GTA 6 PC Release Date: What You Need to Know

The GTA 6 release date for Xbox and PlayStation is confirmed for 2025, but not for PC. And if history repeats itself, PC owners might be in for a long wait. Rockstar finally confirmed the elephant in the room. Grand Theft Auto VI is official and the.....»»

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9 Things to Do Before the Shadow of the Erdtree Release Date

If you’ve pre-ordered Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, or if you’re thinking about doing so, there are some things you should do before the expansions release date. After a lengthy wait, FromSoftware has finally showcased Eld.....»»

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The EU officially opens up an investigation into TikTok

The EU is looking to find out if TikTok is complying with the newly enforced Digital Services Act. The U.S. isn't the only place that has problems with TikTok.In a Monday press release, the European Commission (the EU's executive branch) announ.....»»

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Android 15’s First Developer Preview is Here for Pixel

We may be a day later than initially anticipated, but Google has gone ahead and released Android 15 Developer Preview 1 for its Pixel devices. This is the first build of many to come in the testing phase of Android 15 before we see a stable release s.....»»

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Android 15 Developer Preview 1: What’s New and Fun?

With any new release of Android, we always try to find the coolest new stuff that you’ll one day be able to play with as we approach beta or stable release. For Android 15, we’re once again diving in to see what’s new, what you shou.....»»

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We’re Still Waiting on Android 15’s Private Space Feature

With the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 15, I was a bit excited to dive in and see what’s new. To my surprise, the feature I was most looking forward to, Private Space, is still MIA. Read: What’s New Inside Android 15 D.....»»

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Report: Galaxy Ring Unveiling Set for July, Features ECG and NFC Payments

Samsung was cheeky earlier this year when it teased the Galaxy Ring wearable for a half second at the end of its Galaxy S24 launch event. They told us nothing about the device. No launch date, no specs, no nada. In a recent report out of Samsung̵.....»»

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Why do we need leap years? Astrophysicists explain this month"s extra date

This year is a leap year. Many people will know this means that February gets an extra day—a total of 29, as opposed to 28—but often do not know why. Space experts Dr. Minjae Kim and Dr. James McCormac shed light on the phenomenon......»»

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Smallest star ever observed is part of an exotic binary system

A large international team of astronomers has discovered the smallest known star to date, and found that it is paired with another, somewhat larger star. Their paper is published in the journal Nature Astronomy,......»»

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Apple releases Sports app for iPhone, featuring real-time scores, stats and more

Apple today launched a new free app for the iPhone, called Apple Sports. As the name suggests, it is a dedicated destination for users to keep up-to-date with scores and stats for their favorite teams. Apple Sports is available to download now for.....»»

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer offers deep lore, giant flaming bosses

New abilities, new bosses, and a release date are finally revealed. Enlarge / There's a lot of meaning in this image for studied fans of Elden Ring, but confirmation will have to wait until June. (credit: Bandai Namco) A.....»»

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Apple releases fourth iOS 17.4 and macOS Sonoma 14.4 betas [U]

Public beta releases are also now available today. iOS 17.4 development is wrapping up soon. Apple just shipped iOS 17.4 beta 4 to developers. The pre-release software primarily focuses on changes made in the EU due to regulatory requirements......»»

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OnePlus Teases February Launch Date for its New Wear OS Watch

OnePlus is confident that the Watch 2 will be a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The post OnePlus Teases February Launch Date for its New Wear OS Watch appeared first on Phandroid. While most tech fans won’t remember OnePlus.....»»

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Sketchy rumor tries to pin down folding iPhone release date

A supply chain report out of Korea claims that Apple Vision Pro engineers have been reassigned to the "iPhone Fold" project to get the job done faster, but the details provided are questionable.An external display would act as a fully functional iPho.....»»

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How to revert macOS to the previous version

There are several reasons why you might want to revert to an older version of macOS than the version currently installed on a Mac. Here's how to do it.A macOS installation can be reverted to an earlier release. Apple updates macOS, the operating syst.....»»

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Rivian R2 compact SUV: rumored price, release date, design, and more

Rivian has been highly successful with its R1 platform, but a newer, cheaper platform is on the way -- Rivian R2. Here's what we know so far......»»

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Apple Vision Pro followup could be 18 months away

A new report is backing up a common rumor that Apple's next Apple Vision Pro may be a year and a half away from release.Apple Vision ProApple has, so far, released one mixed-reality headset, but you can certainly expect more hardware to be on the way.....»»

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Android 15 release date: When will my phone get the update?

Android 15 is here, at least in the form of a Developer Preview. Here's everything we know about Android 15's release date (and when it's coming to your phone)......»»

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The first Android 15 Developer Preview has been released

Google has announced the release of the first developer preview of Android 15, giving us a glimpse into the next major Android update. The post The first Android 15 Developer Preview has been released appeared first on Phandroid. The Andro.....»»

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Apple no longer signing iOS 17.3, blocking downgrade from iOS 17.3.1

Apple this week stopped signing iOS 17.3 following the release of iOS 17.3.1 a few days ago. This means that iPhone and iPad users can no longer downgrade to this version of the operating system if they’re already running a newer version of iOS......»»

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Apple reportedly had 2 million subscribers to MLS Season Pass in 2023

Apple doesn't release numbers itself, but the Sports Business Journal reports that MLS Season Pass finished 2023 with a total of 2 million subscribers......»»

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