New infosec products of the week: June 2, 2023

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Bitdefender, ConnectSecure, CYTRACOM,, and PingSafe. launches FoAz to give frontend developers the keys to security Short for frontend-on.....»»

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Costly gas separation may not be needed to recycle CO₂ from air and industrial plants

A costly step in the process of taking carbon dioxide emissions and converting them into useful products such as biofuels and pharmaceuticals may not be necessary, according to University of Michigan researchers......»»

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Apple Arcade Guide: Everything available and what’s new?

Apple Arcade launched with close to 100 titles and the service is seeing new games added almost every week with over 200 games now in the library. Follow along with our guide on all the available Apple Arcade games plus the latest releases. more.....»»

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HomeKit Weekly: Linkind’s Matter-enabled smart plug delivers 2 HomeKit plugs for a low cost in a single box

HomeKit smart plugs are one of the most useful smart home products you can buy. Everyone can find a use for them. They work with anything that has a 110-volt plug that auto turns on, and they’re really affordable. They’ve been around for years as.....»»

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Apple launches iPhone trade in promotion, get boosted credit for a new iPhone for a limited time

Apple has launched a limited time promotion, offering boosted trade in values when buying a new iPhone. From now until June 3, customers trading in their iPhone 11 or newer at the Apple Store can get extra credit towards the purchase of their new pho.....»»

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iPhone should be rebranded, says the man behind the i prefix

The man responsible for the i prefix in Apple products says that the convention is now meaningless, and that the iPhone should be rebranded. That would see a change of name for the iPhone, iPad, and iMac – a transition which Apple accidentally b.....»»

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Sonos officially unveils Ace, their highly anticipated headphones and answer to AirPods Max

Sonos has officially announced the , marking their first foray into the over-ear headphone market. Best known for its wireless home speaker solutions and ecosystem, particularly with Apple products, Sonos aims to bring the same value, quality, and ea.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro immersive ‘Adventure’ video shot in Paris premiering this week ahead of international launch

When the Vision Pro first arrived in users’ hands earlier this year, one of its most universally-praised features was content shot in the 180-degree Immersive Video format. There was a limited collection of such immersive content available on day o.....»»

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Netflix, Apple TV+ and Peacock bundle priced at $15/mo for Comcast Xfinity customers

After being teased by the Comcast CEO last week, the StreamSaver bundle is now official. The bundle can be purchased by Xfinity Internet and TV customers, for $15 per month. For that price, you get access to Netflix Basic with ads, Peacock Premium.....»»

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Vietnam again asks iPhone maker Foxconn to reduce electricity use

Manufacturers including iPhone maker Foxconn have been asked by Vietnamese officials to voluntarily cut their power usage by 30%.Vietnam at nightVietnam's government made a similar request of Foxconn and others in June 2023, at a point when drought i.....»»

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Shadow of the Erdtree DLC: Which Edition Should You Buy?

FromSoftware’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring is up for pre-order. There are several versions on sale and today we want to help you pick the right one for your interest level and budget. Shadow of the Erdtree arrives on June 21st and.....»»

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iOS 17.5.1 Issues Start Annoying iPhone Users

Like clockwork, iPhone users who have downloaded Apple’s new iOS 17.5.1 update are complaining about a variety of issues with the firmware. Earlier this week, Apple pushed iOS 17.5.1 to iPhone in order to address a serious reappearing photos bu.....»»

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Get 18% Off with the Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones!

Sony's flagship headphones go for a lower price at the moment. The post Get 18% Off with the Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones! appeared first on Phandroid. Sony’s premium wireless audio products are among some of the best that you can get.....»»

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macOS Ventura 13.6.7 Issues Annoying MacBook Users

Apple’s latest upgrade for macOS Ventura is causing problems for MacBook users. Unfortunately, it could be awhile before the company releases bug fixes for the operating system. Last week, Apple pushed a new macOS Ventura 13.6.7 update to MacBo.....»»

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OpenAI on the defensive after multiple PR setbacks in one week

Sexy voices, departing employees, and NDA rumors have challenged the AI company. Enlarge (credit: Benj Edwards | Getty Images) Since the launch of its latest AI language model, GPT-4o, OpenAI has found itself on the defe.....»»

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Is gig work compatible with employment status? Study finds reclassification benefits both workers and platforms

As California legal challenges to the treatment and classification of so-called gig work continues apace, a Massachusetts trial over the same issues touched off this week......»»

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Evolving market dynamics foster consumer inattention that can lead to risky purchases, says researchers

Researchers have developed a new theory of how changing market conditions can lead large numbers of otherwise cautious consumers to buy risky products such as subprime mortgages, cryptocurrency or even cosmetic surgery procedures......»»

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Week in review: New Black Basta’s social engineering campaign, passing the CISSP exam in 6 weeks

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: Black Basta target orgs with new social engineering campaign Black Basta, one of the most prolific ransomware-as-a-service operators, is trying out.....»»

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Cybercriminals shift tactics to pressure more victims into paying ransoms

Ransomware didn’t just grow in the US in 2023, it evolved, with the frequency of ransomware claims jumping 64% year-over-year, according to At-Bay. This was primarily driven by an explosion in “indirect” ransomware incidents which increased.....»»

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The challenges of GenAI in fintech

Due to the cybersecurity disclosure rules the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted in 2023, public entities in the US are required to disclose any material cybersecurity incidents. Moving forward, these organizations will need in-dept.....»»

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New iOS & iPadOS update fixes reappearing photos bug

Apple has released a minor update for iOS and iPadOS, that fixes an issue in the Photos app that resurrected deleted images.A Portrait Photo shot in iOS 17One week after releasing iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 to the public, Apple has issued a minor updat.....»»

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