iOS 14: How to download it on your iPhone

iOS 14 is finally here, and it's bringing huge changes in the way you use your iPhone, thanks to widgets and the new app drawer. Here's how to download iOS 14......»»

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How the FBI Managed To Get Into the San Bernardino Shooter"s iPhone

A new report from The Washington Post reveals how the FBI gained access to an iPhone linked to the 2015 San Bernardino shooting. Apple refused to build a backdoor into the phone, citing the potential to undermine the security of hundreds of millions.....»»

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Finally, you can use a Google Nest smart speaker or display to find an iPhone

Google Assistant can now find your phone for you, even if it's an iPhone......»»

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School Custodian Refuses To Download Phone App That Monitors Location, Says It Got Her Fired

Michelle Dionne, a former employee at a cleaning company in Darwell, Alberta, says she was fired for refusing to download an app that would check her location and ensure she was working her scheduled hours. reports: Dionne says she was thrille.....»»

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iOS users—and only iOS users—face NSFW content ban on Discord app

App Store rules seemingly lead to tighter restrictions for Apple users. Enlarge / This cute little pig has obviously seen some things that iOS users will no longer be allowed to see on Discord. Discord users who access the Discord app through.....»»

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The best password managers for the iPhone

The main ingredients for the best password managers are high security, ease of use, customer support, and value. Here are some of our all-time mobile favorites......»»

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The best iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors

Protecting the gorgeous display on your iPhone 7 Plus should be your number one priority, so get yourself a screen protector! These are the best you can buy......»»

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PS3 players reportedly unable to download key game patches ahead of store shutdowns

Users have experienced issues when trying to download patches for certain PS3 games. Many believe this is tied to the upcoming closures of digital storefronts......»»

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FCC Wants You To Test Your Internet Speeds With Its New App

The Federal Communications Commission has released a new speed test app to help measure internet speeds across the country, available on both Android and iOS. From a report: The FCC Speed Test App works similarly to existing speed-testing apps like O.....»»

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Google to ax its Shopping app in favor of web search

Google has confirmed its shuttering its Shopping app for Android and iOS, selecting to focus on the web version instead......»»

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GE is developing a COVID-19 detector that can fit inside an iPhone

This is incredible. Is there COVID-19 on this train car? Is there COVID-19 in this restaurant? Is there COVID-19 at this grocery store? Is there COVID-19 . . . in me? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves every second of the day.....»»

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What an ancient lake in Nevada reveals about the future of tech

We are extracting Earth’s geological history to serve a split second of contemporary technological time, building devices like the Amazon Echo and the iPhone that are often designed to last for only a few years. I’m driving through the.....»»

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iPhone users can get Samsung Galaxy experience with wild new app — here"s how

iPhone users can explore the Samsung Galaxy user interface on iOS, thanks to a new, interactive marketing campaign pushed by Samsung via the iTest app......»»

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Samsung thinks its new app will make you want to ditch your iPhone

Switching from one smartphone platform to another is not a decision that anyone takes lightly, which explains why the top vendors go to such lengths to convince consumers to at least consider making a change. The latest attempt from Samsung is admitt.....»»

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Two-thirds of iPhone users plan to block apps from tracking them

The iOS 14.5 update should drop in the very near future, as Apple has tested the software extensively via several beta releases in the past few weeks. The new release should add several new features, including the highly-anticipated App Tracking Tran.....»»

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Zenkit Hypernotes intuitively combines note-taking and outlining with new iPhone and Mac app

Zenkit, a popular enterprise app suite, is back with a brand new app today aimed are unifying collaborative note-taking and outlining, and the intuitive function for linking of ideas. Read on to learn more about Zenkit Hypernotes. more… The p.....»»

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 324: Find My third-party accessories, Apple Arcade+, iPhone 12 mini experience

This week join 9to5Mac’s Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo to discuss Zac’s switch to the iPhone 12 mini, iPad mini leaks, Find My updates, Kara Swisher’s interview with Tim Cook, and more. Sponsored by ALOGIC: 30% off the ALOGIC Rap.....»»

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Samsung launches ‘iTest,’ a new web app for turning your iPhone into a Galaxy device

Samsung is increasing its efforts to win over iPhone customers. The smartphone maker has launched a new website called “iTest,” and it allows iPhone users to “get a little taste of Samsung” through a web application that simulates the Androi.....»»

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Cellebrite helps Brazilian police arrest murder suspects after recovering data from locked iPhones

Cellebrite is an advanced and controversial tool that has been used by law enforcement officers to crack the iPhone security on multiple occasions. Today Brazilian police confirmed that they used this tool to unlock the iPhones of two child murder s.....»»

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WSJ: P&G among companies testing China-backed way to skirt App Tracking Transparency rules

As Apple prepares to roll out its new App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5, companies around the world are scrambling to find ways to skirt the guidelines. A report from from the Wall Street Journal today offers new details on the companies.....»»

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Apple testing new tags feature in the App Store for improved granularity in search results

Apple appears to be testing a notable change to the App Store as part of its efforts to improve the Search experience. While not fully rolled out yet, some iPhone users are now seeing tags in the App Store when searching for popular terms. moreR.....»»

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