Producing synthetic gas from atmospheric carbon dioxide using a transition-metal-free catalyst

Japan has declared carbon neutrality by 2050 as a government target to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. In order to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, it is important not only to control CO2 emissions through existing processes,.....»»

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Apple Store Back to School deal: get up to $150 gift card with purchase of Mac or iPad

The Apple Store has today launched its Back to School promotion in the United States for 2024. Eligible students and staff can get a free gift card with the purchase of a new Mac or iPad. The gift card is in addition to the usual education discount i.....»»

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I compared ChatGPT against Google Gemini to see which is the better free AI chatbot

Two of the leading available today come from Google, with its system, and OpenAI, the company that kicked off the AI revolution with . But you might be wondering which is the better free chatbot. I’ve spent a significant time with both to see h.....»»

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You won’t be able to actually use the best new HomeKit feature in iOS 18

As we covered last week, iOS 18 includes a few notable changes for the Home app and HomeKit in general. One of those changes is support for hands-free support for unlocking smart locks thanks to Ultra Wideband technology. Unfortunately, and perhaps u.....»»

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These are all the Apple products stopping the USB-C dream from becoming reality

Nobody likes a port transition. When Apple moved the iPhone and iPad to Lightning, and the Mac from USB-A to USB-C, it was painful. Most recently, the iPhone 15 line dropped Lightning for USB-C. Each transition makes your old peripherals more or less.....»»

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Why the shift to software-defined vehicles will require ‘courage"

The industry's transition to software-defined vehicles offers up many hurdles and will require "courage," according to a top Qualcomm executive......»»

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SELKS: Open-source Suricata IDS/IPS, network security monitoring, threat hunting

SELKS is a free, open-source, turnkey solution for Suricata-based network intrusion detection and protection (IDS/IPS), network security monitoring (NSM), and threat hunting. The project is developed and maintained by Stamus Networks. SELKS is an eff.....»»

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How to manage and track all of your Apple and App Store subscriptions

This story is brought to you by Copilot Money, the best money tracker for iOS and macOS that gives you full financial clarity. Try Copilot Money today to track your App Store subscriptions and use the code 9TO5MAC to get a 2-month free trial......»»

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New theory broadens phase transition exploration

In a paper recently published in Physical Review Letters, Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers offer a new theory that predicts defect density across a variety of phase transitions. The research opens new routes for the exploration of defect fo.....»»

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Study reveals planetary boundary layer: Satellites illuminate atmospheric mysteries

The endeavor to keep tabs on and curb air pollution has been stymied by the enigmatic nature of the planetary boundary layer (PBL). This atmospheric strip is a hotbed for pollutants. Yet, its mercurial dance through time and across geographies presen.....»»

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M4 MacBook Pro on track for a late 2024 debut, analyst says

Apple began the transition to M4 chips last month with the new iPad Pro lineup. We’ve already heard a handful of rumors about the first M4-powered Macs, and now analyst Ross Young has more details to share. more….....»»

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macOS 15 Sequoia: How to use presenter preview and video call background replacements

9to5Mac is brought to you by CleanMyMac X, an all-in-one utility that removes clutter, optimizes performance and protects your Mac from malware. Get a 7 day free trial. While Apple Intelligence may be the biggest change landing on the Mac th.....»»

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Fraudely empowers SMBs to protect their employees against phishing attacks

Fraudely announced a low-cost, setup-free solution to enable SMBs to immediately protect their employees against phishing attacks. Phishing scams remain one of the most prevalent cyber threats, costing businesses billions of dollars annually. These a.....»»

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Oilers vs Panthers Game 5 live stream: Can you watch for free?

The Oilers and Panthers meet for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals tonight. Here are all the different ways you can watch a free live stream of the game online......»»

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Researchers observe a large anomalous Hall effect triggered by spin-fluctuating devil"s staircase

A research group from University of Tsukuba has discovered that fluctuations of electron spins in magnetic materials trigger a large anomalous Hall effect during phase transition known as the devil's staircase magnetic transition......»»

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Restored rat-free islands could support hundreds of thousands more breeding seabirds

Hundreds of thousands more breeding pairs of seabirds could return to remote island archipelagos if invasive rats were removed and native vegetation restored, a new paper finds......»»

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Researchers improve solid oxide fuel cell threefold

A research team has successfully developed a catalyst coating technology that significantly improves the performance of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) in just four minutes......»»

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Researchers create innovative polymer wound dressings for painless and residue-free removal

Wound dressings should provide sterile coverage, protect the wound, and adhere reliably, while still allowing for painless removal. It is essential that the process of skin renewal remains undisturbed......»»

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Researchers reveal influence of cyclic dynamic disturbance on coal-rock evolution and zoning

In coal-rock formations, many micro-fractures exist, and the expansion of these micro-fractures is the internal catalyst for the macroscopic destruction of coal-rock. Moreover, the occurrence state of gas changes with the expansion of micro-fractures.....»»

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Strange metal state discovered in hydrogen-rich compound of lanthanum under pressure

Researchers from Skoltech, Jilin University and Beijing HPSTAR in China, and their German colleagues have synthesized and studied a new type of hydrogen-rich superconductor. Technically referred to as an A15-type lanthanum superhydride, with the form.....»»

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Overwatch 2’s packed Season 11 update brings new map, legendary skins

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2's Season 11 on Monday, and it will bring a new push map, a new type of skin, and more to the free-to-play hero shooter......»»

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