In 2024, Space Coast gears up for most astronaut launches since "09

The business of sending humans into space has not yet risen to the levels seen during the space shuttle program, but 2024 could see the most U.S.-based orbital launches in 15 years......»»

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Don’t let these 3 hidden June streaming TV shows fly under your radar

From an oddball comedy to a crime thriller from the Narcos co-creator, don't let these three hidden June 2024 streaming TV shows fly under your radar......»»

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3 BritBox shows you should watch in June 2024

From a classic miniseries to a reality TV hit, these series prove that BritBox has a wealth of great shows worth watching......»»

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Makah Tribe will again be allowed to hunt gray whales off Washington coast

Not since the spring of 1999 have members of the Makah Tribe filed into a cedar canoe and paddled off Washington's coast to legally harpoon a gray whale, trailing its body back to shore for celebration and ceremony......»»

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PHP command injection flaw exploited to deliver ransomware (CVE-2024-4577)

An OS command injection vulnerability in Windows-based PHP (CVE-2024-4577) in CGI mode is being exploited by the TellYouThePass ransomware gang. Imperva says the attacks started on June 8, two days after the PHP development team pushed out fixes, and.....»»

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SailPoint introduces AI-powered application onboarding capability

SailPoint launches innovative AI-powered application onboarding capability. This new capability will be seamlessly integrated into SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and will simplify the process of integrating critical business applications. By autom.....»»

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New infosec products of the week: June 14, 2024

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Acronis, Diligent, Entrust, KELA, Plainsea, and SentinelOne. Plainsea: Cybersecurity platform that enables continuous service delivery Designed with managed.....»»

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CyberLink launches FaceMe Security version 7.15

CyberLink announced the latest release of FaceMe Security. A turnkey security and access control solution, FaceMe Security enables identity verification, attendance management, and access control through AI facial recognition, with real-time monitori.....»»

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iOS 18 solves iCloud"s irritating habit of offloading the file you need

It's meant to save space on your device, but iCloud's decisions over what files can be temporarily offloaded can be aggravating — until a new feature in iOS 18 allows you to stop it.Pressing and holding on a document in the Files app now gets you a.....»»

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Shadow of the Erdtree: Pre-Load & Download Size Info & Tips

Shadow of the Erdtree’s release is close and that means Xbox, PlayStation, and PC users will soon able to download the DLC. As expected, the game requires a very sizable chunk of free space. FromSoftware’s first, and potentially last, Eld.....»»

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Shackleton died on board the Quest; ship’s wreckage has just been found

"His final voyage kind of ended that Heroic Age of Exploration." Enlarge / Ernest Shackleton died on board the Quest in 1922. Forty years later, the ship sank off Canada's Atlantic Coast. (credit: Tore Topp/Royal Canadian Geograp.....»»

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Building Up Excitement for Teardown 2024

Each year in Portland, Oregon, hackers, artists, and enthusiasts congregate at the behest of open-source crowdfunding platform Crowd Supply. This year’s event is a particular cause for excitement for me, a) because I’m attending and b) because t.....»»

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High-precision measurements challenge our understanding of Cepheids

"Classical Cepheids" are a type of pulsating star that rhythmically brighten and dim over time. These pulsations help astronomers measure vast distances across space, which makes Cepheids crucial "standard candles" that help us understand the size an.....»»

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3 underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in June 2024

Here are three underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in June, including a touching family drama and a cat-and-mouse thriller......»»

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This PS5-ready 2TB SSD is on sale at Best Buy today

Need extra space for your PS5 gaming library and save files? For a limited time, you can get the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD for $40 off!.....»»

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Well-known star turns out to be not one star, but twins

Observations from the James Webb Space Telescope revealed that a particular star turned out not to be a single star at all, but actually a pair......»»

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Unusual issue forces NASA to call off ISS spacewalk

NASA’s first spacewalk of 2024 was called off about an hour before it was expected to begin at the International Space Station on Thursday morning......»»

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GMC Acadia makeover is all about giving buyers more space

The three-row Acadia returns to the larger footprint it once shared with the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave, offering more legroom and storage space......»»

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NASA cancels spacewalk at ISS over "spacesuit discomfort issue"

A spacewalk scheduled for two astronauts outside the International Space Station was canceled by NASA about an hour before it was to begin Thursday morning......»»

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NASA satellite returns image of sea ice swirls

NASA's Terra satellite captured floating fragments of sea ice as ocean currents carried them south along Greenland's east coast on June 4, 2024......»»

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Paris 2024 Olympics to debut high-level breakdancing—and physics in action

Two athletes square off for an intense dance battle. The DJ starts spinning tunes, and the athletes begin twisting, spinning and seemingly defying gravity, respectfully watching each other and taking turns showing off their skill......»»

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