Man jailed for stalking ex-girlfriend with an AirTag

A UK man has been sentenced to nine weeks in prison after using Apple's AirTags to track his ex-partner's car.Christopher Paul Trotman, 41, had been in what his ex-girlfriend described as a "controlling" relationship for over ten years before their b.....»»

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Best AirTag Alternatives (2024)

Apple’s AirTag is a great tracker, but the accessory only work with Apple devices. If you have an Android phone, or you just want to explore other options, there are a number of AirTag alternatives out there. Do AirTags Work With Android? We of.....»»

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Android phones finally have their own version of AirTags

Android phones are about to get their own version of Apple's AirTag, thanks to Chipolo's two new trackers the work with Google's new Find My Device network......»»

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Android’s AirTag competitor gears up for launch, thanks to iOS release

Google promised to wait for Apple to launch cross-platform "unwanted tag" detection. Enlarge / Pebblebee's Android trackers. (credit: Pebblebee) Will Google ever launch its "Find My" network? The Android ecosystem was su.....»»

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How to Fix Most AirTag Problems

If you recently ran into problems with an AirTag, we want to help you fix said issue. These troubleshooting tips should alleviate the issue and help you avoid a visit with Apple support. The most common AirTag issues are connection issues and battery.....»»

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Google"s Apple-friendly Find My Devices network launching in April

Apple and Google have worked together to get an interoperability standard off the ground for tracking devices, and Google's Find My Devices network is ready to launch.Apple and Android devices will be able to detect most trackersAfter stalking and ab.....»»

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How Long Does an AirTag Battery Last & How to Check It

If you just bought an Apple AirTag or you’re considering it, you may be wondering how long the battery lasts. We’ll answer that question, and more, in this walkthrough. Apple’s AirTag accessory, like all of Apple’s mobile prod.....»»

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What to Do If Your AirTag Won’t Connect to iPhone

If your AirTag can’t connect to your iPhone, you may think you have a lemon. It’s possible you have a hardware issue on your hands, but in all likelihood you should be able to fix the problem on your own in seconds. Over the years, weR.....»»

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Man pleads guilty to stealing former coworker’s identity for 30 years

Victim was jailed for 428 days after LA cops failed to detect true identity. Enlarge (credit: Malte Mueller | fStop) A high-level Iowa hospital systems administrator, Matthew Kierans, has admitted to stealing a coworker'.....»»

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How to install iOS 17.5 beta to check out the latest changes and features

Interested to check out the latest iOS features early? The iOS 17.5 beta is available for free and comes with some design changes, possible anti-stalking features, an update for EU users, and more. Here’s how to install iOS 17.5 beta on your iPho.....»»

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Apple and Google"s tracker misuse feature spotted in beta code

The new beta release of iOS 17.5 contains code referring to the now long-promised expansion of anti-stalking measures for AirTags and other tracking devices.An AirTag won't track anybody, if the battery is removed.Originally announced in May 2023, th.....»»

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Apple won"t unlock India Prime Minister"s election opponent"s iPhone

India's Enforcement Directorate has jailed Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal ahead of elections, and wants proof of alleged bribery it says is locked in his iPhone.Indian election rival Arvind Kejriwal has refused to unlock his iPhone after his.....»»

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Car thieves in Canada are using AirTags to track victims" vehicles

Canada's complex car theft ring, which often involves stealing and shipping expensive cars and SUVs around the world, just got even creepier thanks to AirTag.AirTag on a bagCanada is currently dealing with an auto theft epidemic. The Insurance Bureau.....»»

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Want Apple AirTags? Check Out This Awesome Deal

Looking to buy an AirTag or a set of Apple’s AirTags? Well then you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing deal over on Amazon. Amazon is currently selling a 4-pack of AirTags at their best price ever. You can snag the 4-pack for $.....»»

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Apple starts rolling out new AirTag firmware update

Apple is rolling out a new version of AirTag firmware today, the first update since October. Here’s how to check your AirTag firmware version. more….....»»

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Apple gradually releases new firmware for the AirTag

Apple has started to roll out a brand new firmware for the AirTag, making it the first update for the compact tracker since October.An Apple AirTagThe latest firmware, version 2.0.73 and build number 2A73, will be eventually introduced to all AirTags.....»»

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New AirTag Update is Out, Here’s How to Update

Apple occasionally pushes new software to its AirTag tracking device. In this guide we’ll show AirTag users how to keep the device updated with the most up-to-date firmware. AirTag updates aren’t as frequent as updates for iPhone and Mac,.....»»

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9to5Mac Daily: March 19, 2024 – iPhone 17 rumors, AirTag lawsuit

Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Sponsored by DirecTV Stream: The best way to watch every single NCAA March Madness game on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and.....»»

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AirTag anti-stalking class-action lawsuit given the green light

An attempted class-action lawsuit against Apple is being allowed to proceed, after plaintiffs convinced a judge that there are negligence issues surrounding the AirTags tracker.AirTag on a keyring. Initially filed in December 2022 and amended in Octo.....»»

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AirTag & police save builder from massive stolen car replacement expense

A worksman left his car keys on the dash, and the vehicle was promptly stolen. Apple's AirTag came to the rescue.Builder Paul Conway from Leeds in England has told local news site Leeds Live that at Christmas, his wife had bought a four-pack of AirTa.....»»

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Domestic abuse law should cover carmakers, FCC chair says

Cases of technology-enabled stalking involving cars are emerging as automakers add ever more sophisticated features, such as location tracking and remote control of functions......»»

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