How 13 Reasons Why sparked years of suicide-contagion research

A Netflix series fueled heated debates about the risk of copycat suicides in fiction. Enlarge / Back in 2017, the first season of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why sparked controversy about suicide contagion. Four years later, a new UCLA study o.....»»

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Microsoft Rushes To Register Autodiscover Domains Leaking Credentials

Microsoft is rushing to register Internet domains used to steal Windows credentials sent from faulty implementations of the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol. BleepingComputer reports: On Monday, Guardicore's Amit Serper released new research.....»»

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Other than Prison, Electronic Monitoring is "the Most Restrictive Form" of Control, Research Finds

An anonymous reader shares a report: In the past 18 months, as the judicial system has increasingly used electronic monitoring instead of prisons to monitor inmates through the coronavirus pandemic, newly released data confirm what activists and advo.....»»

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Artificial Intelligence provides sharper images of lunar craters that contain water ice

The moon's polar regions are home to craters and other depressions that never receive sunlight. Today, a group of researchers led by the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany present the highest-resolution images to date cov.....»»

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Applying game-based learning to animal disease preparedness

Fifty years ago, the strategy-based game Oregon Trail hit classrooms around the country. Anyone who has played the game knows that crossing a river in the wrong place at the wrong time or other poor decisions along the trail can end the game......»»

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Ranked choice, multimember districts blunts gerrymandering

New research from the College of Engineering lays out in detail why ranked-choice voting, combined with multi-member legislative districts, promotes fair representation, particularly when it comes to blunting gerrymandering—the party in power's abi.....»»

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National primary school tests have little effect on children"s happiness and wellbeing

National Curriculum Key Stage 2 tests taken by 10- and 11-year-old children in England to assess progress in English and Mathematics do not seem to affect children's wellbeing, according to new UCL-led research......»»

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Decoding human history with ancient DNA

This year is the 20th anniversary of sequencing the human genome. In honor of this event, a research team led by Prof. FU Qiaomei from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reviewed t.....»»

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New research reveals credit rating agencies responded too slowly to COVID-19

The first study into the effect of COVID-19 on sovereign credit ratings found that rating agencies were slow to react to the pandemic's unprecedented economic and fiscal reverberations. The research raises questions about the timeliness and reliabili.....»»

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Fossil footprints prove humans populated the Americas thousands of years earlier than we thought

Our species began migrating out of Africa around 100,000 years ago. Aside from Antarctica, the Americas were the last continents humans reached, with the early pioneers crossing the now-submerged Bering land bridge that once connected eastern Siberia.....»»

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Video: How lemur research can help endangered species

Research scientists Marina Blanco, Ph.D. and Lydia Greene, Ph.D. study lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina (home to the largest population of lemurs outside of Madagascar). Some people might assume that they do this just to hang.....»»

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Using dendrochronology to date old musical instruments

Dendrochronologists, Paolo Cherubini with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, has published a Perspective piece in the journal Science outlining the use of dendrochronology to determine the approximate age of old wood.....»»

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Tiny lasers acting together as one: Topological vertical cavity laser arrays

Israeli and German researchers have developed a way to force an array of vertical cavity lasers to act together as a single laser—a highly effective laser network the size of a grain of sand. The findings are presented in a new joint research paper.....»»

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Chinese LCD panel makers lower capacity utilization

China-based LCD panel makers, in a bid to reduce output, are estimated to have reduced utilization of production capacities in September from an average of 94.6% in August to about 90%, according to CINNO Research......»»

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Apple turns post-lawsuit tables on Epic, will block Fortnite on iOS

The ban on Epic's games could last years. Enlarge / A Fortnite loading screen displayed on an iPhone in 2018, when Apple and Epic weren't at each other's legal throats. (credit: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images) Weeks after Epic's appa.....»»

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Telescope in Chile captures a doomed galaxy falling into the heart of the Fornax Cluster

The Fornax Cluster—which, as the name suggests, lies primarily in the constellation Fornax (the Furnace)—is a relatively nearby galaxy cluster, only about 60 million light-years from Earth. This means that it looms large in the night sky, stretch.....»»

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Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on a dark event in medieval Spain

An international team of researchers led by the University of Huddersfield's Archaeogenetics Research Group, including geneticists, archeological scientists, and archeologists, has published the genome sequence of a unique individual from Islamic med.....»»

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Earliest evidence of human activity found in the Americas

Footprints found at White Sands National Park in New Mexico provide the earliest unequivocal evidence of human activity in the Americas and offer insight into life over 23,000 years ago......»»

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Elon Musk says Inspiration4 crew had "challenges" with toilet, vows for bathroom upgrades

The private space flight, SpaceX, completed a historic mission with the first all-civilian flight crew last weekend. The four members of the Inspiration4 crew raised $200 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and helped prove SpaceX foun.....»»

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Test drives and cell phone shopping make or break car sales for U.S. Hispanics

Research shows that Hispanic car buyers prize in-person test drives and shop by phone, but brand reputation is less of a factor in selecting a car......»»

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Tech Firms" Nightmare: Vanishing Green Cards

Thousands of green cards are about to go to waste, leaving Google, Microsoft and other tech companies fuming -- and pushing the Biden administration to ensure it doesn't happen again. Axios: Tech workers have waited years for green cards that will gr.....»»

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