Reddit sparks outrage after a popular app developer said it wants him to pay $20 million a year for data access

Twitter has been widely criticized for trying to charge transit agencies, third-party app developers and academics for data access to its platform, a move opponents say has forced independent apps to shut down and threatened research on misinformatio.....»»

Category: topSource:  cnnJun 1st, 2023

Apple launches "Meet with Apple Experts" for developers worldwide

Apple has unveiled a series of sessions, one to one consultations, and workshops for app developers around the world.An Apple developer session (Source: Apple)Building on its regular WWDC seminars, and its more recent App Store Expert sessions, Apple.....»»

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Listening to the radio on the far side of the moon

There are unexplored regions of the universe—and there are also unexplored times. In fact, there's a nearly 400-million-year gap in our universe's history that we've never seen: a time before stars known as the Dark Ages. To investigate that era, r.....»»

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Google is killing another one of its popular apps, and it’s a big one

Google plans to discontinue one of its popular apps, Google Podcasts, in the new year. Here's what you need to do about the closure......»»

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Reddit to begin paying people for popular posts

The social media site will split revenue with contributors who are awarded "gold" by other users......»»

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A newly refined map of Zealandia drawn using study of dredged rock samples

A small international team of geologists and seismologists has created a newly refined map of Zealandia using data obtained from dredged rock samples recovered from the ocean floor. They report details in the journal Tectonics......»»

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The Giant Magellan Telescope"s final mirror fabrication begins

The Giant Magellan Telescope begins the four-year process to fabricate and polish its seventh and final primary mirror, the last required to complete the telescope's 368 square meter light collecting surface, the world's largest and most challenging.....»»

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Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of global grain production

Earthworms are important drivers of global food production, contributing to approximately 6.5% of grain yield and 2.3% of legumes produced worldwide each year, according to new work published by Colorado State University scientists in the journal Nat.....»»

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Scientists marry MRI, ultrasound, and optoacoustics for improved medical exams

Physicians and researchers rely on biomedical imaging to examine the structure and function of living tissue. This enables disease diagnostics and experiments that reveal the mechanisms behind pathologies and ways to treat them. The most popular tech.....»»

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Sick leave in UK hits 15-year high: Study

Sick leave in the UK has hit its highest rate in 15 years and is well above pre-pandemic levels, a study showed Tuesday......»»

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Gaia is now finding planets—could it find another Earth?

The ESA launched Gaia in 2013 with one overarching goal: to map more than one billion stars in the Milky Way. Its vast collection of data is frequently used in published research. Gaia is an ambitious mission, though it seldom makes headlines on its.....»»

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Now a year older, the Kia EV6 still feels like the future

The Kia EV6 shares the E-GMP platform with EVs from Hyundai and Genesis, but has a distinct character......»»

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Best refurbished MacBook deals: MacBook Air for $159 and more

Buying a refurbished MacBook is a popular way to get one of Apple's laptops for much cheaper than their usual price, and here are the best offers right now......»»

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Fossils in Morocco reveal the astounding diversity of marine life 66 million years ago, just before the asteroid hit

Sixty-six million years ago, the Cretaceous period ended. Dinosaurs disappeared, along with around 90% of all species on Earth. The patterns and causes of this extinction have been debated since paleontology began. Was it a slow, inevitable decline,.....»»

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Data show container deposit schemes reduce rubbish on our beaches

Our beaches are in trouble. Limited recycling programs and a society that throws away so much have resulted in more than 3 million metric tons of plastic polluting the oceans. An estimated 1.5–1.9% of this rubbish ends up on beaches......»»

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Siren 13.4 provides accelerated data retrieval for analysts

Siren announced details of a new patent and the release of Siren 13.4. Dr. Renaud Delbru, Chief Scientific Officer at Siren, said: “Our most recent patent stands out as a one-of-a-kind offering in the market, reaffirming our commitment to innov.....»»

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Has Sony been hacked again?, a relatively new ransomware / cyber extortion group, claims to have hacked Sony and made off with valuable data. Sony allegedly hacked and its data held for ransom “We have successfully compromissed all of sony systems. We wont ran.....»»

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YouTube to remove popular tier from its offerings

Popular European tier YouTube Lite is being retired in a surprise email today. We talk about the ins and outs of this secret YouTube tier. The post YouTube to remove popular tier from its offerings appeared first on Phandroid. Today, YouTu.....»»

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Antarctic sea ice hits lowest winter maximum on record: US data

The sea ice around Antarctica likely had a record low surface area when it was at its maximum size this winter, a preliminary US analysis of satellite data showed Monday......»»

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UK cost-of-living crisis set to increase early deaths: study

The UK's inflation-fueled cost-of-living crisis is set to "cut lives short" and "significantly widen the wealth-health gap", according to a study published by open access journal BMJ Public Health on Monday......»»

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Study examines benefits and obstacles of library data storytelling

The effective use of data storytelling could positively impact public library managers' approaches to data collection and their advocacy for libraries, according to Kate McDowell, associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at the Unive.....»»

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