GIY – Growing Fungi for Biofabrication

Elizabeth Marley is a design instructor, architect and artist who enjoys making participatory public art, collaborative biodesign adventures, and creative citizen science…just to name a few things at the top of her list. She is a lecturer at U.....»»

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New tool helps users track fruit-plant readiness for growing season

Purdue University's Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC) has launched its new interactive chilling hours tool. Growers now can more closely monitor accumulated chilling hours, an important factor that tracks how long fruit plants have been expos.....»»

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Samsung February Updates List: Galaxy Fold 4, Galaxy S21 Series

The list of Samsung devices receiving the February update is growing by the day and there is a chance you already saw some of the updates we are about to share. We’re slow this month, sorry. The Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S20 series, Flip 5 and.....»»

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Sony Boasts Major IoT Improvements with its Latest Chip

Sony's work on IoT hardware continues. The post Sony Boasts Major IoT Improvements with its Latest Chip appeared first on Phandroid. The growing framework of Wifi and internet-driven infrastructure in today’s consumer landscape has g.....»»

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I’ve worn a smart ring for years. You need to know these things before buying one

The choice of smart rings is growing, and these cool, stylish health trackers are very tempting. Here are the things you need to know before buying one......»»

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Forget Carbon Offsets. The Planet Needs Carbon Removal Credits

The carbon removal market is fast growing, with an array of different removal methods available to businesses keen to mitigate their environmental impact......»»

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Tinder verification coming to the US amid rise in romance scams

Tinder verification will be rolling out in the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico as the dating app seeks to tackle the growing problem of romance fraud … more….....»»

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"The future is fungal": New research finds that fungi that live in healthy plants are sensitive to climate change

Spruce, pine, fir and other trees tower across the frigid swaths of land that span North America, northern Europe and Russia in a great ring around the world. These boreal forests constitute the largest land ecosystem and the northernmost forests on.....»»

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Natural pesticides gain ground in "agri-tox" capital Brazil

Inspecting a thriving green field, Brazilian farmer Adriano Cruvinel is beaming: Using a fraction of the chemical products he used to, he is growing even more soy, thanks to natural pesticides......»»

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Advanced artificial photosynthesis catalyst uses CO₂ more efficiently to create biodegradable plastics

Amid growing global concern over climate change and plastic pollution, researchers at Osaka Metropolitan University are making great strides in the sustainable production of fumaric acid—a component of biodegradable plastics such as polybutylene su.....»»

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Research shows studies with more diverse teams of authors get more citations

Diverse research is more impactful in the business management field, with female influence growing stronger in the past decade, finds a new study from the University of Surrey......»»

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Researchers remotely map crops, field by field

Crop maps help scientists and policymakers track global food supplies and estimate how they might shift with climate change and growing populations. But getting accurate maps of the types of crops that are grown from farm to farm often requires on-th.....»»

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TikTok dances onto the Apple Vision Pro

TikTok has launched a new native app for the Apple Vision Pro, offering a new, immersive way for users to experience their favorite videos.Image Credit: TikTokThe short-form video platform has joined the small but growing library of native apps on th.....»»

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Samsung February Updates List: Galaxy S23, Fold 5 and Flip 5

The list of Samsung devices receiving the February update is growing by the day and there is a chance you already saw some of the updates we are about to share. We’re slow this month, sorry. The Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S20 series, Flip 5 and.....»»

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By growing animal cells in rice grains, scientists dish up hybrid food

From lab-grown chicken to cricket-derived protein, these innovative alternatives offer hope for a planet struggling with the environmental and ethical impacts of industrial agriculture. Now, Korean scientists add a new recipe to the list—cultured b.....»»

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Farming Prioritizes Cows and Cars—Not People

Farmers and scientists are getting better at growing more crops on less land, but they’re not focusing on plants that people eat......»»

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Global malicious activity targeting elections is skyrocketing

With more voters than ever in history heading to the polls in 2024, Resecurity has identified a growing trend of malicious cyber-activity targeting sovereign elections globally. In an era of unprecedented geopolitical volatility, this trend is partic.....»»

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Permaculture showed us how to farm the land more gently. Can we do the same as we farm the sea?

As wild fish and other marine species get scarcer from overfishing and demand for 'blue foods' grows around the world, farming of the ocean is growing rapidly. Fish, kelp, prawns, oysters and more are now widely farmed. The world now eats more farmed.....»»

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Crowd torches Waymo self-driving car in San Francisco

The incident was not the first time people harassed self-driving cars, but its severity signals growing public hostility toward the vehicles......»»

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Surprising discovery of pharmaceuticals in Norwegian food waste

New research reveals that recycled food waste may be contaminated with pharmaceutical residues. The good news is that fungi cultivated in biogas digestate show minimal absorption of these contaminants. On February 16, Astrid Solvåg Nesse will defend.....»»

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Fungicide resistance: A threat to the health of humans, animals and plants

Fungi can cause disease in humans, animals and plants. Every year, 1.5 million people die from fungal infections, and fungal attacks in food crops threaten food production. To protect ourselves, we have developed chemical agents—in the form of medi.....»»

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