Lessons from shuttle Columbia disaster could stave off next tragedy

"Never again" is the phrase echoed among NASA leaders recalling the last major tragedy in the space program that occurred 20 years ago this week, when Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart over Texas on Feb. 1, 2003, never making its way back home to Fl.....»»

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Save 90% on a lifetime subscription to AI-powered piano lessons

A lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons is on sale for £94.57 with the code ENJOY20. TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons is on sale for £94.57 with the code ENJOY20.Dreaming of tickling the ivor.....»»

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Sweet lessons: Taiwan urban beekeeping gets positive buzz

Under mulberry trees at a bee farm in Taipei's suburbs, students watched intently as instructor Tsai Ming-hsien wafted smoke over a hive box, explaining to aspiring apiarists how to keep the insects happy in an urban setting......»»

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Q&A: El Niño drought leaves Zimbabwe"s Lake Kariba only 13% full—a disaster for people and wildlife

Water levels at Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe have dropped dramatically because of the latest El Niño drought. The country's president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has declared a national disaster......»»

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17 of the best Georgia Tech courses you can take for free

The best free online courses from Georgia Tech. Find lessons on AI, Chatbots, Python, machine learning, and much more for free. TL;DR: A wide range of online courses from Georgia Tech are available to take for free on edX. edX hosts a wide rang.....»»

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Tropical coral-infecting parasites discovered in cold marine ecosystems

Parasites thought only to infect tropical coral reefs have been discovered in a large variety of creatures in cold marine ecosystems along the Northeast Pacific, according to new research from University of British Columbia botanists......»»

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Superfund plan for Columbia River sparks debate in Northwest

It would create one of the largest Superfund sites in America and the first in which most of the toxic pollution comes from another country. But those are not the only unique aspects of an EPA proposal to add the upper reaches of the Columbia River i.....»»

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U.S. appeals court upholds EPA decision to approve California EV rules

The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected a legal challenge from 17 Republican-led states and entities that sell or produce liquid fuels......»»

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A frozen lake and several Lamborghinis provide lessons on traction control

Electronic traction control is more important than ever as electric motors proliferate. Enlarge / You can learn a lot about traction when there's very little of it around. (credit: Michael Teo Van Runkle) Lamborghini pro.....»»

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Research introduces digital games along with multimedia debriefing to address cyberbullying

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused much suffering and tragedy and continues to do so. One aspect of our everyday lives that was massively disrupted was education. Conventional classroom teaching methods had to be digitized urgently during lockdowns.....»»

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Auto shipper takes $10 million hit from Baltimore bridge disaster

East Coast ports have been modifying their operations to absorb cargo diverted from Baltimore harbor......»»

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How can Australia solve the math teacher shortage? It can start by training more existing teachers to teach math

Imagine if you enrolled your child in swimming lessons but instead of a qualified swimming instructor, they were taught freestyle technique by a soccer coach......»»

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Comment: Google Maps for CarPlay is a disaster compared to the Android Auto app

Google Maps is perhaps one of the most widely used applications on the planet and, as such, even minor changes to its design are super important. But, on Apple’s CarPlay, Google Maps is in need of a massive overhaul, because it’s a bit of a dumps.....»»

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Will industry learn lesson from lean inventories?

Automakers pledged to maintain lower inventories for higher profits when the production crisis abated. As the industry approaches 3 million unsold vehicles, will the lessons from that time take root? Or be ignored?.....»»

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Chickadees have unique neural "barcodes" for memories of stashing away food

Black-capped chickadees have extraordinary memories that can recall the locations of thousands of morsels of food to help them survive the winter. Now scientists at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute have discovered how the chickadees can remember so man.....»»

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For struggling organizations, fostering social connections can help recruit and retain scarce volunteers

At a time when America needs volunteers more than ever, to tackle social problems from homelessness to disaster recovery, fewer people have been volunteering......»»

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Swiss Re warns insured disaster losses could double in a decade

Insured property losses could double in the coming decade due to climate change and more frequent and more intense severe weather events, reinsurance giant Swiss Re warned Tuesday......»»

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Research finds honey bees may be at risk for colony collapse from longer, warmer fall seasons

The famous work ethic of honey bees might spell disaster for these busy crop pollinators as the climate warms, new research indicates......»»

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Scientists explore complex pattern of tipping points in the Atlantic"s current system

An international team of scientists has warned against relying on nature providing straightforward 'early warning' indicators of a climate disaster, as new mathematical modeling shows new fascinating aspects of the complexity of the dynamics of clima.....»»

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High-quality microwave signals generated from tiny photonic chip

In a new Nature study, Columbia Engineering researchers have built a photonic chip that is able to produce high-quality, ultra-low-noise microwave signals using only a single laser. The compact device—a chip so small, it could fit on a sharp pencil.....»»

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Killer whales use specialized hunting techniques to catch marine mammals in the open ocean

Killer whales foraging in deep submarine canyons off the coast of California represent a distinct subpopulation that uses specialized hunting techniques to catch marine mammals, Josh McInnes at the University of British Columbia and colleagues report.....»»

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