Dung beetle iDNA as an additional tool for biodiversity assessment

Many dung beetles use mammalian feces as a food source and build and relocate dung balls to lay eggs and shelter their larvae. This behavior provides many ecosystem services including nutrient cycling, secondary seed dispersal, soil excavation, and p.....»»

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Apple including 25 hours of Xcode Cloud for all Apple Developer Program memberships

After an initially limited time offering, Apple has announced that its Apple Developer Program memberships now include 25 hours of compute time in Xcode cloud at no additional cost.All Apple Developer Program memberships include 25 hours of Xcode Clo.....»»

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Multimedia distribution and health risk assessment of typical organic pollutants in a retired industrial park

In developing countries, a large number of retired industrial parks require economical and effective risk assessment and remediation. Assessing the comprehensive risk of large retired industrial parks remains a considerable challenge due to the compl.....»»

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Meta brings its AI image generation tool to the web

Meta has announced that they will be bringing its AI image generation tool to the web. The post Meta brings its AI image generation tool to the web appeared first on Phandroid. Generating images using AI has been something many people have.....»»

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Malwarebytes unveils vulnerability assessment module to help users identify critical vulnerabilities

Malwarebytes announced its comprehensive vulnerability assessment module is now included in every ThreatDown bundle at no additional cost via its integrated console. Many IT organizations are struggling with rising cybersecurity costs associated with.....»»

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To the moo-n: Cow dung fuels Japan"s space ambitions

Japan's space industry opened potentially an udder-ly new chapter on Thursday with a start-up testing a prototype rocket engine that runs on fuel derived purely from a plentiful local source: cow dung......»»

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OpenTofu: Open-source alternative to Terraform

OpenTofu is an open-source alternative to Terraform’s widely used Infrastructure as Code provisioning tool. Previously named OpenTF, OpenTofu is an open and community-driven response to Terraform’s recently announced license change from a.....»»

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Scientists develop "sexy_markers," a bioinformatics tool that reveals white shark gender

A new study led by CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, has revealed white shark gender is determined by X and Y sex chromosomes......»»

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Study offers correction for better calculations for the magnetic properties of neodymium compounds

High-energy neutron scattering is a powerful tool in spectroscopy, allowing researchers to probe the physical and chemical properties of many different materials......»»

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Usually $500, this popular HP 17-inch laptop is $280 today

You'll get some additional screen real estate and some savings on this HP 17-inch laptop right now, which makes it one of the best laptop deals available......»»

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Researchers discover plant diversity stabilizes soil temperature

A new study has revealed a natural solution to mitigate the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather events. Researchers from Leipzig University, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Researc.....»»

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Atsign releases SSH No Ports 4.0 with Windows support and SDK

Atsign has unveiled the release of SSH No Ports 4.0. SSH No Ports is a system administration tool used to access remote systems (gateways, industrial PCs, and many other devices) via SSH from anywhere, without the need for network configuration, and.....»»

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Living Security Unify Go improves human risk management

Living Security announced Unify Go, a free tool for Living Security training customers that surfaces security vulnerabilities across the workforce by aggregating and correlating employee behavior across security training, phishing, and email security.....»»

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Google Chrome could soon gain a “Help me write” AI tool

Google is expected to bring its “Help me write” AI feature to Chrome for desktop, making it easier for users to fill in text fields if they need a bit of help. The post Google Chrome could soon gain a “Help me write” AI tool appeared first on.....»»

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AI tool could increase the number of people exiting homelessness, reduce racial bias in services: Report

USC researchers have developed an artificial intelligence tool they recommend as one of several measures that would help homeless service agencies control for potential biases and ensure that applicants have a fair chance at getting housing......»»

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SessionProbe: Open-source multi-threaded pentesting tool

SessionProbe is a multi-threaded pentesting tool designed to evaluate user privileges in web applications. It takes a user’s session token and checks for a list of URLs if access is possible, highlighting potential authorization issues. It dedu.....»»

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Next-generation Chevrolet Bolt EV to arrive in 2025, GM CEO Mary Barra says

Barra did not disclose additional details Monday in remarks to the Automotive Press Association in Detroit......»»

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Hackers stole ancestry data of 6.9 million users, 23andMe finally confirmed

Majority of impacted users are now being notified, 23andMe confirmed. Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Contributor | Bloomberg) It's now been confirmed that an additional 6.9 million 23andMe users had ancestry data stolen af.....»»

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National climate assessment offers new insights on community resilience and adaptation

A major weather event such as a hurricane or wildfire can have lasting, visible impacts on communities, but the longer-term, compounding effects of a changing climate can be harder to see. In its contributions to the recently released Fifth National.....»»

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1,000+ DeWalt tool and accessory prices slashed

If you're starting up a whole new tool set, or want to supplement one that you already have this massive DeWalt sale from Amazon will get some amazing tools......»»

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Bending Spoons lays off entire team behind Filmic Pro

The team behind the popular Filmic Pro camera app for iPhone was reportedly laid off by its parent company, bending Spoons, putting the future of the filmmaking tool into question.Filmic ProFilmic was absorbed by Bending Spoons in September 2022, at.....»»

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