Does failing to detect aliens mean we"ll never be contacted?

In a recent paper submitted to The Astronomical Journal in November 2022, a scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne quantifies how the Earth has not heard a radio signal from an extraterrestrial technological civilization sinc.....»»

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BIgID’s secrets detection capabilities reduce risk from potential data breaches and leaks

BigID has introduced purpose-built AI and ML-based data discovery and classification capabilities designed to detect secrets across enterprise data and reduce risk from potential data breaches and leaks. Secrets – including as API keys, tokens,.....»»

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Scientists detect dimer product ROOR generated by self-reaction of ethyl peroxy radicals

Organic peroxy radicals (RO2) are important intermediates in the degradation of atmospheric volatile organic compounds. It not only participates in the cycling of atmospheric radicals and influences oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere, but also cont.....»»

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Folding iPhone could automatically protect itself from drops

Apple is working on technology to allow iPhones or iPads with flexible screens to detect when dropped, and immediately fold up on the way to the ground to minimize damage.Apple has long been researching foldable devices such as an iPhone or iPad, and.....»»

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TikTok says US threatens ban if China stake not sold

TikTok, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, says it has been contacted about a change in ownership......»»

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US threatens TikTok ban if app is not sold

TikTok, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, says it has been contacted about a change in ownership......»»

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US threatens TikTok ban if app is not sold - report

TikTok, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, says it has been contacted about a change in ownership......»»

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Cloudflare Fraud Detection will provide precise tools to detect, categorize fraud

Cloudflare is entering the fraud detection market to help businesses identify and stop online fraud – including fraudulent transactions, fake account signups, account takeover attacks, and carding attacks – before it impacts their brand or their.....»»

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EPA sets limits on some “forever chemicals” as low as they can go

If you can detect any, it's too much. Enlarge / The EPA headquarters in Washington, DC. (credit: crbellette) On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it had started the process that will see drinkin.....»»

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Droxo Tech develops unmanned vehicles to add intelligence and automation to petrochemical industry

Oil and chemical silos require regular checks and maintenance to ensure they do not leak. Taiwan-based Droxo Tech is developing unmanned vehicles that can detect rusted areas on a silo and repaint them. The products have received interest from major.....»»

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New algorithm may change the future of secure communication

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in secure communication by developing an algorithm that conceals sensitive information so effectively that it is impossible to detect anything hidden. The team, led by the University of Oxford in close.....»»

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French firms prioritizing gender equality also reap higher returns

In early March, France's first minister, Elisabeth Borne, announced that French companies failing to enforce the country's gender equality criteria would be denied access to public contracts. The news adds yet another line to an already long list of.....»»

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Three crucial moments when founding a cybersecurity startup

With 10% of startups failing in the first year, making wise and future-proof decisions for your new cybersecurity venture is essential. Building the perfect cybersecurity startup As society adapts to an increasingly digital world, opportunities for c.....»»

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Novel biomimetic polypeptides activate tumor-infiltrating macrophages, offering hope for cancer therapy

Macrophages are highly specialized cells of the immune system that help the body detect and fight deadly pathogens. In particular, M1-like macrophages detect and destroy tumor cells, and release protective chemokines such as interleukin (IL)-6 and tu.....»»

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Astronomers detect what may be a baby planet carving out a home for itself

Astronomers have detected a small, compact source embedded in a gap in the disk surrounding a young star. They believe it is a baby planet in the process of growing......»»

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Lie detection tests have worked the same way for 3,000 years, and they"re still hopelessly inaccurate, say researchers

Popular culture is fascinated with the ability to detect liars. Lie detector tests are a staple of police dramas, and TV shows such as "Poker Face" feature "human polygraphs" who detect deception by picking up tell-tale signs in people's behavior......»»

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Palo Alto Networks enhances cybersecurity capabilities with AI-powered ITDR module

Palo Alto Networks released new Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) module for Cortex XSIAM, enabling customers to ingest user identity and behavior data and deploy AI technology to detect identity-driven attacks within seconds. The module.....»»

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Twitter Is Seriously Broken Today

Twitter is suffering issues today, with links not working and images failing to load. We will continue to give updates on this breaking story. Twitter is suffering i.....»»

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The universe may have started with a dark Big Bang

The Big Bang may have not been alone. The appearance of all the particles and radiation in the universe may have been joined by another Big Bang that flooded our universe with dark matter particles. And we may be able to detect it......»»

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Astronomers detect radio recombination lines of carbon/oxygen ions for first time

A research team from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has detected radio recombination lines (RRLs) of ions heavier than helium for the first time, using the TianMa 65-m Radio Telescope (TMRT). These lin.....»»

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Drones detect moss beds and changes to Antarctica climate

Researchers have been using drones to map large areas of Antarctica this summer in efforts to monitor the effects on vegetation due to climate change with the support of the Federal Government's Australian Antarctic Division......»»

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