How much do you need to know about how your spouse spends money? Maybe less than you think

Love is in the air, and wedding season is upon us......»»

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Opinion: Animal welfare labels are a hollow money-maker for supermarkets

The 200-year-old Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the oldest such charity in the world, is under fire for endorsing welfare standards on RSPCA Assured farms investigated by Animal Rising activists. More than 40 of these farms,.....»»

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Spotify adds new, cheaper Basic plan without the audiobooks

After increasing its prices earlier this month, Spotify today announced a new $11 per month Basic plan that saves a bit of money but removes access to audiobooks......»»

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The joy of inflicting pain leads to increased prosocial behavior, study finds

Oh, the joy of inflicting pain upon others. The Germans have a word for it: "schadenfreude," meaning "malicious pleasure." And tapping into its sentiment properly can, ironically, do a lot of good by raising money for charity......»»

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You can grab two 22-inch monitors for only $190 with this HP sale

You can snap up two HP 22-inch monitors for just $190 right now at HP. Here's why they're worth your time and money......»»

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Why Interplay’s original Fallout 3 was canceled 20+ years ago

OG Fallout producer says "Project Van Buren" ran out of time and money. Enlarge / What could have been. (credit: No Mutants Allowed) PC gamers of a certain vintage will remember tales of Project Van Buren, a title that e.....»»

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U.S. House Appropriations Committee OKs budget bill with CARS Rule ban

The U.S. House Appropriations Committee's approval gives the Federal Trade Commission $388.7 million in funding but blocks the agency from using that money to roll out or enforce the CARS Rule on auto dealerships......»»

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How to manage and track all of your Apple and App Store subscriptions

This story is brought to you by Copilot Money, the best money tracker for iOS and macOS that gives you full financial clarity. Try Copilot Money today to track your App Store subscriptions and use the code 9TO5MAC to get a 2-month free trial......»»

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The cost of silence: Financial stress mutes couples" communication

The more stressed out people are about finances, the less likely they are to talk about money with their romantic partners, according to new research......»»

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Best cheap headphones and earbuds 2024: Soundcore, Beats, and others

Saving money and getting great sound quality needn't be mutually exclusive. These headphones and earbuds prove it......»»

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Joshua Howard’s Driftwood Wreaths

Joshua Howard is a carpenter by trade. He spends his time and expertise every day building spectacular custom homes. He creates precise and immaculate details on a very large scale. Which makes it all the more charming that he scratches his creative.....»»

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5 carriers you should use instead of T-Mobile

While T-Mobile is a great carrier, it's not the most affordable. Here are five alternatives that will give you solid service and keep more money in your wallet......»»

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The rent is too dang high in Cities: Skylines 2, so the devs nuked the landlords

It was getting so bad, people were actually suggesting building more homes. Enlarge / Remember, folks inside those polygons: If your housing feels too expensive, spend less money on resource consumption. It's just math. (credit:.....»»

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Ford ending EV certification program, reopening sales to all dealers

Moving forward, dealers will be asked to invest in training through the virtual Ford University platform and spend a minimal amount of money on two Level 2 chargers......»»

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Musk’s X demands money from laid-off employees, claims they were overpaid

Laid-off Aussies reportedly got up to $70K extra from currency-conversion error. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kirill Kudryavtsev) Elon Musk's X Corp. is reportedly demanding money from at least six Australians who wer.....»»

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Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes

Apple thinks pushing OpenAI’s brand to hundreds of millions is worth more than money. Enlarge (credit: OpenAI / Apple / Benj Edwards) On Monday, Apple announced it would be integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT AI assistant int.....»»

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Apple paying OpenAI with exposure, not money

Apple and OpenAI are working together to bring optional ChatGPT functionality to Apple's ecosystem, but neither party is paying the other — for now.Apple and OpenAI have a mutual partnershipIt is well known that Google pays Apple billions for the p.....»»

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How much do you need to know about how your spouse spends money? Maybe less than you think

Love is in the air, and wedding season is upon us......»»

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Don"t install Apple"s new betas -- let others risk their devices

Every year Apple releases beta test versions of its newest software, and every year people lose data, time, and money to it. If you value any of those, wait.Really bricking your iPhone doesn't look this good.You may have been lucky so far, but this i.....»»

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New Leica Lux app turns your iPhone into a Leica (sort of)

If you’ve always coveted a Leica camera, but don’t have the absurd amount of money required to buy one, then check out the new Leica Lux app instead......»»

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Humane is trying to sell themselves to HP for a lot of money

It seems that Humane, the creators of the AI Pin, is looking to sell themselves to HP for a whopping $1 billion! The post Humane is trying to sell themselves to HP for a lot of money appeared first on Phandroid. Humane launched the AI Pin.....»»

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