High-risk vulnerabilities patched in ABB Aspect building management system

Prism Infosec has identified two high-risk vulnerabilities within the Aspect Control Engine building management system (BMS) developed by ABB. ABB’s Aspect BMS enables users to monitor a building’s performance and combines real-time integrated co.....»»

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AutoNation joins Pendragon bidding war

A week ago, Lithia Motors Inc. revealed a potentially transformative deal to acquire the dealership and fleet businesses of U.K. auto retailer Pendragon and secure a pathway to a dealership management system. Now it faces yet another bid from a rival.....»»

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Auto suppliers, grappling with UAW strike, urge Biden to provide financial assistance

Letter to president: "Without federal assistance, the ability of the automotive industry to resume full manufacturing capacity is at risk.".....»»

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iPhone 15 Pro Max has second-best smartphone camera in the world

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has the best camera of any iPhone, according to DxOMark, with it scoring well enough to have the second-best camera system in the world.iPhone 15 Pro Max's Telephoto cameraAs part of the battery of hot takes, first impressions,.....»»

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Mineral nanoparticles could potentially act as nanozyme mimics, assisting fungi in breaking down organic pollutants

A study led by Dr. Guanghui Yu from School of Earth System Science, Tianjin University, delved into the role of magnetite nanoparticles as nanozyme mimics......»»

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Fungus versus flies: Following a scent towards insecticide-free pest management

While a blueberry with a fungal infection might end up in most people's compost bin, for a team of researchers in the US, it has provided a key to tackling the unsustainable use of insecticides......»»

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Apple releases Studio Display firmware 17 with camera feature updates

Apple has issued a new firmware for the Studio Display, bringing the operating system for the premium screen to version 17 and introducing some new camera elements.Apple Studio DisplayReleased to coincide with a similar update bringing macOS Sonoma t.....»»

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Apple launches "Meet with Apple Experts" for developers worldwide

Apple has unveiled a series of sessions, one to one consultations, and workshops for app developers around the world.An Apple developer session (Source: Apple)Building on its regular WWDC seminars, and its more recent App Store Expert sessions, Apple.....»»

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macOS 14 Sonoma: The Ars Technica review

If at first you don't create usable desktop widgets, try, try again. Enlarge I was preparing to write an intro calling macOS Sonoma—version 14.0 of Apple's desktop operating system, for those of you who can't keep the.....»»

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Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds

Lava worlds, massive exoplanets home to sparkling skies and roiling volcanic seas called magma oceans, are distinctly unlike the planets in our solar system......»»

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Best laptop deals: Save on HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple

Are you in the market for a new laptop? Whether you're on a tight budget or you're willing to invest in a high-end device, check out the best laptop deals here......»»

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FCC to reintroduce rules protecting net neutrality

The US government aims to restore sweeping regulations for high-speed internet providers, such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, reviving "net neutrality" rules for the broadband industry -- and an ongoing debate about the internet's future......»»

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A close-up of biological nanomachines: Researchers take a deep look at peroxisomal processes

Every system has its waste disposal system. The cell organelles known as "peroxisomes" dispose of toxic substances and fats in the human body, among other things, and, in doing so, they prevent serious illnesses. The "Pex" group of proteins (peroxiso.....»»

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Successful optical biosensing using dual optical combs: High sensitivity and rapid detection of biomolecules

Bio-sensors are biomolecular sensors that leverage or mimic the sophisticated molecular recognition capabilities of living organisms. They find widespread applications in fields such as health care, food, and the environment......»»

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Sick leave in UK hits 15-year high: Study

Sick leave in the UK has hit its highest rate in 15 years and is well above pre-pandemic levels, a study showed Tuesday......»»

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Why build megastructures? Just move planets around to make habitable worlds

In 1960, Freeman Dyson proposed how advanced civilizations could create megastructures that enclosed their system, allowing them to harness all of their star's energy and multiplying the habitable space they could occupy. In 2015, the astronomical co.....»»

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AI predicts sea surface temperature cooling during tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones are extreme weather events, characterized by a circular form and formation over warm tropical oceans experiencing low atmospheric pressure, high winds and heavy rain. Tropical storms exceed 39 miles per hour (mph), while hurricanes.....»»

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Widespread iPhone 15 overheating reports, with temperatures as high as 116F

Widespread reports are circulating about the iPhone 15 overheating, seemingly across all models. Measurements taken with an infrared camera show temperatures as high as 116F. The issue appears to affect all four iPhone 15 models, with some owners.....»»

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NASA"s Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe passes system integration review

The Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) marked the completion of an important step on the path to spacecraft assembly, test, and launch operations in late September 2023 at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Maryland......»»

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Stratascale acquires Vector0 to strengthen its cybersecurity services

Stratascale, an SHI company, announced the acquisition of Vector0, an Attack Surface Management (ASM) provider. Through the acquisition, Stratascale professionals and their customers gain visibility of attack vectors and points of vulnerability, enha.....»»

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Are developers giving enough thought to prompt injection threats when building code?

With National Coding Week behind us, the development community has had its annual moment of collective reflection and focus on emerging technologies that are shaping the industry. Among these, large language models (LLMs) and “generative AI” have.....»»

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