New map reveals genes that control the skeleton

New research has now mapped the unique genetic profile of the skeleton's 'master regulator' cells, known as osteocytes......»»

Category: biomedSource:  sciencedailyMay 7th, 2021

Study reveals new therapeutic target for C. difficile infection

A new study paves the way for the development of next generation therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI), the most frequent cause of healthcare-acquired gastrointestinal infections and death in develo.....»»

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New research reveals why older Australians shy away from taking selfies

Swinburne researchers have collected unique insights that help explain why 50% of older Australia want to do more on the internet, but are reluctant to take selfies and share posts on social media......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 18th, 2021

Xbox Games Showcase: 6 highlights from Microsoft’s E3 follow-up

Xbox hosted a post-E3 Xbox Games Showcase to share a few updates and reveals for titles and programs coming to Series X|S......»»

Category: topSource:  digitaltrendsRelated NewsJun 17th, 2021

New method could reveal what genes were inherited from Neanderthals

Thousands of years ago, archaic humans such as Neanderthals and Denisovans went extinct. But before that, they interbred with the ancestors of present-day humans, who still to this day carry genetic mutations from the extinct species......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 17th, 2021

A remote control for gene transfer

The ability to insert desirable genes into animal or human cells is the basis of modern life science research and of widespread biomedical applications. The methods used to date for this purpose are mostly non-specific, making it difficult for scient.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 17th, 2021

Leak reveals the small launch lineup of games that support AMD Super Resolution

Unfortunately, the rest of the FidelityFX Super Resolution launch lineup isn't much to get excited about......»»

Category: topSource:  digitaltrendsRelated NewsJun 17th, 2021

COVID-19 cluster infections at Taiwan IC firms put under control

COVID-19 cluster infections among migrant workers at King Yuan Electronics and several other Taiwan-based IC companies' factory sites in Miaoli of northern Taiwan have been brought under control......»»

Category: itSource:  digitimesRelated NewsJun 17th, 2021

How Software Is Eating the Car

The trend toward self-driving and electric vehicles will add hundreds of millions of lines of code to cars. Can the auto industry cope? From a report: Ten years ago, only premium cars contained 100 microprocessor-based electronic control units (ECUs).....»»

Category: topSource:  slashdotRelated NewsJun 17th, 2021

Facebook is testing AI to get you to stop fighting in its groups

Conversations can quickly spiral out of control online, so Facebook is hoping artificial intelligence can help keep things civil. The social network is testing the use of AI to spot fights in its many groups so group administrators can help calm thin.....»»

Category: topSource:  cnnRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

Pursuing safer, cheaper pharmaceuticals via electromagnetic control at the atomic level

Commonplace pharmaceuticals, such as ibuprofen, can carry with them an inherent flaw in their atomic structure, which pairs the active, beneficial ingredient with a potentially ineffective—or even toxic—counterpart. New research could hold the ke.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

New super-resolution microscopy method approaches the atomic scale

Scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine have developed a computational technique that greatly increases the resolution of atomic force microscopy, a specialized type of microscope that "feels" the atoms at a surface. The method reveals atomic-level deta.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

Algorithm reveals the mysterious foraging habits of narwhals

An algorithm can predict when narwhals hunt—a task once nearly impossible to gain insight into. Mathematicians and computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen, together with marine biologists in Greenland, have made progress in gathering kn.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

Damage control: Plants juggle genome maintenance and growth by being organized

Humans pride themselves on being able to multitask, especially under pressure. But it turns out that we aren't the only ones who are organized: Researchers from Japan have discovered that plants balance genome maintenance with organ growth by organiz.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

Ocean circulation is key to understanding uncertainties in climate change predictions

Thirty state-of-the-art IPCC-climate models predict dramatically different climates for the Northern Hemisphere, especially Europe. An analysis of the range of responses now reveals that the differences are mostly down to the individual model's simul.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

Inducing and tuning spin interactions in layered material by inserting iron atoms, protons

Magnetic-spin interactions that allow spin-manipulation by electrical control allow potential applications in energy-efficient spintronic devices......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

How long-known genes continue to surprise researchers

The human genome was sequenced around 20 years ago. Since then, the sequence information encoding our proteins is known—at least in principle. However, this information is not continuously stored in the individual genes, but is divided into smaller.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 16th, 2021

Drone footage reveals social secrets of killer whales

Killer whales have complex social structures including close "friendships", according to a new study that used drones to film the animals......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 15th, 2021

The biggest games we didn’t see at E3 2021: Hellblade, Splinter Cell, and more

While E3 2021 was full of big reveals and bombastic trailers, there were more than a few high-profile games that were no-shows......»»

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How political bias impacts believing sexual assault victims

New research from Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications reveals a relationship between political biases and attitudes about sexual assault......»»

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Plants use a blend of external influences to evolve defense mechanisms

Plants evolve specialized defense chemicals through the combined effects of genes, geography, demography and environmental conditions, a study published today in eLife reports......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 15th, 2021