First maps of the fens of eastern England reveal saltwater that could threaten food production

The first ever maps of the shallow groundwater of the Fens of eastern England show that salt water is relatively close beneath the surface, meaning that if sea-levels rise, then salt content would affect the ability of the area to grow food......»»

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The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: A lull in the problems

Just 2,400 vehicles are being cut from automakers’ production plans worldwide this week because of the microchip shortage, one of the lowest weekly totals in months......»»

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Ireland vs England live stream: Watch Six Nations rugby for free

The Six Nations rugby championship finishes today and we've got all you need to know about how to watch Ireland vs England......»»

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Scientists reveal protein synthesis mechanism in Giardia

Scientists from Uppsala University have used cryo-electron microscopy to reveal details of the protein synthesis mechanism in the parasite Giardia intestinalis, which causes diarrheic disease. The new insights could be valuable for screening specific.....»»

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NASA instrument bound for Titan could reveal chemistry leading to life

A new NASA mission to Saturn's giant moon, Titan, is due to launch in 2027. When it arrives in the mid-2030s, it will begin a journey of discovery that could bring about a new understanding of the development of life in the universe. This mission, ca.....»»

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VW to invest in mines in bid to become global battery supplier

VW plans long-term to build enough cells to meet half of its global battery needs, with most production capacity located in Europe and North America......»»

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Flo calls federal aid ‘critical" to its strategy

Flo entered the U.S. market in 2018, but federal assistance is prompting the EV charging company to more quickly invest and scale up production here, CEO Louis Tremblay said......»»

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Apple Maps Detailed City Experience now in Boston

Apple Maps Detailed City Experience is now available for Boston, Massachusetts, which adds detailed 3D landmarks, street markings, and more.Fenway Park in Apple MapsApple has been slowly adding new cities to its list of those with highly detailed map.....»»

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Order visibility for PCB and IC substrate equipment clear through 2024

Order visibility for PCB and IC substrate production equipment has been extended to 2024, according to industry sources......»»

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How climate change and invasive species threaten tree frogs

A new study from the University of Florida investigates how climate change and the spread of invasive species can combine to create a dual threat to biodiversity......»»

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ABB Robotics to invest $20M in Michigan plant expansion

Zurich-based robotics giant ABB Ltd. is planning to invest $20 million and create 72 jobs at its Auburn Hills, Mich., plant in response to the growth of automation in the automotive industry and others. The company will increase robot production a.....»»

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Excavations reveal copper deposits that made Cyprus one of the most important Late Bronze Age trade hubs

Excavations led by researchers from the University of Gothenburg show that the coveted metal copper and a sheltered location turned the Cypriot village of Hala Sultan Tekke into one of the most important trade hubs of the Late Bronze Age. The researc.....»»

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New maps chart our affective relationship with the local environment

EPFL researchers have studied Vernier, a city in the canton of Geneva, as the pilot site for an interactive map that explores our relationship with the built and natural environments......»»

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How listening to North Atlantic right whales could help humans protect them

North Atlantic right whales have cruised the waters off Canada and the eastern seaboard for millennia as they pursue their preferred food source—crustaceans the size of a grain of rice......»»

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We"re building harder, hotter cities: it"s vital we protect and grow urban green spaces—new report

Recent extreme weather events have provided a foretaste of how supercharged storms might threaten our future. So the release today of a new report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) is very good timing......»»

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Climate crisis threatens truffle production but could put UK species back on the menu

Truffles, the prized fungi coveted worldwide by chefs and food connoisseurs, have long been held in high regard......»»

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Team co-maps proteins and transcriptome in human tissues

To understand how cells behave, researchers also need to understand the molecules that make them work. "If someone wants to know how the kidney functions, they have to know what's going on inside the kidney cells," says Yang Liu, Ph.D., assistant pro.....»»

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India"s achievement of electronics production target hinges on Foxconn

According to official estimates, India's electronics production and exports are both increasing rapidly. However, India may still miss its target for electronics production of US$300 billion unless India speeds up its development in the semiconductor.....»»

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GlobalWafers says new US plant on track for volume production in 1Q25

Silicon wafer supplier GlobalWafers is constructing a new 300mm (12-inch) silicon wafer plant in Sherman, Texas, and expects it to be ready for volume production in the first quarter of 2025......»»

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Production yield matters for GaN applications and penetration

The application benefits are getting clear for third-generation compound semiconductor GaN (gallium nitride) as it is increasingly adopted for charging piles, in-vehicle DC-DC power conversion, and on-board chargers (OBC), with the prospect of penetr.....»»

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Volkswagen shows EUR25,000 EV to compete where Tesla has left an opening

Volkswagen AG unveiled an affordable electric vehicle that's a couple years away from production, putting Europe's largest carmaker on a collision course with Tesla Inc......»»

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