Foundry, packaging materials in tight supply

The supply of foundry and packaging materials, such as photoresist and leadframes, has already fallen short of demand, prompting related distributors to raise prices, according to industry sources......»»

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Foam shortage looms over seating suppliers, auto production

Automaker purchasing teams are scrambling after the Texas winter storm. that shut refineries pinched supply of needed byproducts......»»

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Using AI to Find Essential Battery Materials

As battery demand soars, researchers are turning to artificial intelligence for more effective and sustainable methods Demand for battery-making metals is projected to soar as more of the world’s cars, buses, and ships run on electricity. The.....»»

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Stellantis battery JV seeks contracts with other automakers

The automaker's European joint venture with energy giant Total says it will be able to supply batteries for 1 million EVs by 2030......»»

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Competency Standards- The Way Forward

Ever wondered why there is lack of an equilibrium between demand and supply of labour. To make things simple, let us consider a scenario where the supply becomes more than demand and that is when we introduce a new variable to the equation called une.....»»

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PC supply to remain constrained until 3Q21, says Acer chairman

The global supply of notebooks and other PCs will remain constrained all the way to the third quarter of this year as components continue to be in tight supply, according to Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen......»»

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TSMC sees revenue per wafer surge

TSMC was the only pure-play foundry manufacturing ICs using both 7nm and 5nm process nodes, which boosted its overall revenue per wafer significantly in 2020, according to IC Insights......»»

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ASML extends deal to sell chipmaking equipment to SMIC

ASML has extended a deal to sell fab tools to China-based foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) until the end of 2021, according to the Netherlands-based vendor......»»

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Highlights of the day: DRAM prices rising

DRAM supply has already fallen short of demand with the chip shortages worsening. DRAM contract prices are expected to continue rising in second-quarter 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has decimated many industries, but the semiconductor sector has th.....»»

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Tatung to supply IE5 power systems for Tangeng electric buses

Tatung has signed with Tangeng Advanced Vehicles for supplying 100 IE5 power systems, mainly consisting of motors and drivers, for use in electric buses produced by the latter......»»

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New Nintendo Switch production to begin in June, will be 4K when docked

Bloomberg report locks down details about new OLED panel supply chain. Enlarge / Ars' Kyle Orland tries out the Nintendo Switch in its portable mode. (credit: Jennifer Hahn / Ars Technica) Nintendo's next Switch hardware revision has long been.....»»

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Diversity of fish species supply endangered killer whale diet throughout the year

Endangered Southern Resident killer whales prey on a diversity of Chinook and other salmon. The stocks come from an enormous geographic range as far north as Alaska and as far south as California's Central Valley, a new analysis in PLOS ONE shows......»»

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Bioinspired materials from dandelions

Fields are covered with dandelions in spring, a very common plant with yellow-gold flowers and toothed leaves. When they wither, the flowers turn into fluffy white seed heads that, like tiny parachutes, are scattered around by the wind. Taraxacum off.....»»

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Supply Chain Lessons from 2020

The complexities of modern supply chains prevented many businesses from agilely adapting and responding to the disruption witnessed last year. As the uncertainty and volatility continues, organizations also struggle to deliver on customers’ fluctua.....»»

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Scientists investigate 3-D-printed high-entropy alloys

Scientists from the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials (CDMM) and the Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems (IMSP RAS) have studied the fatigue behavior of additive-manufactured high-entropy alloys (HEA). The research was.....»»

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Molybdenum disulfide ushers in era of post-silicon photonics

Researchers of the Center for Photonics and Two-Dimensional Materials at MIPT, together with their colleagues from Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, and Singapore, including co-creator of the world's first 2-D material and Nobel laureate Konstantin Novos.....»»

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Teaching a machine how to identify imperfections in 2-D materials

Just as James Cameron's Terminator-800 was able to discriminate between "clothes, boots, and a motorcycle," machine-learning could identify different areas of interest on 2-D materials......»»

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Qualcomm chip supply reportedly tight

Qualcomm reportedly has extended the delivery lead times for its mobile chips as the global semiconductor supply chain remains under pressure amid tight capacity, according to industry sources......»»

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SMIC to enhance presence in mature process segment

Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) is looking to further grow its mature process business segment, after receiving US licenses to import equipment and materials for use in mature-node processes, according to industry sources......»»

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BGA packaging for memory controller ICs hits snag on ABF substrate shortages

Backend demand for memory controller ICs has been increasingly strong promising clear order visibility for BGA and FC-BGA packaging processes at OSAT firms, but their operations are being disrupted by worsening shortages of ABF substrates, according.....»»

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ABF substrates to be in short supply by at least 25% in 2021

The global supply of ABF substrates may fall short of demand by at least 25% in 2021, due mainly to limited capacity expansions despite increasing demand, according to industry sources......»»

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