Increased grazing pressure threatens the most arid rangelands

A new study published in Science reports results from the first-ever global field assessment of the ecological impacts of grazing in drylands. An international research team has found that grazing can have positive effects on ecosystem services, part.....»»

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Linking African winds to Atlantic storms

High above the northern tropical countries of Africa, in warmer months, waves of low pressure can form in the atmosphere and blow westward toward the Atlantic. When these African easterly waves reach the ocean, tropical cyclones—including hurricane.....»»

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Martian dust devil analogues in the Mojave Desert

In the Mojave Desert, the sun beats down on the ground and makes pockets of low pressure. Cool air rushes into these areas, where it warms and rises, creating vortices that pick up dust. These types of dust devils aren't limited to Earth: They are fo.....»»

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Apple will ship 9 million fewer iPhones in Q4 than expected

Increased uncertainty in China around iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing has caused Morgan Stanley to drop its iPhone shipment prediction by another 3 million units in Q4 2022.iPhone 14 Pro impacted by Foxconn protestsThe zero Covid policy in China has led.....»»

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Taiwan government to deploy team to protect TSMC technologies in US

With the concern that the US may pressure the Taiwanese government to have TSMC move its newest technologies to the US, thus weakening Taiwan's importance in the semiconductor industry, Tsung-Tsong Wu, the Minister of Taiwan's National Science and Te.....»»

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LuxNet sees sales performance improve significantly in 2022

Taiwan-based optical communication specialist LuxNet has seen its sales performance improve significantly in 2022, buoyed by increased shipments of 100G and 400G products......»»

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The significance of TSMC building fabs in US

The global notebook market increased from 158 million units in 2019 to 247 million in 2021, thanks to the work-from-home demand, and it will not be easy to surpass the 200 million-unit mark again after 2022......»»

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Neuralink faces federal probe over alleged animal abuse, “hack job” surgeries

Current and former employees blame mishaps and abuse on pressure from Musk to go faster. Enlarge / Pager, a nine-year-old Macaque, plays MindPong with his Neuralink. (credit: YouTube/NeuraLink) Elon Musk's brain-computer.....»»

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Novel two-dimensional homogeneous bias device induced under moderate pressure

In a study published in Advanced Materials, researchers from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in cooperation with researchers from University of Science and Technology of China have developed a new type of t.....»»

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Largan posts increased November revenue

Smartphone-use lens module specialist Largan Precision has reported revenue growth of 1% sequentially and 20% annually to NT$5.23 billion (US$171.5 million) in November 2022......»»

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Meta threatens to remove US news content if new law passes

Facebook's parent company says it will pull news from the platform in the US if a new media law passes......»»

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Study shows the majority of California"s coastal airports are vulnerable to increased flooding caused by climate change

Most of California's population and its largest airports are located along the Pacific coastline, which is increasingly impacted by storm surges, sea level rise, and erosion due to climate change. In the next 30 years, sea level along the coast is ex.....»»

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Improving precision of pressure determination in nanosecond X-ray diffraction experiments

X-ray diffraction measurements under laser-driven dynamic compression allow researchers to investigate the atomic structure of matter at hundreds of thousands of atmospheres of pressure and temperatures of thousands of degrees, with broad implication.....»»

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Meta threatens to remove news content over US journalism bargaining bill

Facebook owner Meta threatened to remove news content from its platforms on Monday following reports that US lawmakers have added controversial legislation favoring news media to the annual defense authorization bill......»»

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Protecting 30% of Earth"s surface for nature means thinking about connections near and far

A biodiversity crisis is reducing the variety of life on Earth. Under pressure from land and water pollution, development, overhunting, poaching, climate change and species invasions, approximately 1 million plant and animal species are at risk of ex.....»»

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GM, LG to invest $275M more at Tenn. Ultium plant

The increased investment in the Ultium Cells plant in Spring Hill will add 400 jobs and increase annual production capacity at the battery plant from 35 to 50 gigawatt-hours......»»

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California set for another year of brown lawns, tight water restrictions

Californians should brace for another year of brown lawns, tight water restrictions and increased calls for conservation as state water managers Thursday warned that severely reduced allocations are once again likely in 2023......»»

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Thales launches CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager integrated with the AWS External Key Store

Thales has launched its CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager integration with the AWS External Key Store, a feature of the AWS Key Management Service. Following an increased call for enhanced sovereign controls amid growing regulatory requirements, the inte.....»»

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Death Valley"s Ubehebe Crater reveals volcanic hazard areas are underestimated

When magma bubbles up toward Earth's surface and meets groundwater, steam pressure builds, sometimes bursting into eruptions that spew currents of hot ash, potentially burning and asphyxiating people and burying nearby cities. Take, for example, simi.....»»

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New Apple Card applicants get 5% cashback on iPhone, Mac, more

From now until Christmas Day, users who open up a new Apple Card account will get a 5% Daily Cash payment on purchases from Apple, instead of the normal 3%.Apple has launched a holiday Apple Card incentive, offering an increased return on Daily Cash,.....»»

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China consumer VR shipment to reach nearly 7 million units in 2026, says IDC

According to a recent IDC forecast, consumer standalone VR shipments in China increased by 166.2% on year in the first half of 2022. China standalone VR in the first quarter of 2022 reached 229 thousand units shipped, while the second quarter of 2022.....»»

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