Plastic additives found to contaminate the sea and selectively harm corals" reproductive processes

A new study by Tel Aviv University and the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat examined the effect of plastic additives on the reproductive process and larvae development of corals and other organisms commonly found in the coral re.....»»

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Copying nature to help plants resist viruses

For thousands of years, crops have been shaped by domestication processes. Farmers cross-breed and select new varieties, adapted to constantly changing environments. Although efficient, this process is time consuming. Moreover, the desired trait must.....»»

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Plastic pollution in Nigeria: Whose job is it to clean up the mess?

Take a walk or drive through the streets of most Nigerian cities, and you will see plastic waste everywhere. The country's rivers, lakes and ocean are also full of discarded plastic. Nigeria is estimated to generate about 2.5 million tons of plastic.....»»

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Biden blocks Pebble gold mine in salmon-rich area of Alaska

The Biden administration banned the dumping of mining waste near Bristol Bay, Alaska, issuing a decree that thwarts longstanding plans to extract gold, copper and molybdenum because of potential harm to the region's thriving sockeye salmon industry......»»

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The social code: Deciphering the genetic basis of hymenopteran social behavior

Since Darwin, biologists have been fascinated by the evolution of sociality. In its most extreme form, eusocial species exhibit a division of labor in which certain individuals perform reproductive tasks such as egg laying, while others play non-repr.....»»

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50 years after Roe v. Wade, nearly one third of states lack abortion access

The legal limitations restricting abortion in the United States continue to erode access to reproductive health care at an alarming pace while other states work to protect and expand access, according to updated data released by the Center for Public.....»»

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How intracellular fluid flows influence the formation of complex patterns

The formation of patterns is a universal phenomenon that underlies fundamental processes in biology. An example are the concentration patterns of proteins, which direct vital cellular processes, including cell division, polarity, and movement. These.....»»

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A novel device enabling high-resolution observation of liquid phase dynamic processes at nanoscale

In situ observation and recording of important liquid-phase electrochemical reactions in energy devices is crucial for the advancement of energy science......»»

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France to probe microplastic pellet pollution on Atlantic beaches

French prosecutors said on Friday they would investigate the appearance of vast quantities of tiny toxic plastic pellets along the Atlantic coast that endanger marine life and the human food chain......»»

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The "blind spot" that stops us from seeing the dangers of driving

Is it acceptable to harm another person? It might depend whether or not there's a car involved, according to a new study from UK researchers. They showed that people have a shared 'blind spot' that can make them use different moral and ethical standa.....»»

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Flock size and structure found to influence reproductive success for flamingos

Flocking flamingos in groups of 50 or more may be one key to encouraging successful reproduction, according to a study published this month in Zoo Biology. Researchers used global data shared by zoos and aquariums to study reproductive success and fa.....»»

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Cardboard with a more sustainable coating

On average, we open seven packaged items per day, most of them food items. All of this together makes for a mountain of plastic. But more and more often our tomatoes, apples and cookies are packaged in cardboard. To help speed up the transition of pl.....»»

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Pioneering approach advances study of CTCF protein in transcription biology

CTCF is a critical protein known to play various roles in key biological processes such as transcription. Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have used a next-generation protein degradation technology to study CTCF. Their work reveale.....»»

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Unraveling the protein map of the cell"s mitochondria

Mitochondria are responsible for the energy supply of the organism and fulfill functions in metabolic and signaling processes. Researchers at the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and the University of Freiburg have gained systematic insight into the or.....»»

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Cherry KW 9100 Slim review: Too-generic wireless keyboard

The Cherry KW 9100 Slim is a full-sized Bluetooth Mac keyboard that claims to be a low-budget alternative to a Magic Keyboard.In reality, it's not. We find it to be an ordinary mid-price range plastic keyboard with a decent quality.The KW 9100 is ver.....»»

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Actin found to affect the spread of cancer in several ways

Metastases occur when cancer cells leave a primary tumor and spread throughout the body. For this to happen, they have to break connections with neighboring cells and migrate to other tissues. Both processes are promoted by signaling molecules releas.....»»

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New report details AI infrastructure for Earth system predictability

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help collect, understand and analyze large sets of information has the potential to revolutionize our ability to observe, understand and predict processes in Earth's systems......»»

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Men are leaving occupations increasingly taken up by women, finds study

Many women and men still work in sex-typed occupations. One important reason for this is that men are selectively leaving occupations that are increasingly taken up by women, a recent study from the University of Zurich has shown. This could explain.....»»

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Organic chemists develop new catalyst to selectively activate carbon-hydrogen bonds

Substituted aromatics are among the most important building blocks for organic compounds such as drugs, crop-protecting agents, and many materials. The function of the molecules is determined by the spatial arrangement of the different building block.....»»

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Consensus decision-making is surprisingly effective in both communities and workplaces, says researcher

If you're in a leadership position—at work or in the community—you make decisions and oversee decision-making processes. Often it's best to consult the people you are leading to reach a group decision......»»

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Sharks, spatial data, and a conservation success story

It's hard out there for a shark. A critical barometer to the health of ocean ecosystems, shark and ray populations have faced significant global declines from overfishing, habitat loss, and environment degradation. Add to the mix a slow reproductive.....»»

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