New York state plans to adopt California 2035 EV rules

New York state plans to adopt California's rules that would require all new vehicles sold in the state by 2035 to be either electric or plug-in electric hybrids......»»

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India eastern state eyes electronics and semiconductor manufacturing

As central and state governments in India are wooing investments from electronics manufacturers, the eastern state of Odisha is trying to catch up and build a local electronics ecosystem......»»

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Apple reportedly plans to make iPads in India

Following protests erupting at Foxconn's plants in China, Apple is reportedly accelerating its supply chain diversification out of China and eyeing iPad production in India. However, India's permit to allow Chinese investments would be critical......»»

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Ford says 1,920 U.S. dealers agree to new EV rules

Despite opposition in some states, more than half of Ford's U.S. stores chose the Certified Elite track, which requires up to a $1.2 million investment......»»

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Study shows the majority of California"s coastal airports are vulnerable to increased flooding caused by climate change

Most of California's population and its largest airports are located along the Pacific coastline, which is increasingly impacted by storm surges, sea level rise, and erosion due to climate change. In the next 30 years, sea level along the coast is ex.....»»

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New research develops a model that optimizes political fairness for political redistricting

Political redistricting is a problem of national interest with consequences to electoral representation. It is a decennial process of redrawing the boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts, and can affect a wide range of stakeholde.....»»

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The Nothing Phone is finally coming to the U.S., and I can’t wait

Nothing CEO Carl Pei has confirmed plans to sell phones in the U.S. It's about time buyers in the U.S. get a taste of competitive goodness and more value......»»

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Europe is looking for ways to counter the new US climate law

The European Union should improve its state aid rules and consider more green transition funding to offset possible distortions from the new U.S. climate and tax law, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said......»»

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Local air regulators say it"s impossible to meet smog standards without federal help

Southern California air regulators have approved a sweeping plan to reduce pollution in the nation's smoggiest region within the next two decades, but say they cannot meet national air quality standards without federal action......»»

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Student "slave auctions" illustrate the existence of a hidden culture of domination and subjugation in US schools

In an otherwise normal football season, two California high schools abruptly canceled the remainder of their games for the same reason. Players on both teams participated in troublesome acts of racism......»»

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Can a new technique for capturing "hot" electrons make solar cells more efficient?

A new way of extracting quantitative information from state-of-the-art single molecule experiments has been developed by physicists at the University of Bath. Using this quantitative information, the researchers will be able to probe the ultra-fast p.....»»

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Using a green algae capsule to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to a mouse via the GI tract

A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego, has developed a green algae capsule for delivering chemotherapy drugs to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In their study, published in the journal Science Robotics, the group delivered.....»»

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Why synonymous mutations are not always silent

New modeling shows how synonymous mutations—those that change the DNA sequence of a gene but not the sequence of the encoded protein—can still impact protein production and function. A team of researchers led by Penn State chemists modeled how ge.....»»

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Post-lockdown auto emissions can"t hide in the grass

University of California scientists have a new way to demonstrate which neighborhoods returned to pre-pandemic levels of air pollution after COVID restrictions ended......»»

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Three Chinese astronauts return to Earth after 6-month mission

Three Chinese astronauts landed in a northern desert on Sunday after six months working to complete construction of the Tiangong station, a symbol of the country's ambitious space program, state TV reported......»»

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Twitter lifted its ban on COVID misinformation—research shows this is a grave risk to public health

Twitter's decision to no longer enforce its COVID-19 misinformation policy, quietly posted on the site's rules page and listed as effective Nov. 23, 2022, has researchers and experts in public health seriously concerned about the possible repercussio.....»»

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Nidec to profit from electric axle manufacturing

Japan-based motor and machine tools manufacturer Nidec plans to invest a total of JPY1 trillion (US$7 billion) in expanding its electric motor systems, Nikkei Asia cited Nidec chairman and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori as saying......»»

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Tesla set to reduce Shanghai output in sign of sluggish demand

Tesla Inc. plans to lower production at its Shanghai factory, according to people familiar with the matter, in the latest sign demand in China isn't living up to expectations......»»

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Foxconn improves EV production efficiency with flexible production lines and employee training

After Foxconn obtained the Ohio production site of Lordstown Motors, the market has been closely monitoring when it'll begin mass production. According to Foxconn CPO Jerry Hsiao, the company plans to start out slow and gradually increase production.....»»

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The best New York subway apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

When it comes to visiting the Big Apple, hitting the trains is essentially unavoidable. With your iPhone and the appropriate App, it's easy to figure it out.Image - MTA HomepageIn this article, we downloaded and tested two prominent NYC Subway Apps a.....»»

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College invests in next-gen technicians

A new California community college automotive technology building hopes to appeal to younger students who want to work with computers, not wrenches, when repairing electric and autonomous vehicles......»»

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