New Linux Kernel Boasts Speed, Efficiency Gains

Thanks to heavy contributions from search giant Google, new Linux 2.6.35 kernel offers improvements in networking capabilities and performance......»»

Category: developerSource:  internetnewsJul 22nd, 2021

Google Finally Shifting To "Upstream First" Linux Kernel Approach For Android Features

Phoronix reports: Google's Android had been notorious for all of its downstream patches carried by the mobile operating system as well as various vendor/device kernel trees while in recent years more of that code has been upstreamed. Google has also.....»»

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Functioning of terrestrial ecosystems is governed by three main factors

Ecosystems on Earth's land surface support multiple functions and services that are critical for society, like biomass production, vegetation's efficiency of using sunlight and water, water retention and climate regulation, and ultimately food securi.....»»

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Unveiling galaxies at cosmic dawn that were hiding behind the dust

When astronomers peer deep into the night sky, they observe what the universe looked like a long time ago. Because the speed of light is finite, studying the most distant observable galaxies allows us to glimpse billions of years into the past when t.....»»

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AMD"s new Linux CPU driver for the Steam deck is showing promising results

Valve's upcoming Steam Deck will be able to run Windows 11 for those who want it, but the majority of users will likely stick with the company's own Arch Linux-based SteamOS 3.0, which uses the Proton compatibility layer to run games that don't run n.....»»

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Linux Foundation says companies are desperate for open source talent

The 2021 survey shows 97% of hiring managers prioritizing FOSS professionals. Enlarge / It probably shouldn't be considered "surprising" when a Linux certification entity reports that Linux certifications are highly desirable. (credit: Linux Fou.....»»

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Comcast expands low-cost Internet Essentials program to include Pell Grant recipients

Comcast as part of its acquisition of NBCUniversal back in 2011 agreed to make high-speed Internet access available to qualifying low-income families for just $9.95 per month plus tax. As of today, the 50 / 5 Mbps service doesn’t require a credit c.....»»

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First Alder Lake gaming benchmarks leak — here’s why you shouldn’t believe them

The first leaked Alder Lake gaming benchmarks are here, and they show big gains over AMD. But you shouldn't take them at face value. Here's why......»»

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Uber adjusts third-quarter forecast in light of increased gross bookings

Uber said Tuesday that it could hit one measure of profitability in the third quarter, earlier than expected as the ride-hailing company saw gains in its delivery and mobility businesses. The ride-hailing service told regulators in a filing this morn.....»»

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Keyboard or pen and paper? Here’s what science says is better for taking notes

Handwritten notes allegedly stick in your brain better, but keyboards give an obvious speed advantage when taking notes. But which one helps you learn best?.....»»

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3 easy ways to drastically improve your PC’s performance

If your PC is feeling slow, don't worry. There's more than one way to help speed it up. Here are three ways you can increase the performance in Windows......»»

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How to use Device Speed Test on the Google Home app

Google Home lets you check how fast (or slow) your internet connection is on your smart devices. Here's how to do it, and some ways to fix slow speeds......»»

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High-speed transmission chip suppliers expect output value to boom

Taiwan's suppliers of high-speed transmission chips, which have obtained commitments from foundries to provide sufficient capacity support next year, are gearing up for a boom in their output value, according to industry sources......»»

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GaN Systems strikes deal with BMW

GaN Systems has announced the signing of a comprehensive capacity agreement with BMW Group for GaN Systems' high-performance, automotive-grade GaN power transistors, which increase the efficiency and power density of critical applications in electric.....»»

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Lexar"s pro-level SSD offers reads up to 7400 MB/s, uses graphene heat spreader

Lexar recently released two new high speed PCIe 4.0 SSDs, promising to bring extreme performance at a competitive price. The Professional NM800 SSD lineup targets content creators and gamers, and is intended for installation on both desktops and lapt.....»»

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Avalanche raises $230 million from private sale of AVAX tokens

Avalanche, a relatively new blockchain with a focus on speed and low transactions costs, has completed a $230 million private sale of AVAX tokens to some well known crypto funds. Polychain and Three Arrows Capital are leading the investment. The Aval.....»»

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Desert-beetle-inspired magnetic demulsifier developed with excellent oil-in-water emulsion separation performance

Prof. Zeng Zhixiang's team at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed a novel magnetic demulsifier with desert beetle-inspired microstructures, realizing high-efficiency.....»»

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Magnon blocking effect and magnonic skin effect shown in antiferromagnetically coupled heterojunction

Spin waves, or magnons, as the elementary excitation of the magnetic system, can transfer spin angular momentum, which provides wide prospects for the Non-volatile, low-energy-consumption, high-speed and small-size microelectronic devices in the post.....»»

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Alphabet’s Project Taara is beaming high-speed internet across the Congo River

The high speed wireless optical link technology Alphabet originally developed for its shuttered Loon balloon company is currently being used for another moonshot called Project Taara. Mariella Moon Contributor.....»»

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Indian consumers have high hopes for 5G, CMR survey shows

Smartphone users in India acknowledge that 5G will bring more possibilities, including more IoT appliances at home, higher resolution in graphics, and higher speed in download, a CMR survey shows......»»

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GF, Qualcomm team up for advanced 5G RF front-end devices

GlobalFoundries (GF) has announced the foundry is continuing its partnership with Qualcomm, expanding their RF collaboration on 5G multi-Gigabit speed RF front-end products......»»

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