Innovative approach opens the door to COVID nanobody therapies

COVID is not yet under control. Despite a bevy of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and antivirals, the virus continues to mutate and elude us. One solution that scientists have been exploring since the early days of the pandemic may come in the form.....»»

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Researchers advance DNA nanostructure stability

Researchers at the University at Albany's RNA Institute have demonstrated a new approach to DNA nanostructure assembly that does not require magnesium. The method improves the biostability of the structures, making them more useful and reliable in a.....»»

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Elastocaloric cooling system opens door to climate-friendly AC

Air conditioning, refrigeration, and other cooling technologies account for more than 20 percent of today's global energy consumption, while the refrigerants they use have a global warming potential thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide. In.....»»

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"Heat highways" could keep electronics cool

As smart electronic devices become smaller and more powerful, they can generate a lot of heat, leading to slower processing times and sudden shutdowns. Now, as reported in ACS Applied Nano Materials, researchers have used an electrospinning approach.....»»

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Researchers develop stepwise strategy for carbon dioxide reduction to multicarbon products

Though efficient C2+ production from CO2 electrocatalytic reduction reaction (CO2ERR) has become a promising approach to mitigate CO2 emissions and store intermittent renewable energy, it suffers from low selectivity and undesired side reactions......»»

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Scientists" political donations reflect polarization in academia—with implications for the public"s trust in science

People who lean left politically reported an increase in trust in scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic, while those who lean right politically reported much lower levels of trust in scientists. This polarization around scientific issues—from COV.....»»

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Ford hires Whirlpool executive Liz Door as chief supply chain officer

The automaker, which saw its suppler relations score plummet in a recent study, said it has hired Liz Door, a sourcing executive at Whirlpool......»»

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Preventing pandemics by leaving bats undisturbed

As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly subsides, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) experts and colleagues from the Wildlife Conservation Society have partnered on a new analysis in The Lancet Planetary Health journal focused on how suc.....»»

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"Sooty bark disease," harmful for maples and humans, can be monitored by pollen sampling stations

Especially after the last few COVID-affected years, nobody doubts that emerging infectious diseases can threaten the whole world. But humans are not the only ones at risk. With intensive global trade, many tree parasites are accidently introduced to.....»»

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Social copying and tipping points mapped on gull population

We've all observed social contagion in humans: When one person laughs, it's hard not to laugh too, or if someone screams "Fire!" in a movie theater, everyone stampedes toward the door......»»

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When Not to Treat Cancer

Taking a rational and statistical approach to a diagnosis can lead to better choices about treatment—which in some cases might mean not treating cancer at all......»»

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Self-teaching web app improves speed, accuracy of classifying DNA variations among cereal varieties

Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University scientists have developed an innovative web app called BRIDGEcereal that can quickly and accurately analyze the vast amount of genomic data now available for cereal crops and organize the.....»»

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Social media misinformation theory draws on classic tragedies, platform algorithms

Tales of people reading on social media about suspect, off-label uses of ivermectin to ward off COVID-19, ingesting the livestock dewormer and then suffering gastrointestinal distress might seem like the pinnacle of the 2021 zeitgeist. According to a.....»»

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More robot vacuums, Zens travel charger, & Bird Buddy review on the HomeKit Insider podcast

Lots of new smart home products, an innovative charging system, security concerns, and much more home automation news, all on this week's jam-packed episode of the Homekit Insider podcast.HomeKit InsiderThis week, Level Lock introduced its latest pie.....»»

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AT&S on track to start IC substrate manufacturing in Malaysia in 2H2024

IC substrate and PCB maker AT&S (Advanced Technologies & Solutions) has been expanding its IC substrate manufacturing footprint in Asia before COVID-19 outbreak. It has moved equipment into the latest plant in Malaysia, slated to start high-volume ma.....»»

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Instagram lifts ban on anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after launch of presidential bid

Instagram announced Sunday it had lifted its ban on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist who has launched a presidential bid, two years after it shut down Kennedy's account for breaking its rules related to Covid-19......»»

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AI pushes wave of smart application; IPC industry showcases another approach

Coming out of the pandemic, Computex 2023 was able to once again showcase Taiwan's strength to the global ICT industry via a physical show. With intelligence application being one of the six major themes of this year and the recent popularity of AI-r.....»»

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WWDC 2023: the 3 big reveals we need from Apple

The once-innovative Apple is at risk of going stale. WWDC 2023 is the perfect opportunity to change that......»»

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What a Therapist Wants You to Know About Remote Therapy

Covid-19 changed how therapists work, for good and ill. Here's how you can adapt, whether you're a patient or a practitioner......»»

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Pandemic lessons: More health workers, less faxing—an Ars Frontiers recap

Amid science and tech triumphs, basic infrastructure problems hurt COVID responses. Our panel on pandemic lessons included Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo (center) and Dr. Caitlin Rivers (right). In many ways, modern advancements stole the show.....»»

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"Ted Lasso" stars aren"t ruling out more from AFC Richmond in the future

"Ted Lasso" started off as a comedy bit, turned into a silly premise for NBC to promote Premier League matches, and eventually became an Apple TV+ darling many of the stars are not ready close the door on.Apple TV+ series "Ted Lasso"Unfortunately, th.....»»

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