First maps of the fens of eastern England reveal saltwater that could threaten food production

The first ever maps of the shallow groundwater of the Fens of eastern England show that salt water is relatively close beneath the surface, meaning that if sea-levels rise, then salt content would affect the ability of the area to grow food......»»

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World resource extraction could surge 60% by 2060, UN warns

Extraction of Earth's natural resources could surge 60 percent by 2060, imperiling climate goals and economic prosperity, the UN said Friday, calling for dramatic changes in energy, food, transport and housing......»»

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Brown bears digging up artificial forests, study shows

Brown bears foraging for food in the Shiretoko Peninsula of Hokkaido, Japan, have been disrupting tree growth in artificial conifer forests, according to a new study published in Ecology. Researchers compared soil and tree samples from human-forested.....»»

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98% of businesses linked to breached third parties

According to the updated SEC regulations on cybersecurity incident disclosure, findings by SecurityScorecard reveal that 98% of companies are associated with a third party that has experienced a breach. It often takes months or longer for breaches to.....»»

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Apple TV+ announces new series based on William Gibson’s sci-fi novel ‘Neuromancer’

Apple TV+ this week confirmed the production of another new series for its streaming catalog. The platform will adapt William Gibson’s popular science fiction novel “Neuromancer” for television in partnership with Drake’s DreamCrew Entertainm.....»»

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Fewer fish, worse health: The climate effect

Over the next 25 years, reduced intake of marine food resources due to climate change will likely have a negative impact on the cardiovascular health of First Nations on Canada's Pacific coast, a new study suggests......»»

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Adobe’s New AI Tools are Designed for Easier Audio Production

Known as "Project Music GenAI Control," the software allows creators to generate music from text prompts. The post Adobe’s New AI Tools are Designed for Easier Audio Production appeared first on Phandroid. As AI continues to grow and.....»»

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Research progress of layered double hydroxide-based electrocatalyst for water splitting

In the context of the gradual depletion of fossil fuels and the energy crisis, hydrogen energy has attracted widespread attention due to its ultra-high energy density and eco-friendly properties. However, most of the hydrogen production still relies.....»»

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Scientists reveal how first cells could have formed on Earth

Roughly 4 billion years ago, Earth was developing conditions suitable for life. Origin-of-life scientists often wonder if the type of chemistry found on the early Earth was similar to what life requires today. They know that spherical collections of.....»»

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Field trials reveal crushed rock boosts carbon removal and improves crop yields

Crushed rock can remove about 3–4 metric tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) per hectare per year and improve crop yields, results of a pioneering study have shown......»»

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Better neutron mirrors can reveal the inner secrets of matter

Improved neutron mirrors can increase the efficiency of material analysis in neutron sources such as the European Spallation Source. The improved mirror has been developed by researchers at Linköping University by coating a silicon plate with extrem.....»»

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Scientists reveal how light behaves in formless solids

For a long time, it was thought that amorphous solids do not selectively absorb light because of their disordered atomic structure. However, a new uOttawa study disproves this theory and shows that amorphous solids actually exhibit dichroism, meaning.....»»

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Towards the selective and energy-efficient synthesis of ethylene via carbon dioxide reduction

The synthesis of carbon-based chemicals via the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) has become the key objective of numerous recent energy research efforts. While these studies have yielded promising results, enabling the production of.....»»

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Astronomers reveal a new link between water and planet formation

Researchers have found water vapor in the disk around a young star exactly where planets may be forming. Water is a key ingredient for life on Earth and is also thought to play a significant role in planet formation, yet until now, astronomers have n.....»»

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Wendy’s clarifies plans for dynamic pricing experiment after backlash

Company speaks out after reports of "surge pricing" test led to calls for boycotts online. Enlarge / A view of a Wendy's store on August 9, 2023, in Nanuet, New York. (credit: Getty Images) A day after American fast food.....»»

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Close-up images of DART’s asteroid smashup reveal complex debris

A CubeSat trailed the DART asteroid impactor, capturing images of debris set loose. Enlarge (credit: ASI/NASA) In 2022, NASA's Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) smashed into the asteroid Dimorphos in a successful test.....»»

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Counting rays: Aerial surveys reveal ample populations in southeast Florida

The whitespotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari) and the giant manta ray (Mobula birostris) are rapidly declining globally. Both species are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as endangered worldwide, and the giant manta.....»»

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An 80-mph speed record for glacier fracture helps reveal the physics of ice sheet collapse

There's enough water frozen in Greenland and Antarctic glaciers that if they melted, global seas would rise by many feet. What will happen to these glaciers over the coming decades is the biggest unknown in the future of rising seas, partly because g.....»»

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Study finds ability to solve food puzzles is the only predictor of innovation, brain size in wild birds

When certain species of wild birds and primates discover new ways of finding food in the wild, it can serve to measure their flexibility and intelligence......»»

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Maps shape our lives—showing us not just where we are, but who we are

Maps and everyday life are now so intertwined for most people that it's difficult to imagine a world without them. Most of us use at least one map every day. Some of us use many, especially now, they have become one of the dominant interfaces of our.....»»

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Nature"s sonar: Scientists reveal how Japanese horseshoe bats perceive moving objects

Unlike most animals that rely on visual senses, bats navigate and locate prey or obstacles through echolocation. By emitting sounds and comparing them to the reflected echoes, bats can "visualize" movement in the environment. When sound waves encount.....»»

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