Fighting ransomware: Perspectives from cybersecurity professionals

Ransomware has become an ever-present threat to individuals, businesses, and even entire nations. In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded videos from experts in the field that shed light on the pressing ransomware.....»»

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Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish live stream: watch college football for free

Looking to watch the Ohio State vs. Notre Dame live stream on Saturday night? Find out how to watch this battle of top 10 teams......»»

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Cisco taps new M&A firm Tidal for $28 billion Splunk acquisition deal

A new mergers and acquisitions advisory firm launched last year by former Centerview Partners dealmakers has scored a big win by advising Cisco Systems on its $28 billion acquisition of cybersecurity firm Splunk......»»

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Five golden rules for effective science communication: Perspectives from a documentary maker

Over the past three years, people from all walks of life have learned a great deal about different branches of science. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many of us to information about virology and vaccine production. Environmental disasters in every.....»»

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The Dumb Alien Mummy Story Takes an Entirely Predictable Turn

A week ago, two bodies believed to be a muddle of human and animal bones were presented in Mexico’s Congress as proof of alien life. Now the scientific community is fighting back......»»

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Regulatory pressure complicates cybersecurity for industrial equipment manufacturers

50% of companies lack a dedicated security function for control systems and devices within their organizational structure, according to Cybellum. Security incidents involving industrial organizations have seen a sharp rise in recent years, with notab.....»»

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How companies can take control of their cybersecurity

In this Help Net Security interview, Baya Lonqueux, CEO at Reciproc-IT, discusses the evolving cybersecurity landscape and the essential skillsets needed for teams working in this field. The interview highlights the shift from technical expertise to.....»»

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Libya floods: The drowning of Derna was a man-made disaster decades in the making

In the early hours of September 11, residents of Derna in north-east Libya woke to the sound of loud explosions. After more than a decade of conflict—initially between the Gaddafi regime and local factions, then among militias fighting for rule—t.....»»

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VectorZero Active Data Vault 2.0 secures sensitive data

VectorZero announced the newest release of its Active Data Vault, version 2.0, which introduces new cybersecurity features. This highly secure and isolated environment is designed for storage plus secure and easy use of extremely sensitive data. Acti.....»»

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Rising OT/ICS cybersecurity incidents reveal alarming trend

60% of cyberattacks against the industrial sector are led by state-affiliated actors and often unintentionally enabled by internal personnel (about 33% of the time), according to Rockwell Automation. This corroborates other industry research showing.....»»

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18 free Microsoft Azure cybersecurity resources you should check out

Far exceeding a traditional public cloud platform, Azure is a comprehensive suite of over 200 products and cloud services engineered to solve current challenges and pave the way for the future. Whether you’re looking to build, run, or manage ap.....»»

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Strong compliance management is crucial for fintech-bank partnerships

72% of banks and credit unions are prioritizing compliance when evaluating fintechs, citing it as their top criteria in the due diligence process, according to Ncontracts. As banks and credit unions evaluate fintech partnerships, cybersecurity (62%).....»»

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NightDragon and CyberKnight strengthen cybersecurity in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa

NightDragon announced a new strategic partnership with CyberKnight to continue the international expansion capabilities of its portfolio companies and bring the latest CSSP innovations to customers in the Middle East, Turkey, Africa (META) and other.....»»

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LogRhythm and Novacoast join forces to identify and counteract malicious actors

LogRhythm announced its partnership with Novacoast, a cybersecurity, identity and access company specializing in managed security, engineering, development, and advisory services. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Novacoast becomes th.....»»

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Mortal Kombat 1: Nintendo Switch version will be fixed, says boss

The fighting series' creator admits the Nintendo edition isn't "the version we wanted to release"......»»

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Balancing budget and system security: Approaches to risk tolerance

Data breaches are a dime a dozen. Although it’s easy to look at that statement negatively, the positive viewpoint is that, as a result, cybersecurity professionals have plenty of learning moments. Learning what went wrong and why can be a good sani.....»»

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Industrial cybersecurity giant Dragos rakes in new funding, sets sights on global expansion

Today, Dragos revealed that it has secured a $74 million Series D extension funding round, spearheaded by the strategic operating and investment firm WestCap. The funding extension comes when global governments and infrastructure providers increasing.....»»

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Week in review: 17 free AWS cybersecurity courses, exploited Chrome zero-day

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: The blueprint for a highly effective EASM solution In this Help Net Security interview, Adrien Petit, CEO at Uncovery, discusses the benefits that o.....»»

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iPhone 15’s new LOG recording and why it matters [Video]

Apple didn’t spend too much time at the Wonderlust event covering the video improvements coming to the iPhone 15 Pro, but this generation is seeing some major improvements for video professionals. From LOG color and ACES support to increased frame.....»»

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Apple"s new iCloud+ tiers are too much for consumers, too little for professionals

Users will finally be able to get more iCloud+ storage space, but the cost is too high for anyone but professionals like filmmakers — who have better options.Apple is adding new iCloud+ storage options, but at a costPerhaps Apple only wedged in its.....»»

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Enterprises persist with outdated authentication strategies

Despite authentication being a cornerstone of cybersecurity, risk mitigation strategies remain outdated, according to new research from Enzoic. With the attack surface expanding and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, organizations are st.....»»

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