Detecting face morphing: A simple guide to countering complex identity fraud

Our reliance on face matching for identity verification is being challenged by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and facial morphing technology. This technique involves digitally creating an image which is an average of two people’s fac.....»»

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Thousands ordered to flee advancing wildfires in Quebec

Some 10,000 people on Friday were ordered to evacuate from a city in the Canadian province of Quebec in the face of advancing wildfires, officials said......»»

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Researchers offer new guide to the future of plastics

How does a future-proof, circular and sustainable plastics economy look like? The answer is a balance ranging from plastics reduction to a sustainable use of recyclable plastics. After all, the increasing demand for plastics in high-value application.....»»

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The Digital Trends guide to FAST streaming services

FAST services — short for free ad-supported streaming televisions — are more popular than ever. Here are the ones you need to know about......»»

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Why is my printer offline? How to solve the most common printer problems

If you printer goes offline and you need to solve the problem quickly, these simple tips might save hours of frustration......»»

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Lofree Flow keyboard review: smooth, responsive typing in a stylish package

If you love the feel of a mechanical keyboard, but you don't want to compromise on aesthetics, the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard makes an impressive showing with a stunning, simple design coupled with some of the best mechanical switches we've seen.....»»

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Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat: How to watch the NBA Finals for free

The Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets face off in the 2023 NBA Finals. Here are your options for how to watch the series online -- potentially for free......»»

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023

This gift guide contains sponsored content in some areas. Why Trust us? Celebrate Father’s Day in style with our handpicked selection of tech gifts for dads. From cutting-edge headphones to smart home gadgets, we’ve curated 14 items that combine.....»»

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1Kosmos BlockID available in AWS Marketplace

The 1Kosmos BlockID distributed identity cloud service, which unifies identity verification and passwordless authentication, is now available in the AWS Marketplace. This listing makes it easy for customers to test and deploy BlockID, as well as dire.....»»

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Resecurity presents Digital Identity Product to protect digital identities

Resecurity’s Digital Identity Product (IDP) is a solution designed to enhance online security and protect enterprises’ and individuals’ digital identities in an increasingly interconnected world. With the ever-present risk of cyber.....»»

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Players replace Tears of the Kingdom’s patched-out item-dupe glitches

Please, Nintendo, just leave them alone this time. A guide for watching "memories" to perfectly time a new item-duplication glitch. It has been only a week since Nintendo removed a number of popular The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the.....»»

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Car and Driver magnetic car mount review: middle of the road

The Car and Driver magnetic charging car mount works well for what it is, and what it costs — but plays it safe with its design, features, and price.Car and Driver magnetic car mountSome reviews are more complex than others, but this one's directio.....»»

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Disaster recovery challenges enterprise CISOs face

An essential aspect of organizational operations is effectively responding to and returning from a disruptive event, commonly called disaster recovery. The primary objective of DR techniques is to restore the utilization of crucial systems and IT inf.....»»

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Revealing the secrets of freshwater streams

Beneath the surface of a freshwater stream, animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms create complex patterns of biodiversity. Brooke Penaluna, research fisheries biologist at the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, studies these.....»»

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PingOne Protect prevents account takeover

Ping Identity announced PingOne Protect, a new fraud detection and risk management service to prevent account takeover and fake accounts while solving multi-factor authentication (MFA) fatigue for end users. PingOne Protect takes a unique approach to.....»»

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Saved from extinction, Southern California"s Channel Island Foxes now face new threat to survival

Tiny foxes—each no bigger than a five-pound housecat—inhabiting the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California were saved from extinction in 2016. However, new research reveals that the foxes now face a different threat to their surviva.....»»

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Disgraced tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes begins jail time

Disgraced tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes reported to prison on Tuesday to serve time for fraud in a case that rocked Silicon Valley......»»

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Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes begins 11-year prison sentence

The Theranos founder, 39, was convicted last year of defrauding investors and wire fraud......»»

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New study highlights importance of democratic norms and learning about the other party

For the past few years, American democracy has been perceived as backsliding. Politicians' refusal to accept election results despite a lack of evidence of fraud, the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and state-level restrictions on voting acc.....»»

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Study finds Neanderthals manufactured synthetic material with underground distillation

Researchers at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and colleagues in Germany have taken a closer look at the birch tar used to affix Neanderthal tools and found a much more complex technique for creating the adhesive than previously considered.....»»

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Apple teases WWDC23 with morphing AR Easter egg, here’s how to see it

Apple has officially posted the event page for the WWDC23 keynote (first live in the UK) and with that comes the company’s latest Easter egg. Following several years of hiding fun AR surprises on the event page, this year marks the first where the.....»»

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