Discovery of organic catalyst could lead to cheaper fuel cells

With atmospheric carbon dioxide at record highs, the search for clean-energy alternatives to the use of fossil fuels is growing increasingly urgent......»»

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This 55-inch 4K TV is discounted from $350 to $250 for Memorial Day

The affordable 55-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV is down to an even cheaper price of $250 from Best Buy, but don't wait until the last minute of Memorial Day......»»

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This 32-inch smart TV is $88 for Memorial Day, and it’s selling fast

The 32-inch Onn HD Roku TV is a very affordable smart TV that's even cheaper from Walmart for Memorial Day. From its original price of $98, it's down to $88......»»

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Bear meat kebabs at a family reunion lead to rare outbreak of roundworm disease

Bear meat kebabs at a family reunion lead to rare outbreak of roundworm disease.....»»

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Chemists Chase ‘Clean’ Ammonia to Replace Shipping Fuel

President Biden’s climate law is funding “green ammonia” projects in hopes of using the chemical to more cleanly power the grid, fuel cargo ships and make fertilizer.....»»

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Researchers reveal how acetylation regulates centromere dynamics, chromosome segregation and mitotic progression

Cell division produces new cells, which underpin life proliferation and development. Mitosis is the shortest and the most dynamic phase of the cell cycle. During mitosis, chromosomes are evenly distributed between the two daughter cells, preserving t.....»»

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Observing mammalian cells with superfast soft X-rays

Researchers have developed a new technique to view living mammalian cells. The team used a powerful laser, called a soft X-ray free electron laser, to emit ultrafast pulses of illumination at the speed of femtoseconds, or quadrillionths of a second......»»

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Researchers develop organic photoredox catalysts with enhanced stability and recyclability

In recent years, global environmental concerns have prompted a shift toward eco-friendly manufacturing in the field of organic synthetic chemistry. In this regard, research into photoredox catalytic reactions, which use light to initiate redox or red.....»»

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Atlas review: an absurd Netflix sci-fi movie that works as a guilty pleasure

The new Netflix sci-fi movie Atlas isn't original or really that good, but it's an enjoyable watch thanks to lead star Jennifer Lopez and an anything-goes plot......»»

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Droplets that swim toward dissolution could inspire fluid microbots

Researchers discovered that microscopic liquid droplets swim toward solvent conditions that favor their dissolution. This mechanism may underlie some transport processes within living cells, and could be exploited to develop fluid micro robots......»»

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Deciphering how crystals form in non-classical ways

Soft and organic crystals are a diverse group of materials with connections to biological, environmental, and industrial processes with a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to flexible electronics. Understanding the details of their cry.....»»

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Saltmarshes do store carbon, but their climate impact may have been overestimated

Saltmarshes, or tidal marshes, are able to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away at a far higher rate than even forests on land. This has lead to them being championed as a nature-based solution to climate change. However, our r.....»»

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New resource pinpoints inner workings of sorghum plant cells for designing better bioenergy feedstock

Bioenergy sorghum is an important resource for the production of biofuels and bioproducts and a critical component of a sustainable agricultural future. Researchers have been working hard to make this tall, drought-tolerant plant even more productive.....»»

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A cheap Samsung phone crushed its biggest rival in this camera test

Ready to buy the Galaxy A55, but wondering if the cheaper Galaxy A35's camera is just as good? We've answered the question in our extensive test......»»

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Spotify should have followed Google Stadia’s lead when it killed Car Thing

I remember when Spotify announced Car Thing, its piece of hardware that could sync up to your car’s audio. It was a goofy little device, … The post Spotify should have followed Google Stadia’s lead when it killed Car Thing appeared.....»»

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Unlocking complex sulfur molecules: A novel approach for synthesis of functionalized benzenethiol equivalents

Organosulfur compounds, organic compounds containing sulfur, are vital in biological processes and research fields like pharmaceuticals, biomedical imaging, agriculture, and electronics. Compounds like phenothiazine, thianthrene and thienothiophene,.....»»

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Bentley elevates Mike Rocco to lead Americas region as CEO

The British ultraluxury brand has a new CEO for the Americas region, but it's a familiar face......»»

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The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is on Sale Right now for up to 39% Off!

Samsung's premium tablet is much cheaper right now. The post The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is on Sale Right now for up to 39% Off! appeared first on Phandroid. There’s no doubt that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S-series devices are among the.....»»

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Birth of universe"s earliest galaxies observed for first time

Using the James Webb Space Telescope, University of Copenhagen researchers have become the first to see the formation of three of the earliest galaxies in the universe, more than 13 billion years ago. The sensational discovery contributes important k.....»»

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Earth 2.0 or its evil twin? Discovery of Earth-sized planet could shed light on conditions necessary for life

The discovery of a planet similar to Venus around a star in the neighborhood of the solar system raises hopes that astronomers may someday unlock the secret to why life appeared on Earth......»»

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Researchers reveal dynamic structure of FLVCR proteins and their function in nutrient transport

It is known that malfunctions of the proteins FLVCR1 and FLVCR2 lead to rare hereditary diseases in humans that cause motor, sensory and neurological disorders. However, the biochemical mechanisms behind this and the physiological functions of the FL.....»»

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