Japan to relax regulations on 200kW quick-charge stations to spread EV infrastructure

The Japanese government has decided to ease the regulations on the installation of EV quick-charge stations. This move aims to boost Japan's charging infrastructure and promote EVs......»»

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EU wants to hammer big tech & streamers with 5G build bill

Europe is considering whether companies like Netflix and Apple that use lots of bandwidth should be forced to pay for upgrades to the infrastructure of the internet.With the rise of video streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, the amount of ban.....»»

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New HomePod still leaves rings on finished wood surfaces

HomePod has a silicone base for vibration dampening, but this material can react with some wood finishes that will leave a white ring behind.HomePod's silicone base will leave rings on finished woodUsers were quick to discover damaged surfaces under.....»»

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Study unveils a large tunable drag response between a normal conductor and a superconductor

The Coloumb drag is a phenomenon that affects two electronic circuits, whereby a charge current in one circuit induces a responsive current in a neighboring circuit solely through so-called Coloumb interactions. These are electrostatic interactions b.....»»

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Instagram Notes launches in Europe, comes to everyone in the US

Instagram Notes – a short status message that floats above your profile and disappears after 24 hours – has now launched in Europe and Japan, and is rolling out to all users in the US. The feature was previously available to a limited number of.....»»

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Tech giants could get bill for European 5G infrastructure; Apple potentially included

Under a proposal currently being discussed, tech giants could be asked to help pay for European 5G infrastructure, with Apple potentially on the list of companies receiving a bill. The European Union is planning to consult on the idea of asking comp.....»»

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3 ways to stop cybersecurity concerns from hindering utility infrastructure modernization efforts

Utility infrastructure is in dire need of modernization. In many parts of the world, the infrastructure delivering power and water to consumers is not ready to withstand natural disasters and rising energy demands. Integrating real-time data analytic.....»»

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iPhone 14 Crash Detection false positives are now a problem in Japan

False positives by the Crash Detection system in the iPhone 14 series is causing problems in Japan, with fire departments near skiing areas dealing with more emergency call-outs than normal due to the automated calls.[Mati Mango/Pexels]The Fire and D.....»»

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How a novel class of sulfonamides potently blocks malaria transmission

Malaria is a devastating disease, with 247 million cases and 619,000 deaths reported in 2021 alone. Malaria causes fever and a flu-like illness that occurs when people are infected with the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, which is spread by mosquitoe.....»»

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ASML says "rules are being finalized" on chip export controls to China

ASML, a Dutch maker of semiconductor equipment, says "rules are being finalized" on export controls, amid reports that the Netherlands and Japan have joined the United States in restricting sales of some computer chip machinery to China......»»

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Lincoln loosens EV charger requirement for dealers

The brand instead will require dealers to operate the stations largely just during business hours......»»

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Musk met top U.S. officials on EVs Friday in Washington

Musk met John Podesta, a Democratic stalwart who serves as senior advisor to the president for clean energy innovation, and Mitch Landrieu, who oversees infrastructure spending, a White House spokesperson confirmed to Reuters......»»

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Movements in proteins reveal information about antibiotic resistance spreading

Researchers at Umeå University have discovered how a certain type of protein moves for DNA to be copied. The discovery could have implications for understanding how antibiotic resistance genes spread between bacteria......»»

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Brawling through a wacky version of Japan’s past in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Preview: Throwback action-brawler takes the madcap action to 19th-century Japan. Enlarge / Don't bring a knife to a historical Japanese gunfight. Sega’s cult-favorite Yakuza series is in a league of its own in its abi.....»»

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Scenes from the Automotive News Retail Forum: NADA in Dallas

DALLAS -- Dealers and top executives gathered here Thursday for the Automotive News Retail Forum ahead of the 2023 NADA Show. The discussions focused on solutions to the industry’s pressing issues such as the new EV tax credits and FTC regulations......»»

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Meta will allow Donald Trump back on Facebook, sparking wave of criticism

Critics warn Meta: Trump will continue to "spread lies and... incite violence." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto /) Meta will restore Donald Trump's access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts "in the coming we.....»»

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Rural water infrastructure development research demonstrates ethnically, racially uneven economic outcomes

A research study led by J. Tom Mueller, Ph.D., research assistant professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, was published in the first issu.....»»

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Study: Modern arms technologies help autocratic rulers stay in power

Autocrats and dictators quickly acquire new arms technologies from abroad and often use them against their own citizens. Now a study of multiple nations during the period 1820–2010 shows that the spread of military technologies inhibits democratic.....»»

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Japan chip development policy highlights security and revitalization

The Japanese government has set its semiconductor development policy based on two major principles - security and revitalization, shifting from relying entirely on domestic companies for chip development to introducing foreign technology and strength.....»»

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Denso cooperating with Taiwan semiconductor makers in restructuring supply chain

The largest Japan-based automotive component maker Denso is partnering with Taiwan-based semiconductor makers in line with restructuring its supply chain, according to Japan-based Nikkei......»»

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EV charging company Lynkwell raises $30M from investment firm"s affiliates

Lynkwell will use the funds to build out its EV charging infrastructure across North America and scale up its operations and expand support services for existing and new charging network developers......»»

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