Homebuilder hopes 3D printing will solve worker shortages, tests tech in 100 homes

Additive manufacturing could speed building process but still has a ways to go. Enlarge / Icon's Vulcan construction system 3D-prints walls layer by layer using specially formulated concrete. (credit: ICON Technology, Inc.) Co.....»»

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No, the ‘Grinch Bots’ bill won’t solve the GPU and console shortages

The U.S. government could enact a new law that will outlaw the use of bots online. But it's not the answer to the GPU shortage many have been waiting for......»»

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Best Samsung deals for December 2021

Samsung has been a leader in high-quality tech for decades. Check out all of the Samsung deals......»»

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3D printing of blood plasma may speed up wound healing

New research suggests that effective wound healing may be aided by replicating a crucial component of our blood......»»

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Best Amazon Echo deals for December 2021

Millions of people talk to their homes using Echo speakers. Here, we have all the best Amazon Echo deals......»»

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Stripe is On a Hiring Spree. But It"s Also Rescinding Job Offers and Angering Engineers.

The prevailing narrative about tech workers assumes that they have more power than ever before. This even has a term -- the Great Resignation. But at the booming, much-revered payments company Stripe, some applicants have found themselves accepting j.....»»

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Heart repair and regeneration after a heart attack

Twenty years ago, clinicians first attempted to regenerate a failing human heart by injecting muscle myoblasts into the heart during a bypass operation. Despite high initial hopes and multiple experimental and clinical studies since then, outcomes ha.....»»

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How Science Will Solve the Omicron Variant’s Mysteries

So far, panic about the mysterious new Covid variant has outpaced actual information. Here’s what scientists around the world are trying to uncover......»»

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3D Printing Community Mourns The Loss of Sanjay Mortimer Of E3D

3D Printing Community Mourns The Loss of Sanjay Mortimer Of E3D.....»»

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Illegal wildlife trade: Is there a better way to solve this problem?

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear about a poaching incident on the news? Catching the poachers? Punishing them with imprisonment? Sadness over another animal or plant being taken from the wild and the impact on the species as.....»»

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China To Close Loophole Used by Tech Firms for Foreign IPOs

China is planning to ban companies from going public on foreign stock markets through variable interest entities -- Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter -- closing a loophole long used by the country's technology indus.....»»

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"Digitally literate" Gen Z and Millennials" pandemic experience shaped by social media

Younger people's experience of the COVID-19 pandemic was shaped by their savvy use of social media platforms, navigating mis- and dis-information, subjective content loops, big-tech algorithms and emerging "splinter platforms," a new University of Me.....»»

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Elon Musk announces $50 Cyberwhistle, mocks Apple"s $19 polishing cloth

Musk promoted the whistle on Twitter with a tweet that read, "Blow the whistle on Tesla." The EV giant recently faced a lawsuit brought by a worker at its Fremont factory in California, alleging rampant sexual harassment at the plant. It was also ord.....»»

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Mysterious clouds could offer new clues on dark matter

The hunt for gravitational waves, ripples in space and time caused by major cosmic cataclysms, could help solve one of the Universe's other burning mysteries—boson clouds and whether they are a leading contender for dark matter......»»

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Why are homes still being built along rivers? Flooded residents disagree on the solution

Like many residents living near Calgary's rivers, Irene's house flooded in June 2013 when heavy rainfall melted the snowpack in the Rocky Mountains, inundating much of southern Alberta in what was, at the time, the costliest disaster in Canadian hist.....»»

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Highlights of the day: Server makers may see chip shortage last into 2H22

Demand for servers remain robust, but component shortages have been undermining server shipments. Chip supply for servers is expected to persist into second-half 2022. TSMC is making progress in its advanced packaging technology. The foundry house ha.....»»

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Wanted: A Town Willing to Host a Dump for U.S. Nuclear Waste

The Biden administration is looking for communities willing to serve as temporary homes for tens of thousands of metric tons of nuclear waste currently stranded at power plants around the country. Bloomberg reports: The Energy Department filed (PDF).....»»

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Server ODMs expect server component shortage to persist through 2H22

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a subsidiary of Quanta Computer specializing in the manufacture of datacenter servers, expects chip shortages, particularly the shortage of power management ICs (PMIC), to persist through the second half of 2022......»»

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Best 3D printer deals for December 2021

If you're looking to dive into the world of 3D printing, we've got the best cheap 3D printer deals right here......»»

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This tech gear flew off the shelves on Cyber Monday

Data suggests online shoppers in the U.S. drained their bank accounts to the tune of $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday. So, what tech gear did buyers go for?.....»»

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Athletes need thorough tests after long COVID, study finds

Athletes returning to training following long COVID should undergo a series of tests and seek regular advice from a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to ensure they are fit to resume exercise, according to a new study......»»

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