High-risk vulnerabilities patched in ABB Aspect building management system

Prism Infosec has identified two high-risk vulnerabilities within the Aspect Control Engine building management system (BMS) developed by ABB. ABB’s Aspect BMS enables users to monitor a building’s performance and combines real-time integrated co.....»»

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"How a healthy community should be": How music in youth detention can create new futures

Many young people in contact with the justice system come from backgrounds of extreme poverty, parental abuse or neglect, parental incarceration and disrupted education......»»

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Utilizing machine learning models for new directions in housing planning

Machine learning models for more sustainable and affordable housing in regional areas, assessing bushfire risk as well as consideration for disability, biodiversity and also a place for animals in urban residential settings present new perspectives o.....»»

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Researchers report structure for developing high-efficiency crystalline white organic light-emitting diodes

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) have emerged as a new generation of display technology. Organic crystalline materials possess superior thermal stability, chemical stability, and high carrier mobility, making them an ideal choice for developing l.....»»

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Conservation of "Nature"s Strongholds" needed to halt biodiversity loss, say researchers

To achieve global biodiversity targets, conservationists and governments must prioritize the establishment and effective management of large, interconnected protected areas with high ecological integrity, John G. Robinson from the Wildlife Conservati.....»»

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Best AirPods Pro deals: Get Apple’s flagship earbuds for $120

Right now you can land some massive savings on Apple's high-end earbuds, the AirPods Pro, and these are the best AirPods Pro deals for doing so......»»

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iPhone Plus going the way of the iPhone mini after final update this fall

Earlier this month we saw a report from Jeff Pu predicting that the iPhone 16 lineup will be the last to feature a Plus model. Now a new report from The Information detailing what the high-end iPhone 17 will look like corroborates that the iPhone 16.....»»

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Will you buy an ultra-thin iPhone 17 if battery life is reduced? [Poll]

We learned new details about what Apple may ship as the new high-end iPhone in 2025 with a redesigned ultra-thin form factor. But with that change, we could see shorter battery life, particularly compared to the Pro Max model. Would an ultra-thin des.....»»

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Apple likely to produce quarter of iPhones in India by 2028, not half by 2027 as predicted

Apple plans to boost its iPhone production in India, increasing from below 15% to 25% by 2028. This target underscores Apple’s commitment to building a robust network of local suppliers and reducing its reliance on Chinese suppliers. It’s also a.....»»

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15 QNAP NAS bugs and one PoC disclosed, update ASAP! (CVE-2024-27130)

Researchers have found 15 vulnerabilities in QNAP’s network attached storage (NAS) devices, and have released a proof-of-concept for one: an unauthenticated stack overflow vulnerability (CVE-2024-27130) that may be leveraged for remote code exe.....»»

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Daily Telescope: Black holes have been merging for a long, long time

Webb wows us again. Enlarge / Scientists have determined the system to be evidence of an ongoing merger of two galaxies and their massive black holes when the Universe was only 740 million years old. (credit: ESA/Webb, NASA, CSA.....»»

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Probing small molecule-RNA interactions by looking through the FOREST

A team of researchers has recently demonstrated the utility of employing a previously established screening system to probe the interactions between small molecules and RNA. Their study is published in Communications Chemistry......»»

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Powering wearable devices with high-performing carbon nanotube yarns

With the growth of the Internet of Things, sustainable solutions for powering wireless sensors and devices are considered important. Thermoelectric generators, for example, which have the ability to convert waste heat into electricity, can offer a su.....»»

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Exploring the depths: How iron snow could unlock the secrets of life on Europa

Ever since the tantalizing discovery of icy ocean worlds within our own solar system, such as Europa and Enceladus, scientists have been captivated by the possibility of life lurking beneath their frozen surfaces......»»

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Microsoft could effectively kill DLSS at the Windows level

The new Auto SR feature available in Microsoft's Copilot+ PCs puts upscaling in your operating system, and it could have a big impact......»»

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Nissan pauses and reshapes plans for building U.S. EVs

Nissan will expand the number of battery-powered models produced at its Canton, Miss., factory — adding a fifth model. That vehicle — codenamed PZ1L — is expected to be a compact crossover......»»

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eBook: 10 reasons why demand for cloud security is sky-high

Current demand for cloud security specialists far exceeds available talent. Especially for companies seeking protection in multicloud environments, professionals with vendor-neutral knowledge and skills to their hiring wish lists. Find out how cloud.....»»

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Comparison of four methods on drying efficiency and physicochemical properties of chicken meat

Chicken breast jerky (CBJ) is a popular pet food due to its high crude protein content and long shelf life. In the production of CBJ, the drying process is a crucial step. However, the physicochemical and functional properties of CBJ depend on the dr.....»»

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macOS Ventura 13.6.7 Issues Annoying MacBook Users

Apple’s latest upgrade for macOS Ventura is causing problems for MacBook users. Unfortunately, it could be awhile before the company releases bug fixes for the operating system. Last week, Apple pushed a new macOS Ventura 13.6.7 update to MacBo.....»»

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Satellite radar data uncover "vigorous melting" at Antarctica"s Thwaites Glacier

A team of glaciologists led by researchers at the University of California, Irvine used high-resolution satellite radar data to find evidence of the intrusion of warm, high-pressure seawater many kilometers beneath the grounded ice of West Antarctica.....»»

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Study finds cloudy waters may drive African fish to develop bigger eyes

Variations in water quality can impact the development of the visual system of one species of African fish, suggests a new study......»»

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