trailers for the week of June 21

This week's best movie and show trailers will bring a smile to your face and introduce you to the voice of a new animated Batman......»»

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Rare game sale on Mac App Store includes AAA titles and Apple Design Award winner

Apple Silicon has ushered in a new era for Mac gaming, with more AAA titles coming to the platform than before. Mac gaming has a long way to go, but progress is being made. Today, the Mac App Store is featuring some of its recent AAA titles as par.....»»

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New Galaxy Buds 3 renders confirms stem design

New Galaxy Buds 3 renders confirms stem design.....»»

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Deep inside iOS 18"s best new features and improvements on the AppleInsider Podcast

It's still only in beta, and there still isn't any sign of Apple Intelligence, but after more than week with iOS 18, there's a lot of good and a little bad to say about Apple's latest iPhone operating system.Some of iOS 18's finest features are major.....»»

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Biophysicists decipher functionality of adrenaline-binding receptor

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are found throughout the human body and are involved in many complex signaling pathways. Despite their importance in many biological processes, the central mechanism of G protein-coupling and the associated signal.....»»

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Scientists solve the puzzle of directional hearing underwater

When underwater, humans cannot determine where a sound comes from. Sound travels about five times faster there than on land. That makes directional hearing, or sound localization, nearly impossible because the human brain determines the origin of a s.....»»

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Science Is Full of Errors. Bounty Hunters Are Here to Find Them

A new project is paying researchers to find errors in other scientists’ work. The only problem? Even error hunters make mistakes......»»

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Dietary sucrose determines activity of lithium on gene expression and lifespan in D. melanogaster

The amount of dietary sugars and the administration of lithium both impact the lifespan of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. It is noteworthy that lithium is attributed with insulin-like activity as it stimulates protein kinase B/Akt and suppres.....»»

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Try these 3 Xbox Game Pass horror titles this weekend (June 21-23)

With Still Wakes the Deep out now, why not try some horror games from Xbox Game Pass' library this weekend?.....»»

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Scientists use heart and lung model to calculate potential health threats facing future space tourists in microgravity

Space exploration has always captivated our imagination, offering the promise of discovering new worlds and pushing the boundaries of human capability. As commercial space travel becomes more accessible, individuals with various underlying health con.....»»

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Stellantis AI chief is latest exec to leave automaker

Berta Rodriguez-Hervas, whose responsibilities included AI and machine learning, has resigned less than three years after joining Stellantis from chip maker Nvidia......»»

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An efficient protein delivery system with spider minor ampullate silk protein nanoparticles

In a study published in the journal MedComm, researchers have developed an efficient protein delivery carrier based on spider silk proteins (spidroins), derived from Araneus ventricosus minor ampullate silk protein (MiSp). The MiSp-based nanoparticle.....»»

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