Does failing to detect aliens mean we"ll never be contacted?

In a recent paper submitted to The Astronomical Journal in November 2022, a scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne quantifies how the Earth has not heard a radio signal from an extraterrestrial technological civilization sinc.....»»

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iPhone market share dropped 9.6% this year; Samsung retakes lead

Global iPhone market share dropped 9.6% year-on-year in the first quarter of the year, enabling Samsung to retake the smartphone lead despite failing to increase its own shipments. Apple saw the biggest slump of any brand, at a time when the globa.....»»

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Astronomers detect radio halo in a massive galaxy cluster

An international team of astronomers has performed radio observations of a massive galaxy cluster known as ACT-CL J0329.2-2330, which resulted in the detection of a new radio halo in this cluster. The finding was reported in a research paper publishe.....»»

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Apple versus Epic court battle continues, as iPhone maker denies violation

While the Supreme Court denied appeal requests from both Apple and Epic Games in the App Store case, that didn’t put an end to legal wrangling between the two companies. In January, Epic Games headed back to court to accuse Apple of failing to c.....»»

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Swiss climate policy in spotlight after court ruling

Switzerland, known for pristine countryside and snow-capped peaks, is facing scrutiny of its environmental policies after becoming the first country faulted by an international court for failing to do enough against climate change......»»

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Apple urges court to ignore Epic"s anti-steering complaint

Apple has responded to Epic's accusation it is in contempt of court for failing to remove anti-steering measures to its liking, by insisting it's really complying with the order.Fortnite on an iPhoneOn March 13, the Epic vs Apple saga rumbled on with.....»»

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A new type of seismic sensor to detect moonquakes

During the Apollo missions of the 1970s, several seismometers were flown to the moon, where they collected data on lunar seismic trembling for eight years. The data showed some lunar quakes were as powerful as a magnitude 5......»»

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ContentCore Aims to Be a ‘Content ID’ Equivalent for Independent Video Platforms

New York-based technology company WebKyte specializes in automated video recognition. The company has a library of millions of fingerprints that can detect infringing videos on platforms including VK, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Rightsholders, including.....»»

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Index Engines CyberSense 8.6 detects malicious activity

Index Engines announced the latest release of its CyberSense software, with version 8.6 delivering a revamped user interface to support smarter recovery from ransomware attacks, new custom Advanced Threshold Alerts to proactively detect unusual activ.....»»

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Buyer of $717K Ford GT files lawsuit saying previous damage not disclosed

A Florida dealer in collectible vehicles and a buyer have accused a Canadian dealership of failing to disclose the 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition purchased for $716,800 had been seriously damaged in a crash and restored......»»

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Climate pledges of big firms "critically insufficient": Report

From carmakers to fast fashion, dozens of major international companies are failing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at the pace required to slow climate change, a report said Tuesday......»»

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A Popular Alien-Hunting Technique Is Increasingly in Doubt

Recent controversies bode ill for the effort to detect life on other planets by analyzing the gases in their atmospheres......»»

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SymphonyAI unveils SensaAI for Sanctions to detect hidden risk in unstructured data

SymphonyAI announced SensaAI for Sanctions, a platform-agnostic “AI upgrade” for any sanctions solution. It impacts sanctions evasion efforts by optimizing match accuracy with deep, context-aware AI-based matching algorithms. SensaAI for Sanction.....»»

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XZ Utils backdoor: Detection tools, scripts, rules

As the analysis of the backdoor in XZ Utils continues, several security companies have provided tools and advice on how to detect its presence on Linux systems. What happened? The open-source XZ Utils compression utility has been backdoored by a skil.....»»

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Roku patent invents a way to show ads over anything you plug into your TV

System would detect paused content on external devices and show ads on top. Enlarge / A promotional image for a Roku TV. (credit: Roku) Roku TV sets come with ads. Generally, these are restricted to Roku's home and menu.....»»

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If life exists on Jupiter"s moon Europa, scientists might soon be able to detect it

Europa is one of the largest of more than 90 moons in orbit around the planet Jupiter. It is also one of the best places to look for alien life......»»

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Innovative sensing platform unlocks ultrahigh sensitivity in conventional sensors

Optical sensors serve as the backbone of numerous scientific and technological endeavors, from detecting gravitational waves to imaging biological tissues for medical diagnostics. These sensors use light to detect changes in the properties of the env.....»»

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$158,000 ALS drug pulled from market after failing in large clinical trial

The drug is now unavailable to new patients; its maker to lay off 70% of employees. Enlarge (credit: Amlyx) Amylyx, the maker of a new drug to treat ALS, is pulling that drug from the market and laying off 70 percent of.....»»

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Roku has patented a way to show ads over anything you plug into your TV

System would detect paused content on external devices and show ads on top. Enlarge / A promotional image for a Roku TV. (credit: Roku) Roku TV sets come with ads. Generally, these are restricted to Roku's home and menu.....»»

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Astronomers detect potential "glory effect" on a hellish distant world for the first time

Potential signs of the rainbow-like "glory effect" have been detected on a planet outside our solar system. Glory are colorful concentric rings of light that occur only under peculiar conditions......»»

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Google"s Apple-friendly Find My Devices network launching in April

Apple and Google have worked together to get an interoperability standard off the ground for tracking devices, and Google's Find My Devices network is ready to launch.Apple and Android devices will be able to detect most trackersAfter stalking and ab.....»»

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