Lucid says Q4 net losses widen to $654 million, predicts stagnant production

The EV maker said its full-year 2023 net loss was $2.83 billion compared with  2022's net loss of $1.3 billion. Its stock price fell sharply after the disappointing fourth-quarter earnings report......»»

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Unfortunately, a surprise million-dollar App Store windfall for some developers is a bug

Some developers had an exciting morning, as a bug in App Store Connect misreported millions in earnings from apps in the App Store for a while.App Store ConnectApp Store Connect provides developers with analytics and figures relating to apps submitte.....»»

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Research finds dairy farmers receptive to methane-reducing seaweed feed

New England's dairy industry continues to evolve in response to significant market challenges that include a decreased demand for milk and higher production and land costs. However, there is also ongoing evidence that organic dairy farming can provid.....»»

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Hybrid intelligence can reconcile biodiversity and agriculture

A research team at the University of Hohenheim and Technical University of Munich has developed a new transdisciplinary approach to resolve the tradeoff between biodiversity and agricultural production......»»

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Ghanaians love rice—how smallholder farmers could harvest more of it with the help of machines

Rice has become a big part of Ghanaians' daily diet. The country consumes about 1.45 million tons a year—but produces only 987,000 tons, approximately 68% of that......»»

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Simbian raises $10 million to automate security operations with GenAI

Simbian emerged from stealth mode with oversubscribed $10 million seed funding to deliver on fully autonomous security. As a first step towards that goal, the company is introducing a GenAI-powered security co-pilot that integrates secure and intelli.....»»

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JP Morgan drops Apple target price over questions on when AI iPhone will launch

Investment firm JP Morgan predicts that Apple will introduce AI with the 2025 iPhone 17 Pro, and has dropped its current price target to $210 partly as a result.Apple CEO Tim CookJP Morgan trimmed its Apple price target from $225 to $215 in February.....»»

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PVML raises $8 million to offer protection for enterprise data

PVML unveils its platform for secure AI-powered data access and $8 million in Seed funding led by NFX with participation from FJ Labs and Gefen Capital. While the complexity, variety and scale may vary from organization to organization, all companies.....»»

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Leveraging AI for enhanced compliance and governance

In this Help Net Security interview, Dr. Joseph Sweeney, Advisor at IBRS, discusses the risks of integrating AI into information management systems. He talks about emerging trends such as content cognition. He predicts advancements in AI-driven infor.....»»

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AT&T: Data breach affects 73 million or 51 million customers. No, we won’t explain.

When the data was published in 2021, the company said it didn't belong to its customers. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) AT&T is notifying millions of current or former customers that their account data has been compromis.....»»

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Study on climate-damaging palm oil production in Indonesia shows push for industrialization

Understanding governments' motives is crucial to strengthening climate action. Indonesia, the world's fourth largest country by population, has the biggest rainforests after Brazil and the Congo Basin. But it has cleared huge areas in the past 20 yea.....»»

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Precision agriculture research identifies gene that controls production of flowers and fruits in pea plants

The end of the reproductive period, when flowers and fruits are produced, is a crucial moment in plants' life cycles. However, the factors that control this process must be better understood......»»

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Toyota Ventures raises $300 million more for early-stage investments

Two new funds, Toyota Ventures Frontier Fund II and Toyota Ventures Climate Fund II, will help the firm deepen its global investing footprint......»»

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Inventory climbs above 2.8 million, highest since December 2020

U.S. new-vehicle inventory rose again in March above 2.8 million vehicles, Cox Automotive said, as the industry continues its return to pre-COVID levels of vehicles on hand......»»

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"Make Sweden Great Again"—the far right found each other on Twitter during the Swedish election

Media researcher Jessica Robinson has looked at the topics that trended on Twitter—now X—during the 2020 US presidential election and the Swedish parliamentary election in 2018. In her research, she has analyzed around 500 million tweets......»»

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Wind energy and bat conservation: Scientists call for the global application of measures to reduce fatalities

The construction of wind turbines as a cornerstone for the production of climate-friendly electricity is rapidly increasing all over the world—and everywhere this results in major challenges for bats, which die directly at the turbines or lose valu.....»»

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Alethea raises $20 million to combat disinformation campaigns

Alethea announced the close of a $20 million Series B funding round led by GV, with participation from Ballistic Ventures, who led Alethea’s Series A funding in 2022. Also participating in the round is Hakluyt Capital, which invests alongside l.....»»

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Research team releases new fertilizer prediction tool

A new fertilizer recommendation tool, developed nationally in collaboration with the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, could save farmers millions of dollars annually while reducing excess nutrient losses to the environment......»»

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Pet flea and tick treatments contain pesticides that end up washing into the environment

Responsible owners of the UK's 22 million cats and dogs may well have followed advice from many vets to treat pets with a monthly preventative "spot on" flea and tick treatment. However, these treatments are polluting our rivers and could pose a heal.....»»

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Understanding the impacts of migration on the Austrian economy

How would Austria be affected if a quarter million people entered the country right now? A new study conducted by IIASA and the Joint Research Center (JRC) projects the potential impacts of increased migration on the Austrian labor market and the eco.....»»

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Unveiling the hidden threat: Drought-induced inelastic subsidence in expansive soils

A journal article published by University of Houston Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences researchers highlights a significant, yet often overlooked, environmental concern—permanent losses in land surface elevation due to inelastic compacti.....»»

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