New CRISPR-based tool inserts large DNA sequences at desired sites in cells

Building on the CRISPR gene-editing system, MIT researchers have designed a new tool that can snip out faulty genes and replace them with new ones, in a safer and more efficient way......»»

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PMOLED panel makers turn to new businesses for growth

As the display industry stays in stagnation, Taiwan-based PMOLED panel makers, including Ritdisplay and Wisechip Semiconductor, have been venturing into new business segments......»»

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IKKA-KY acquisition of Sol-Plus to spur automotive revenue growth

Car component manufacturer IKKA-KY expects its acquisition of Japan-based Sol-Plus earlier this year will help with automotive revenue growth in 2023, according to company chairman Shiang-Chi Hu......»»

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Strong computing gives impetus to Taiwan"s zero-carbon vision

Due to the escalating severity of climate change, achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 has been included as a key target for sustainable operation by many governments and large corporations around the world. As a global technology hub, it is necessar.....»»

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China-based analog IC maker CanSemi finished Series B financing

China-based analog IC manufacturer Guangzhou CanSemi Technology (CanSemi) has finished Series B round of financing, with the fund dedicated to creating a speciality technology platform, according to industry sources......»»

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MediaTek’s new Dimensity 8200 brings flagship performance to cheaper phones

MediaTek's latest is the Dimensity 8200, an upper-midrange SoC based on the 4nm process that offers a tri-cluster CPU design with some impressive camera chops......»»

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Xiaomi in India begins to waver as high-level executive departs

Amid increasing regulatory scrutiny against China-based companies operating in India, one of Xiaomi's top executives in India has decided to leave......»»

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ValidSoft See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance combats credential theft

ValidSoft unveils See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance, a new digit-based voice authentication solution that provides trusted identity assurance – and therefore security – in enterprise remote access (ZTNA/PAM/IAM). The solution counters cr.....»»

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Open-source tool for security engineers helps automate access reviews

ConductorOne open-sourced their identity connectors in a project called Baton, available on GitHub. Each connector gives developers the ability to extract, normalize, and interact with workforce identity data such as user accounts, permissions, roles.....»»

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Top 7 factors boosting enterprise cybersecurity resilience

Cybersecurity resilience is a top priority for companies as they look to defend against a rapidly evolving threat landscape, according to the latest edition of Cisco’s annual Security Outcomes Report. The survey findings are based on survey respons.....»»

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How to use in macOS Terminal

Terminal can be complex, so it's good that there's a single online repository of cheat sheets for it that can give you more information. Here's how to see it.Igor Chubin has created a Terminal-based online cheatsheet tool, called While main.....»»

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LuxNet sees sales performance improve significantly in 2022

Taiwan-based optical communication specialist LuxNet has seen its sales performance improve significantly in 2022, buoyed by increased shipments of 100G and 400G products......»»

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EOI forms collaboration with Cree for ADB headlamps

Taiwan-based LED automotive lighting module maker Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) has partnered with US-based first-tier LED maker Cree to develop adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlamps......»»

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Imec to cooperate with Japan"s Rapidus on 2nm technology

Belgium-based microelectronics research hub Imec has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with Japan's newly formed semiconductor champion Rapidus Corp......»»

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Samsung and Apple lead India"s phone exports

India's mobile exports are expected to nearly double in the fiscal year ending in March 2023, with Apple and Samsung Electronics leading the pack. China-based smartphone brands operating in India may find it challenging to even export phones......»»

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Equipment maker Tongtai expects strong 2023

Having obtained orders worth NT$4.5 billion (US$145.69 million), Taiwan-based equipment maker Tongtai Group is optimistic about its revenues and profitability in 2023, according to company vice president Lulu Yen......»»

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Documents iOS app gets all-new Action Menu that dynamically adapts based on file types

The popular Documents iOS app by Readdle has received a valuable update today. The main new feature is an overhauled Action Menu that makes it more seamless than ever to organize, copy/move, rename, and edit your various files by dynamically changin.....»»

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Attackers take over expired domain to deliver web skimming scripts

Attackers have taken over at least one expired domain that used to host a popular JavaScript library and used it to deliver web skimming scripts to a number of e-commerce sites. “The victim websites had years to remove the dead link that was le.....»»

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Meet the (protein) neighbors: New method lets researchers detect proteins in close proximity in single cells

Today, most methods to determine the proteins inside a cell rely on a crude census—scientists usually grind a large group of cells up before characterizing their genetic material. But just as a population of 100 single people differs in many ways f.....»»

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How tree species link fungal partners across a large-scale forest ecosystem

In a study published in Science China Life Sciences, a team surveyed hyper-diverse fungal communities in approximately 500 paired leaf and soil samples, which were associated with 55 tree species that are located over 2,000-km span of mountain forest.....»»

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How the current Southwestern North American megadrought is affecting Earth"s upper atmosphere

New research, based on two decades' worth of data, shows that in the ten years after its onset in 2000, the Southwestern North American (SWNA) megadrought caused a 30% change in gravity wave activity in Earth's upper atmosphere......»»

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