Fighting ransomware: Perspectives from cybersecurity professionals

Ransomware has become an ever-present threat to individuals, businesses, and even entire nations. In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded videos from experts in the field that shed light on the pressing ransomware.....»»

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On NYC beaches, angry birds are fighting drones on patrol for sharks and swimmers

A fleet of drones patrolling New York City's beaches for signs of sharks and struggling swimmers is drawing backlash from an aggressive group of seaside residents: local shorebirds......»»

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CDK CEO pledges to compensate dealers after ransomware event

CDK CEO Brian MacDonald promised to dealers in a letter that they would receive "some financial relief" for interruptions stemming from the June 19 cyberattacks......»»

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Managing cyberattack fallout: Financial and operational damage

In this Help Net Security, Ashley Harrington, Director of Cybersecurity at Aspida, discusses the impact of cyberattack on business operations and financial health. Beyond immediate disruptions and financial burdens, cyber incident can severely damage.....»»

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Traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer enough

Traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer enough.....»»

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Strengthening cybersecurity preparedness with defense in depth

In this Help Net Security interview, Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer at Gigamon, discusses cybersecurity preparedness measures for businesses, the impact of international inconsistencies on global operations, and the board’s role in cyberse.....»»

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Valuable insights for making the right cybersecurity decisions

This article compiles excerpts from various reports, presenting statistics and insights that could be helpful for CISOs. CISOs becoming more comfortable with risk levels Netskope | The Modern CISO: Bringing Balance | June 2024 Contradicting.....»»

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Republicans angry that ISPs receiving US grants must offer low-cost plans

Law requires grantees to offer low-cost plans. GOP calls it "rate regulation." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Matt Anderson Photography) Republican lawmakers are fighting a Biden administration attempt to bring cheap br.....»»

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Riot almost made a Smash Bros.-inspired fighting game, report says

A new report shines light on a possible Smash Bros competitor developed by Riot Games, although it was scrapped......»»

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Enzoic Global Partner Program helps combat dark web exposures

Enzoic has unveiled its Enzoic Global Partner Program to help organizations strengthen their security posture in response to the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Participants have access to Enzoic’s award-winning threat intelligence solutions whic.....»»

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IT-Harvest incorporates security scores from Black Kite into its dashboard

IT-Harvest announced the integration of Black Kite‘s cyber third-party risk intelligence into the IT-Harvest Dashboard. This collaboration provides users with a detailed view into cyber third-party risk for more than 3,900 cybersecurity vendors.....»»

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New method could yield fast, cross-country quantum network

Quantum computers offer powerful ways to improve cybersecurity, communications, and data processing, among other fields. To realize these full benefits, however, multiple quantum computers must be connected to build quantum networks or a quantum inte.....»»

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This League of Legends character (along with his fluffy pals) is coming to 2XKO

Riot Games announced that the support hero Braum is coming to its team-based fighting game 2XKO......»»

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This new ransomware scam will hassle you with phone calls until you pay up

Since there is no dedicated data leak site, the operators call the victims on the phone and threaten them......»»

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Exoprimal ends its seasonal content, but it’s not going extinct just yet

Capcom's other dinosaur-fighting game Exoprimal won't release any new seasonal content, but you still have a chance to play......»»

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Cybersecurity is worth the spend

Cybersecurity is worth the spend.....»»

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Understanding collective defense as a route to better cybersecurity

Understanding collective defense as a route to better cybersecurity.....»»

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4 key steps to building an incident response plan

In this Help Net Security interview, Mike Toole, head of security and IT at Blumira, discusses the components of an effective security incident response strategy and how they work together to ensure organizations can address cybersecurity issues. Wha.....»»

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Wise customer data likely compromised in Evolve data breach; other fintechs too

Some Wise customer data was likely to have been obtained by the hackers behind the Evolve data breach back in May. Multiple additional fintech firms may also be affected by the cybersecurity attack, and it’s possible that personal data may be le.....»»

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IBM Consulting partners with Microsoft to help clients modernize security operations

IBM Consulting and Microsoft announce strengthened cybersecurity collaboration to help clients simplify and modernize their security operations, and manage and protect their hybrid cloud identities. As organizations embrace hybrid cloud and AI to dri.....»»

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Deepwatch appoints John DiLullo as CEO

Deepwatch announced that John DiLullo has been appointed as CEO, succeeding Charlie Thomas who is retiring and will serve as chairman of the Board of Directors, effective immediately. John DiLullo is a veteran of the cybersecurity industry with more.....»»

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