IT workers see generative AI as a serious threat to their profession

While many IT workers see the productivity benefits of AI, 56% believe it benefits employers more than employees, according to Ivanti. Additionally, 63% are concerned generative AI tools might take their job in the next five years compared to 44% of.....»»

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Stellantis plans layoffs at assembly plants in Mich., Ohio

Plants that build the Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator and Grand Cherokee will move from three shifts of workers to two because the company says it needs to limit sales of those vehicles to meet California emissions rules......»»

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GM to pay $8 million to UAW workers following arbitration over 2019 plant closures

The ruling comes nearly a year and a half after the arbitrator initially found that GM violated Document 13 of its 2015 contract with the UAW when it closed three plants during the term of that agreement......»»

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UAW says it signed 1,000 VW workers in Tenn. organizing push

The UAW is trying to capitalize on recent contract victories in Detroit and reverse labor’s decades-long decline in the auto sector. It has launched simultaneous, public campaigns to organize 13 non-union U.S. plants......»»

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PSA: It’s a good time to turn on ADP; Apple study reveals 2.6B personal records stolen in data breaches

Following up on last year’s report “The Rising Threat to Consumer Data in the Cloud”, Apple has shared a new study from MIT’s Dr. Madnick that looks at how cyber threats are growing worldwide. Read on for a look at the state of online securit.....»»

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Phylum integrates with Sumo Logic to identify software supply chain attacks

Phylum announced the availability of the Phylum Threat Feed and its partnership with Sumo Logic. With the Phylum App for Sumo Logic, users can know if their organization has been impacted by software supply chain risks, including: Zero-day attacks Cr.....»»

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Daon xSentinel minimizes generative AI voice fraud

Daon announced the addition of xSentinel, an expansion of its AI.X technology. xSentinel provides adaptive synthetic voice protection to create a layer of defense within any voice communication channel and enhance the identity verification technologi.....»»

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Cybersixgill introduces new features and capabilities to strengthen threat analysis

Cybersixgill announced new features and capabilities that take security teams’ threat detection and mitigation efforts to new levels, helping them identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and detect and stop threats more quickly and effectively. Cyber.....»»

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Tesla shipments blocked by Norwegian workers as labor dispute spreads

Norway's largest private sector labor union will block transit shipments of Tesla cars meant for the Swedish market as one of Denmark's largest pension funds sell its holdings in Tesla over the EV maker's refusal to enter into agreements with Swedish.....»»

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U.S. House Republicans seek to halt Biden EV regulations

The 221 to 197 vote, which included five Democrats joining 216 Republicans, drew a veto threat from the White House, which said it would "catastrophically impair" the EPA's ability to issue automotive regulations......»»

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Feathered friends can become unlikely helpers for tropical coral reefs facing climate change threat

Tropical coral reefs are among our most spectacular ecosystems, yet a rapidly warming planet threatens the future survival of many reefs. However, there may be hope for some tropical reefs in the form of feathered friends......»»

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"Just the rich can do it": Research shows how immigration income requirements devastate families

The government has announced a host of new restrictions aimed at cutting net migration to the UK. Headline announcements include increasing the salary requirements for skilled foreign workers from £26,200 to £38,700, and banning health and care wor.....»»

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Product showcase: Apiiro unifies AppSec and SSCS in a deep ASPM

With the rapidly evolving threat landscape and complexity of interconnected applications, identifying real, business-critical application risks is more challenging than ever. Application security teams need a better solution than their current siloed.....»»

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Lamborghini introduces four-day week for production workers

Unions hail the agreement as the first in the European auto industry to achieve a significant reduction in working hours without cutting wages, but rather increasing them......»»

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Planet tipping points pose "unprecedented" threat to humanity: report

Humanity faces an "unprecedented" risk from tipping points that could unleash a domino effect of irreversible catastrophes across the planet, researchers warned Wednesday......»»

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Three security data predictions for 2024

How do companies protect their digital environments in a world where everything is growing more complex, quickly – data, customer expectations, cyber threats and more? It’s difficult: Adversaries are adopting and using AI and even generative AI-b.....»»

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Businesses gain upper hand with GenAI integration

Firms that actively harness generative AI to enhance experiences, offerings, and productivity will realize outsized growth and will outpace their competition, according to Forrester. Between July and September 2023, the number of enterprises that are.....»»

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MixMode platform enhancements boost threat detection and response

MixMode announced its quarterly product release. This release gives customers greater visibility into their digital attack surface, improved investigation capabilities, and increased customization options. Key features and enhancements include: Alert.....»»

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Securiti collaborates with Databricks to enable the safe use of data and generative AI

Securiti announced its strategic partnership with Databricks. This new partnership will enhance the way enterprises manage their data and AI across all data systems, addressing the growing need for contextual data intelligence and a data command cent.....»»

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Varonis enhances DSPM capabilities with Azure and AWS support

Varonis Systems has expanded capabilities for cloud databases and object storage in AWS and Azure. This release accelerates customers’ data security posture management (DSPM) initiatives with deeper risk visibility, advanced threat detection, and a.....»»

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eBook: Defending the Infostealer Threat

Enterprises’ increasing digital reliance has fueled an array of cybersecurity threats. One rapidly growing area is information-stealing malware known as infostealers, which is malicious software designed to steal data. Unlike ransomware, where info.....»»

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