New modular flow platform for improved SuFEx click chemistry

Researchers at the Flow Chemistry group of the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences have developed a modular flow chemistry platform for a safe and efficient execution of SuFEx (Sulfur(VI) Fluoride Exchange) click ch.....»»

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TrueCar"s rebound gains momentum in Q4

The vehicle listings company said its TrueCar+ digital car selling platform will generate significant revenue starting in 2025......»»

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Quality scores for forestry carbon credit types reveal complex landscape of integrity risks, transparency issues

The Carbon Credit Quality Initiative (CCQI) released new scores for two types of forestry carbon credits: improved forest management (IFM) and commercial afforestation. Together, these project types comprise approximately 10% of recent credit issuanc.....»»

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Research team develops nanoscale device for brain chemistry analysis

Longstanding challenges in biomedical research such as monitoring brain chemistry and tracking the spread of drugs through the body require much smaller and more precise sensors. A new nanoscale sensor that can monitor areas 1,000 times smaller than.....»»

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A new RNA editing tool could enhance cancer treatment

Cell therapies for cancer can be potentially enhanced using a CRISPR RNA-editing platform, according to a new study published Feb. 21 in Cell......»»

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Physicists discover a quantum state with a new type of emergent particles: Six-flux composite fermions

If the fractional quantum Hall regime were a series of highways, these highways would have either two or four lanes. The flow of the two-flux or four-flux composite fermions, like automobiles in this two- to four-flux composite fermion traffic scenar.....»»

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Researchers develop molecules for a new class of antibiotics that can overcome drug resistant bacteria

About a decade ago, researchers in UC Santa Barbara chemistry professor Guillermo Bazan's lab began to observe a recurring challenge in their research: Some of the compounds they were developing to harness energy from bacteria were instead killing th.....»»

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Solar-driven green synthesis of epoxides

Research published in the journal Science China Chemistry is expected to serve as comprehensive background knowledge and to provide researchers with insight into the recent developments of solar-driven green synthesis of epoxides......»»

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Astropad launches improved pen-on-paper iPad upgrade with Rock Paper Pencil v2

Last summer Astropad launched its impressive Rock Paper Pencil kit for iPad that delivers a reusable/removable matte screen protector plus ball point-style Apple Pencil tip for a true pen-on-paper experience. Now the company is out with Rock Paper Pe.....»»

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C-Infinity is a bulky, quixotic solution to VR’s nausea problem

Massive "platform" is an effective but overengineered solution to an old issue. Enlarge / Important note: You (probably) will not look this good when using the C-Infinity. (credit: Neurosync) Anyone who has spent signifi.....»»

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How to watch Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid online for free

Watch Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid in the Champions League for free from anywhere in the world. TL;DR: Watch Inter Milan vs. Atletico Madrid for free on RTÉ Player. Access this free streaming platform from anywhere in the world with E.....»»

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How to watch Napoli vs. Barcelona online for free

Watch Napoli vs. Barcelona in the Champions League for free from anywhere in the world. TL;DR: Watch Napoli vs. Barcelona for free on ServusTV. Access this free streaming platform from anywhere in the world with ExpressVPN.The Champions League.....»»

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Bitsight empowers enterprises to secure the digital supply chain

Bitsight launched a fully-integrated Third-Party Risk Management solution to help enterprise risk and security leaders protect the digital supply chain. By combining Vendor Risk Management and Continuous Monitoring into a single platform, enterprise.....»»

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Spinning, magnetic micro-robots help researchers probe immune cell recognition

Researchers at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Chicago have engineered tiny, spinning micro-robots that bind to immune cells to probe their function. The robot, or "hexapod," gives sci.....»»

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The modeling and simulation of self-organized intracellular twisters in the Drosophila oocyte

Cytoplasmic streaming is the large-scale motion of cytoplasm (i.e., gelatinous liquid inside cells) inside a living cell. This flow, known to regulate various intracellular processes, can vary greatly between different cell types at different stages.....»»

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Apple @ Work Podcast: Intro to declarative device management and Apple devices

Apple @ Work is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that integrates in a single professional-grade platform all the solutions necessary to seamlessly and automatically deploy, manage & p.....»»

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Rivian R2 compact SUV: rumored price, release date, design, and more

Rivian has been highly successful with its R1 platform, but a newer, cheaper platform is on the way -- Rivian R2. Here's what we know so far......»»

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EU accuses TikTok of failing to stop kids pretending to be adults

TikTok becomes the second platform suspected of Digital Services Act breaches. Enlarge (credit: Matt Cardy / Contributor | Getty Images Europe) The European Commission (EC) is concerned that TikTok isn't doing enough to.....»»

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Webb telescope spots hints that Eris, Makemake are geologically active

Webb measured isotopes at the edge of the Solar System, hinting at chemistry. Enlarge / Artist's conceptions of what the surfaces of two dwarf planets might look like. (credit: SWRI) Active geology—and the large-scale.....»»

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RCE vulnerabilities fixed in SolarWinds enterprise solutions

SolarWinds has released updates for Access Rights Manager (ARM) and (Orion) Platform that fix vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to execute code on vulnerable installations. SolarWinds ARM flaws fixed SolarWinds, the company whose Orion IT ad.....»»

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Apple Pay isn"t working for some Chase customers

Chase customers are having problems using Apple Pay on Saturday, with attempts to pay using Apple's payment platform failing while an "unexpected upgrade" is allegedly underway.Apple Pay, the iPhone's payment platform.A number of iPhone users who use.....»»

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