Incubator or barrier? Exploring the links between agriculture, biodiversity and the spread of pathogens

Many pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, are thought to have originated in wild animals before spilling into human populations......»»

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Exploring three-dimensional quantum Griffiths singularity in bulk unconventional iron-based superconductors

Exploration of exotic quantum phase transitions has always been a focus in condensed matter physics. Critical phenomena in a phase transition are entirely determined by the universality class, which is controlled by the spatial and/or order-parameter.....»»

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How climate patterns contribute to coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

A new study finds a significant impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on coral bleaching events in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR)......»»

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Bridging culture, cuisine, and urban planning: New book explores the connections between food and urban spaces

Agriculture, fishing, hunting, and gathering—through thousands of years of urbanization, these ways of acquiring food, which were deciding factors in settlement landscape patterns in the primitive society, have gradually been replaced by the manufa.....»»

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Social contagion research explores how ant colonies regulate group behaviors

In the world of social creatures, from humans to ants, the spread of behaviors through a group—known as social contagion—is a well-documented phenomenon. This process, driven by social imitation and pressure, causes individuals to adopt behaviors.....»»

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History shows that humans are good for biodiversity… sometimes

Humans have been an important driver of vegetation change over thousands of years, and, in some places, had positive impacts on biodiversity, according to a new study......»»

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Proton Pass introduces Secure Links for safe password sharing

Proton Pass aims to make it safe and efficient to share passwords as well as other files......»»

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Unprecedented warming threatens Earth"s lakes and their ecosystems

Lakes, with their rich biodiversity and important ecological services, face a concerning trend: rapidly increasing temperatures. A recent study published in Nature Geoscience by an international team of limnologists and climate modelers reveals that.....»»

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Report suggests measures to promote phosphorus recovery and recycling in Norway

A new report on phosphorus, an essential element for Norwegian agriculture and aquaculture, suggests measures to ensure the mineral is recovered and reused......»»

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Respiratory bacteria "turn off" immune system to survive, study finds

Researchers from The University of Queensland have identified how a common bacterium is able to manipulate the human immune system during respiratory infections and cause persistent illness. The research was published in PLOS Pathogens......»»

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Wild plants and crops don"t make great neighbors: Study finds pathogens spill from one population to the other

Native plants and non-native crops do not fare well in proximity to one another, attracting pests that spread diseases in both directions, according to two new UC Riverside studies......»»

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In the heart of Mauritania"s desert, a green oasis cultivates equality

For the residents of Maaden, a green oasis nestled in the depths of the vast Mauritanian desert, communal living, spirituality and sustainable agriculture are the keys to a harmonious existence......»»

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Study finds pumpkin pathogen not evolving, which could make a difference for management

The pathogen that causes bacterial spot is very good at what it does. Forming small lesions on the rinds of pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, and other cucurbits, it mars the fruits' appearance and ushers in secondary pathogens that lead to rot and severe.....»»

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Starliner Astronauts Are in Limbo, and Emergency Access to Abortion Is Preserved

Emergency access to abortion is preserved—for now. Also, NASA postpones the return of Starliner astronauts, and we’re tracking the spread of bird flu, dengue and mpox......»»

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PSA: Watch out for smishing texts with fake iCloud links

Apple users are being warned to be alert to smishing texts – the name given to phishing attacks carried out by sending SMS messages – trying to capture login credentials for Apple IDs. The links direct to a fake iCloud page, and for 9to5Mac re.....»»

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Google removes enrollment barrier for prospective Advanced Protection Program users

Google has removed a potential obstacle for high-risk users who want to enroll in the company’s Advanced Protection Program (APP): they can now do it just by setting a passkey. Users already enrolled in APP have been provided the option to add.....»»

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How AI-powered software spreads Russian disinformation on X

The US Justice Department (DoJ) has seized two US-based domains used by Russian threat actors to create fake profiles on X (formerly Twitter) that would spread disinformation in the United States and abroad. This bot farm was created and operated via.....»»

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Colombian mosquito factory fights dengue and disinformation

The jars of larvae in stagnant water and thick clouds of mosquitoes at a Colombian lab may seem like the stuff of nightmares. They are in fact crucial to a project to fight the spread of dengue fever......»»

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Island biogeography theory and habitat heterogeneity help explain global patterns of Rhododendron diversity

Mountains are defined by their prominence, steep sides, and significant height above the surrounding regions. They harbor exceptionally high levels of biodiversity and a great number of endemic species worldwide, which are also extremely sensitive to.....»»

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Receptors make dairy cows a prime target for influenza, team finds

As highly pathogenic avian influenza has spread in dairy herds across the U.S., the virus is being detected in raw milk. A new study by a broad team of researchers at Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine helps explain why......»»

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How a global collaboration is helping protect biodiversity

Ask a 10-year-old to name some extinct animals and they can usually rattle off ancient species such as the Tasmanian Tiger, Woolly Mammoth and Dodo. Some may even be able to tell you what the animals used to look like without searching online......»»

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