IC packaging materials distributors enjoy strong wire-bonding demand

IC packaging materials distributors continue to see strong demand for wire-bonding operations despite uncertainties facing sales of notebooks, handsets and other end-market devices in the fourth quarter of the year, according to industry sources......»»

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Outer, D2C outdoor furniture brand, secures $50M Series B funding to spur expansion and materials developmentĀ 

Americans spend more than 90% of each day indoors on average. However, approximately 82% of American homeowners are more interested in renovating their outdoor living spaces than they were prior to the pandemic, based on a recent survey, Outer co-fou.....»»

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A simple way to get complex semiconductors to assemble themselves

Stacking extremely thin films of material on top of each other can create new materials with exciting new properties. But the most successful processes for building those stacks can be tedious and imperfect, and not well suited for large-scale produc.....»»

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Desert-beetle-inspired magnetic demulsifier developed with excellent oil-in-water emulsion separation performance

Prof. Zeng Zhixiang's team at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed a novel magnetic demulsifier with desert beetle-inspired microstructures, realizing high-efficiency.....»»

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Redoxdivergent strategy for construction of (Dihydro)thiophenes with dimethyl sulfoxide

(Dihydro)thiophenes, among the most common five-membered heterocycles, are widespread in a large number of natural products, functional materials, and biologically active compounds......»»

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Engineering a polymer network to act as active camouflage on demand

The animal kingdom is full of creatures with active camouflage. What looks like a drab pile of sand and rocks might actually be a brightly colored squid, expanding and contracting structures within their skin to reveal shades of brown and gray instea.....»»

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Tanso nabs $1.9M pre-seed to help industrial manufacturers do sustainability reporting

The climate crisis is creating massive demand for data capture as industries grapple with how to decarbonize. Put simply, you can’t cut your carbon emissions if don’t know what they are in the first place. This need to gather data is a bi.....»»

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Memory firms positive about demand for smartphones with higher internal storage

With Apple's new iPhones featuring one terabyte of storage, other brands are expected to follow suit by launching more flagship smartphones featuring at least 1TB of internal storage, according to sources at memory makers......»»

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Backend firms to see strong 5G RF module demand for iPad mini 6

Backend houses including ASE Technology and Chipbond Technology are poised to enjoy robust orders for processing 5G RF modules, driven by demand for Apple's just-unveiled iPad mini 6, the vendor's second 5G tablet model, according to industry sources.....»»

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Changes by IPC companies trigger new wave of component shortages

External circumstances and changing industry demands have continued to impact various industry chains since the second half of 2020. For IPC companies, the consensus in 2021 is that they can only produce as many products as there are materials......»»

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Taiwan LCD driver IC suppliers say orders remain strong

Some Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers have claimed their book-to-bill ratios remain above one with clear order visibility through the end of this year and even 2022, in response to recent reports indicating LCD panel prices have started falling d.....»»

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Surprise! Amazon is having a flash sale on must-have smart home tech today

The Amazon flash sale is going on now. Tons of in-demand items got huge markdowns for this event......»»

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New algorithmic approach predicts strong leaders

Research on leadership has long recognized the importance of understanding how leaders are perceived, and past studies have used a variety of techniques to examine different aspects of leadership. In a new study, researchers developed a computational.....»»

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Lasers light up neutron generation for radiography

Getting snapshots of systems and processes at precise time points is important to research and development in many fields, including biology, materials science, and engineering. Firing a neutron beam at a material is one way of gaining information; h.....»»

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Scientists create 3D-printed, microscopic gas sensors: Painters" pallets without a hint of pigment

Scientists from Trinity and AMBER, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research, have discovered a way to fabricate tiny color-changing gas sensors using new materials and a high-resolution form of 3D printing......»»

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Global fab equipment spending to hit another record high in 2022, says SEMI

Powered by digital transformation and other secular technology trends, global semiconductor equipment investments for front end fabs in 2022 are expected to reach nearly US$100 billion to meet soaring demand for electronics after topping a projected.....»»

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Apple touts camera advancements in iPhone 13 series

Apple has introduced its iPhone 13 series powered by A15 Bionic process, with a strong focus on camera advancements......»»

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Cobot market outlook promising

The long-term outlook for collaborative robot (cobot) demand is promising, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spurs automation, according to Ho Shi-chi, chairman of Taiwan-based cobot maker Techman Robot......»»

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Best cheap Chromebook deals for September 2021

Whether you want a compact laptop to enjoy some entertainment on the go, or you need a no-nonsense machine for school or work, we've smoked out the best cheap Chromebook deals -- from full-sized laptops to 2-in-1 convertibles -- that won't cost you a.....»»

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Spin photovoltaic effects in magnetic van der Waals heterostructures

In a new report now published on Science Advances, Tiancheng Song and a research team at the department of physics, University of Washington, U.S., and materials and nanoarchitectronics in Japan and China, detailed spin photovoltaic effects in van de.....»»

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Mechanical buckling of petals produces iridescent patterns visible to bees

Flowers are employing a materials science phenomenon typically associated with failures in structural engineering to produce exquisite three-dimensional petal patterns to lure pollinators......»»

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