How Canadians Derailed a Train in 1998 and Drove It to City Hall for Power After a Brutal Ice Storm

James Gilboy, writing at The Drive: Over the week spanning Jan. 4-10, 1998, a trio of massive ice storms wracked the northeastern United States and parts of Canada. Knocking over transmission towers, the storms deprived up to 1.35 million people of e.....»»

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Vaccine selfies are everywhere. That"s actually a good thing

When Brittany Hall from upstate New York received her first Covid-19 vaccine after barely leaving home since last March, she pulled out her phone and took a selfie to mark the occasion. "I cried so hard the lady that helped me had to comfort me," she.....»»

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Wind Replaces Coal As Main Source of Power In Germany

Qbertino writes:, a German tech news publisher, reports that wind has replaced coal as the main source of power in Germany. From the report: "The share of renewable energies in the amount of electricity generated and fed into the grid domest.....»»

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China will use aging chips while its semiconductor industry catches up

As the trade war between China and the US rages on, the Chinese government is doing everything in its power to prop up the local tech industry. Flagship chinese companies like Huawei no longer get access to American silicon or the software required f.....»»

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Life"s rich pattern: Researchers use sound to shape the future of printing

Researchers in the UK have developed a way to coax microscopic particles and droplets into precise patterns by harnessing the power of sound in air. The implications for printing, especially in the fields of medicine and electronics, are far-reaching.....»»

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The negative effects of powerful political connections

One of the motivations for the recently published Journal of Accounting Research paper "Politically Connected Governments" was the daily experience with the subway system in New York City......»»

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Greenland ice loss may have begun as early as the mid-"80s

The amount of snow falling on Greenland's glaciers may have been less than the water lost through icebergs calving and melting since at least the mid-1980s, a study of almost 40 years of satellite images has revealed......»»

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Nanoprinted high-neuron-density optical linear perceptrons perform near-infrared inference on a CMOS chip

Today, machine learning permeates everyday life, with millions of users every day unlocking their phones through facial recognition or passing through AI-enabled automated security checks at airports and train stations. These tasks are possible thank.....»»

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Hurry! This portable generator is $220 today only at Newegg

Every home needs a backup power source in case of a blackout, so you might want to jump on Newegg's $220 discount for the Quipall 7000 portable generator......»»

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Scrum Ventures launches new program to connect startups with Japanese corporations

Headquartered in San Francisco and Tokyo, Scrum Ventures is known for its accelerator programs focused on sports, food and smart city tech. Today it announced the launch of a new incubator program that will help startups from business partnerships wi.....»»

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Antarctic seals reveal worrying threats to disappearing glaciers

More Antarctic meltwater is surfacing than was previously known, modifying the climate, preventing sea ice from forming and boosting marine productivity- according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA)......»»

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Highlights of the day: 6-inch fab capacity tight

The foundry sector has seen tight supply across all segments, with 6-inch fab capacity almost fully booked for third-quarter 2021 thanks to strong demand for a wide range of applications, such as analog chips and discrete power devices. And short sup.....»»

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Team BLDG transforms factory bathhouse into skylit art gallery

Shanghai-based studio Team BLDG has turned the bathhouse of a former aluminium factory in Xiamen City into an art gallery and studio called The Field for an artist who creates Buddha statues. Read more Shanghai-based studio Team BLDG has tur.....»»

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Six-inch fab capacity almost fully booked for 3Q21

Six-inch foundries have seen their fab capacity for the third quarter almost fully booked, driven by a ramp-up in demand for analog chips, such as power management ICs, and discrete power devices including diodes and MOSFETs, according to industry so.....»»

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Oakland Bans Leaf Blowers, Trimmers and Other Lawn Equipment That Rely on Combustion Engines

Oakland has banned the use of leaf blowers, trimmers and other lawn equipment that rely on combustion engines, citing health and climate change concerns. From a report: The city says that the "significant health hazards" to users and residents from t.....»»

Category: topSource:  slashdotRelated NewsMar 5th, 2021 Bitsquatting Hack Can Wreak "Unknown Havoc" On PCs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Bitflips are events that cause individual bits stored in an electronic device to flip, turning a 0 to a 1 or vice versa. Cosmic radiation and fluctuations in power or temperature are the most com.....»»

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Coming 2 America review: Eddie Murphy punches a fun but tamer return ticket

Coming 2 America brings Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall back for another adventure but pulls too many punches......»»

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Stream raises $38M as its chat and activity feed APIs power communications for 1B users

A lot of our communication these days with each other is digital, and today one of the companies enabling that — with APIs to build chat experiences into apps — is announcing a round of funding on the back of some very strong growth. Stre.....»»

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Animal aggression depends on rank within social hierarchies

Humans and animals alike constantly size up one another. In the workplace, a new employee quickly learns which coworkers are the most respected—and therefore hold more power. Big brothers boss around little brothers. In nature, a dominant male chim.....»»

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Super-Earth discovered: Data will characterize planetary atmosphere models

During the past 25 years astronomers have discovered a wide variety of exoplanets, made of rock, ice and gas, thanks to the construction of astronomical instruments designed specifically for planet searches. Also, using a combination of different obs.....»»

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ICESat-2 satellite reveals shape, depth of Antarctic ice shelf fractures

When a block of ice the size of Houston, Texas, broke off from East Antarctica's Amery Ice Shelf in 2019, scientists had anticipated the calving event, but not exactly where it would happen. Now, satellite data can help scientists measure the depth a.....»»

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