Despite cutbacks, IT salaries expected to rise

Despite rising labor costs, economic inflation, and companies making an effort to cut back, the salary outlook for IT professionals is positive, according to InformationWeek. Work-life balance and base pay top the list as what matters most to IT prof.....»»

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Memory-induced Magnus effect: Looking at the unexpected curveball in miniature

Whether you are familiar with the term "Magnus effect" or not, you have certainly seen it in action. It is when a spinning ball—for instance in football, cricket or baseball—bends away from its expected trajectory, often to the surprise of the op.....»»

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Why Rain Is Getting Fiercer on a Warming Planet

Extreme rain is getting more extreme as temperatures rise. That may seem counterintuitive, but the underlying physics is crystal clear......»»

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Eddy Cue set to testify in Google antitrust case, will explain why Apple has never made its own search engine

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services, is set to take the stand on Tuesday to testify in the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google. Cue’s testimony, which is expected to last most of the day, will focus largely on.....»»

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Apple won"t make a Google search rival, says Cue

Apple executive Eddy Cue is expected to testify in court that the company has no plan to make an "Apple Search" engine, because its deal with Google is the best for users.Eddy Cue at the 2014 Code Conference (Source: Re/code)As previously reported, A.....»»

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Examining how weather patterns will change in the future

In a warming Pacific Northwest, summers are getting hotter and winters less cold, but the atmospheric patterns that influence the weather aren't necessarily expected to become stronger or more frequent by the end of the century, according to a new Po.....»»

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New study definitively confirms gulf stream weakening

The Gulf Stream transport of water through the Florida Straits has slowed by 4% over the past four decades, with 99% certainty that this weakening is more than expected from random chance, according to a new study......»»

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Streaming video piracy on the rise, as subscription costs increase

Streaming video piracy is on the rise again, according to a new study, in apparent response to growing subscription costs for services like Netflix and Disney+ … more….....»»

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Kuo: Both iPhone 16 Pro models will use tetraprism camera in 2024

Both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will have the same tetraprism lens as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts, with no changes in specification expected.The iPhone 15 Pro Max camera moduleThe iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only 2.....»»

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Ediacaran fossils reveal origins of biomineralization that led to expansion of life on Earth

Life on Earth began from a single-celled microbe, while the rise to the multicellular world in which we live arose due a vital chemical process known as biomineralization, during which living organisms produce hardened mineralized tissue, such as ske.....»»

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Recycling plastic not enough, warns UN environment chief

With the production of plastic on the rise worldwide and creating ever more pollution, the UN environment chief warned that humanity cannot just recycle its way out of the mess, and she called for a total rethink about the way we use plastics......»»

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UAW strike cost the economy $1.6B in first week, expected to grow exponentially

So far, the losses have been concentrated in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio, where plants are shuttered over the strike......»»

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Mac gamers can now play "Baldur"s Gate 3" a day later than expected

Starting Friday, gamers on macOS can play the critically acclaimed role playing game "Baldur's Gate 3."Baldur's Gate 3 was first released on PC in early August and has quickly gained popularity among reviewers and players, with some even considering.....»»

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How companies are embracing generative AI...or not

Companies are struggling to deal with the rapid rise of generative AI, with some rushing to embrace the technology while others shun it -- at least for now......»»

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Wedbush says iPhone 15 Pro Max is "a clear standout"

Investment firm Wedbush reports that launch day demand for the iPhone 15 in Apple Stores matches the higher than expected pre-orders for the range.Buying the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Sydney, Australia (Source: Apple)Wedbush previously reported that it es.....»»

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Gold nanoclusters can improve electrochemical water splitting to produce hydrogen

As energy demand continues to rise, research into new, efficient renewable and clean energy sources is an urgent priority. Currently, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tide, and geothermal make up less than 40% of the current energy demand......»»

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Another top Silicon Valley investor is splitting off its China business as pressure mounts

GGV Capital, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has become the latest big investor to break up its US and China operations into separate companies as tensions between the two countries over tech and geopolitics continue to rise......»»

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Australia"s firefighters face worst season in years

Volunteer firefighters are scorching Australia's forest undergrowth, reducing fuel for what is expected to be the fiercest fire season since the monster "Black Summer" blazes......»»

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I saw the AI future of Windows 11, and it blew me away

We all know Microsoft is going deep on AI with Windows 11, but I never expected to enjoy that journey so much......»»

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US to again offer free COVID tests ahead of respiratory virus season

On Monday, households can order 4 free tests with shipments expected to start Oct. 2. Enlarge (credit: Getty | picture alliance) Americans will again have an opportunity to receive free at-home COVID-19 rapid tests from.....»»

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Regulatory pressure complicates cybersecurity for industrial equipment manufacturers

50% of companies lack a dedicated security function for control systems and devices within their organizational structure, according to Cybellum. Security incidents involving industrial organizations have seen a sharp rise in recent years, with notab.....»»

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