Does A Heated Chamber Make Your 3D Prints Stronger?

Stefan tests this age old question and brings the receipts to back up his answers. In short, yes, if your material likes it. The post Does A Heated Chamber Make Your 3D Prints Stronger? appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has me excited for the Galaxy Z Fold 6

Titanium could pave the way for stronger and lighter Galaxy folding phones......»»

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Research shows studies with more diverse teams of authors get more citations

Diverse research is more impactful in the business management field, with female influence growing stronger in the past decade, finds a new study from the University of Surrey......»»

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Ford"s Jim Farley says he regrets not tackling quality problems sooner as CEO

Farley said Ford would be "much stronger" today had he more quickly focused on fixing longstanding quality issues and other inefficiencies after becoming CEO in 2020......»»

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Apple is back to lobbying against right-to-repair bills

While it may have supported a weaker right-to-repair bill in California, Apple is now lobbying against a stronger bill out of Oregon.Apple Repair ProgramOn Thursday, Apple's principal secure repair architect, John Perry, argued against a right-to-rep.....»»

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Best Bubble Gems in Foamstars

Bubble Gems will enhance any character you pick in Foamstars, but some are stronger than others. Here are the best ones to try and get in this soapy shooter......»»

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Preliminary research finds children already exercise caution online but also calls for stronger safety measures

Children routinely interact with people they don't know online and respond with caution when approached, but they want tech companies and governments to do more to keep them safe according to preliminary research findings released on Safer Internet D.....»»

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Ocean sponges suggest Earth has warmed longer, more than thought; some scientists dubious

A handful of centuries-old sponges from deep in the Caribbean are causing some scientists to think human-caused climate change began sooner and has heated the world more than they thought......»»

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When Chinese citizens are surveyed anonymously, support for party and government plummets

Chinese citizens who rarely voice open criticism of their government reveal stronger negative views when they can answer questions anonymously, according to a new study published in The China Quarterly......»»

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How to get Rainbow Geodes in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

How rainbow geodes can help make your baseball bat stronger in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is above our heads, but here's where you can reliably get some......»»

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Game-day savings: Get this heated reclining stadium seat for $100

Stay warm at sports games with your own heated stadium seat with armrests and a cup holder for just $99.99. TL;DR: As of January 22, get this Extra Wide Heated Reclining Stadium Seat with Armrests & Side Pockets for only $99.99 — a 16% di.....»»

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Simulations show that exoplanets heated at deeper depths by their host stars display markedly different weather patterns

For many years, most astrophysical models assumed that planets beyond our solar system, known as exoplanets, are heated at similar depths by their host stars (i.e., stars like the sun around which planetary systems are formed). Analyses of recent obs.....»»

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All Azure Ingot locations in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Azure Ingots are the only way to make your swords and bow stronger in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. If you want both at max power, you will need them all......»»

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Concrete made stronger and more durable with resin

Engineering structures made of concrete, steel, or other materials are subject to vibrations and stress. Because of this, small cracks appear, which grow and eventually lead to destruction. This phenomenon is called "fatigue failure.".....»»

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Invasive, carnivorous frogs are now breeding in Georgia, biologists say

An invasive species of carnivorous tree frogs that feed on native wildlife are now breeding in Georgia, a sign that the amphibians have gained a stronger foothold in the state, biologists say......»»

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LastPass prompting users to set a stronger master password after major security incident

LastPass faced a major attack in 2022 after hackers gained access to sensitive user data through an exploit found on the computer of one of the engineers working for the company. More than two years after this incident, LastPass has now announced new.....»»

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5 must-see horror films from 2023

2022 may have been a huge year for horror, but 2023 has done a pretty great job of following in its claw prints. 2022 may have been a huge year for horror, but 2023 has done a pretty great job of following in its claw prints. There really was s.....»»

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Researchers take a different approach with measurement-based quantum computing

The race to develop quantum computers has really heated up over the past few years. State-of-the-art systems can now run simple algorithms using dozens of qubits—or quantum bits—which are the building blocks of quantum computers......»»

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Epson EcoTank ET-2800 printer review: the great prints keep rolling

Epson's low-cost EcoTank ET-2800 is a family printer with two years of ink. We tested its ease of use, quality, and long-term value......»»

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Hit the track with "Grid Legends", now available for Apple Silicon Macs

Experience the thrilling world of professional motorsports with 'Grid Legends' on macOS, featuring intense action and heated rivalries.'Grid Legends' now available on Mac App StorePlayers have the option to choose from over 120 vehicles from 10 diffe.....»»

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Less asphalt gives way to stronger trees in urban areas, finds study

Trees planted in urban areas can provide shade and contribute to a lower air temperature. For these services to be optimal, it is important to let asphalt give way to trees, according to research from the University of Gothenburg......»»

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