Q&A: To save the planet"s glaciers, human actions still matter, says scientist

Climate change is melting glaciers around the world. Vanishing ice means less water for the millions of people relying on it and threatens the habitats of species—from bacteria to plants and fish—that live in glacier-fed ecosystems......»»

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NuHarbor Security partners with Zscaler to protect distributed workforces

NuHarbor Security has partnered with Zscaler to deliver a new level of cybersecurity capability and business value based on the proven effectiveness of the largest security cloud on the planet. Combining NuHarbor’s nationally recognized leadership.....»»

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Scholars say it"s time to declare a new epoch on the moon, the "Lunar Anthropocene"

Human beings first disturbed moon dust on Sept. 13, 1959, when the USSR's unmanned spacecraft Luna 2 alighted on the lunar surface. In the following decades, more than a hundred other spacecraft have touched the moon—both crewed and uncrewed, somet.....»»

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Researchers serve up an improved model of indoor pollution produced by cooking

Stir-frying yields more than just tasty dishes like Kung Pao chicken and Hunan beef. It also emits an invisible mixture of gases and particles that pollute indoor air and can be detrimental to human health. Correctly estimating such cooking emissions.....»»

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These Sennheiser All-Day OTC self-fitting hearing aids are $500 off

Hear more easily and more clearly with the Sennheiser All-Day Clear hearing aids, and save big with this deal at Best Buy while you do so......»»

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Save $200 on the one-month-old 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3

The MacBook Pro with M3 may have only just launched but Best Buy has it reduced with a further saving for My Best Buy members......»»

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Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer head exits in blow to efforts

Tesla Inc.’s Dojo supercomputer project lead Ganesh Venkataramanan has left the company, according to people familiar with the matter, a setback to the automaker’s self-driving technology efforts......»»

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Video: Tracking human emissions from space

The Copernicus Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (CO2M) mission will be the first satellite mission to measure how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through human activity......»»

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Social robots leave students wanting, education researchers find

Social robots, artificial intelligence (AI) systems designed to interact with humans, are marketed as capable of fulfilling certain human roles. Elementary and middle school students who interacted with one of these robots in the classroom for 10 wee.....»»

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New dark matter theory explains two puzzles in astrophysics

Thought to make up 85% of matter in the universe, dark matter is nonluminous and its nature is not well understood. While normal matter absorbs, reflects, and emits light, dark matter cannot be seen directly, making it harder to detect. A theory call.....»»

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Understanding climate tipping points

As the planet warms, many parts of the Earth system are undergoing large-scale changes. Ice sheets are shrinking, sea levels are rising and coral reefs are dying off......»»

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The Milky Way will probably devour all the tiny galaxies that surround it

The rapid disruption of smaller galaxies suggests they lack a bit of dark matter. Enlarge / An infrared image of one of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScI) We are not alone—at least as.....»»

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Earth may have had all the elements needed for life—contrary to theories that they came from meteorites

For many years, scientists have predicted that many of the elements that are crucial ingredients for life, like sulfur and nitrogen, first came to Earth when asteroid-type objects carrying them crashed into our planet's surface......»»

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Not all jets radiate equally in quark-gluon plasma, study finds

Studying nuclear matter under extreme conditions allows scientists to better understand how the universe might have looked right after its creation. Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider achieve the conditions for recreating mini-Big Bangs in the l.....»»

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Most of the world"s countries receive failing grade in global "human rights report card"

A new report that grades all the countries of the world on their respect for human rights paints a grim picture of human rights practices in the 21st century......»»

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PACE testing and preparation continues for launch in early 2024

Engineers are executing a comprehensive performance test to ensure the PACE spacecraft is ready for launch. NASA's Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud ocean Ecosystem (PACE) mission will study what makes Earth so different from every other planet we study: life.....»»

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Using AI and automation to manage human cyber risk

Despite advanced security protocols, many cybersecurity incidents are still caused by employee actions. In this Help Net Security video, John Scott, Lead Cybersecurity Researcher at CultureAI, discusses how integrating AI and automation into your cyb.....»»

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How GymKit makes the gym sync with Apple Watch

So here’s a cool thing. Yesterday, I rejoined my old gym at the YMCA. It’s $64/month instead of $10/month at Planet Fitness, but that includes two hours of childcare – must-have for a single parent. Anyway, it also has GymKit equipment. As.....»»

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Feds propose shooting one owl to save another in Pacific Northwest

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to enlist shooters to kill more than 500,000 barred owls over the next 30 years in the Pacific Northwest to preserve habitat for northern spotted owls, a protected species......»»

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Researchers investigate how climate change drivers reshape ocean methane and nitrous oxide cycles

The ocean is a critical life-support system for our planet through its role in global climate regulation. It absorbs most of the carbon emissions and heat trapped in the atmosphere, which result from human activities. Over the years, this has led to.....»»

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A mathematical model connects the evolution of chickens, fish and frogs

One of the most enduring, basic questions of life is: How does it happen? For instance, in human development, how do cells self-organize into skin, muscles or bones? How do they form a brain, a finger, a spine?.....»»

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