Improved ultrasound wireless charging for implantable biomedical devices

Ultrasound-based wireless power transfer is becoming a more attractive option to power implanted biomedical devices because it could overcome many of the limitations and challenges facing other wireless charging approaches. Now, a new study has shown.....»»

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Verizon screwup caused 911 outage in 6 states—carrier agrees to $1M fine

Verizon initially failed to remove a flawed update file that caused two outages. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | David Ramos) Verizon Wireless agreed to pay a $1,050,000 penalty to the US Treasury and implement a complia.....»»

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Bats use four key tactics for accurate target tracking

The ability of "target tracking," i.e., keeping a target object in sight, is essential for various activities and has improved in animals and machines through the evolution of life and technology, respectively. Because most sensing systems are inevit.....»»

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Roku launches Weekly Trivia game to test your pop culture mettle

Roku Weekly Trivia launches today for U.S. users of it popular streaming devices, adding 10 questions per week. You can play with friends and family......»»

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Ifi’s latest DAC is the first to add lossless Bluetooth audio

With support for tons of Bluetooth codecs, including aptX Lossless, the Zen Blue 3 is the Swiss Army knife of wireless DACs......»»

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Researchers move floating objects with soundwaves

EPFL researchers have succeeded in directing floating objects around an aquatic obstacle course using only soundwaves. Their novel, optics-inspired method holds great promise for biomedical applications such as noninvasive targeted drug delivery......»»

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New paradigm in photothermal therapy: Researchers develop ultrasound-assisted photothermal therapy technology

Professor Jin-ho Chang's research team from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at DGIST has developed "Ultrasound-assisted photothermal therapy (ULTRA-PTT)" technology that significantly enhances the performance of conventi.....»»

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Here’s what the Windows Phone would look like in 2024 if Microsoft had never killed it

There's no Window Phone in 2024, but what if there was? A fascinating set of mock-ups show what these Microsoft devices might have looked like......»»

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SharePlay in Apple Music gets more shareable in iPadOS 18

Apple has upgraded SharePlay when dealing with Apple Music in iPadOS 18, but only when connected to supported external devices like HomePods and select speakers.SharePlay with Apple Music gets an upgrade in iPadOS 18Having an active SharePlay session.....»»

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Larry Finger made Linux wireless work and brought others along to learn

Remembering Finger, 84, who learned as he went and left his mark on many. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) Linux and its code are made by people, and people are not with us forever. Over the weekend, a brie.....»»

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Revived technology used to count individual photons from distant galaxies

Using an instrument on the 4.1-meter Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope, researchers have obtained the first astronomical spectrum using skipper charge-coupled devices (CCDs)......»»

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The new Surface Laptop whips the MacBook in this important test

Microsoft has finally ended its non-repairable reign of terror, and its new Surface devices have earned an impressive 8/10 from iFixit......»»

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iFixit says new Arm Surface hardware “puts repair front and center”

Both devices make it relatively easy to get at the battery and SSD. Enlarge / Microsoft's 11th-edition Surface Pro, as exploded by iFixit. Despite adhesive holding in the screen and the fact that you need to remove the heatsink t.....»»

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How automakers and charging companies plan to simplify EV charging

Charging network strategies continue to evolve. Expansion and reliability are top priorities......»»

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Update to wireless CarPlay for under $100 [20% off]

Do wireless CarPlay adapters actually work? In 2017, I bought a Honda Civic that came with wired Apple CarPlay. I really wanted wireless CarPlay in the Civic, but replacing its entertainment system at the time seemed like overkill. Fortunately, there.....»»

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Study explores high-performance copper/graphene composite conductor for motors

A study, led by Tingting Zuo, was based on the idea of in-situ growth, and a series of Cu/Gr composites with improved interfaces were prepared by vacuum hot press sintering. Combined with cold-drawing and heat-treatment processes, composite wires wit.....»»

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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 wireless chargers you can buy in 2024

Charge your Samsung Galaxy S21 wirelessly with these best wireless chargers. The post Best Samsung Galaxy S21 wireless chargers you can buy in 2024 appeared first on Phandroid. Samsung released Galaxy S21 as the newest compact Android flag.....»»

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Open-source Rafel RAT steals info, locks Android devices, asks for ransom

The open-source Rafel RAT is being leveraged by multiple threat actors to compromise Android devices and, in some cases, to lock them, encrypt their contents, and demand money to restore the device to its original state. Check Point researchers have.....»»

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Security Bite: Meta will start using your data to train its AI next week, but you may be able to opt out

9to5Mac Security Bite is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Making Apple devices work-ready and enterprise-safe is all we do. Our unique integrated approach to management and security combines state-of-the-art App.....»»

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EV charging networks expand, add Tesla connectors

Charging network strategies continue to evolve. Expansion and reliability are top priorities......»»

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HomeKit Weekly: A HomeKit door sensor is one of the most underrated devices

When looking to automate your home, a lot of the hype revolves around motion sensors and other devices, but I believe HomeKit door sensors are still some of the best devices to add to your Home app-backed home. I love the , as the device supports Thr.....»»

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