Deciphering the mysteries of enigmatic fungi

Few things alive on Earth occupy as little of our brain space as fungi. The vast majority of these organisms—neither plant nor animal—are invisibly small or perpetually hidden underneath our feet. Only when mushrooms breach the soil can we even s.....»»

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Californian Firm Touts "Mushroom Leather" as Sustainability Gamechanger

An anonymous reader shares a report: Vegan alternatives to leather could save more than just animals. The scientists behind fashion's new latest must-have -- the "mushroom leather" handbag -- believe that mycelium, a material grown from fungi which c.....»»

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How Science Will Solve the Omicron Variant’s Mysteries

So far, panic about the mysterious new Covid variant has outpaced actual information. Here’s what scientists around the world are trying to uncover......»»

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Mysterious clouds could offer new clues on dark matter

The hunt for gravitational waves, ripples in space and time caused by major cosmic cataclysms, could help solve one of the Universe's other burning mysteries—boson clouds and whether they are a leading contender for dark matter......»»

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Can lithium cure what ails the Salton Sea?

Studying the complexity of mud on the ocean floor is a life's work for Timothy Lyons, so when the tall and lean biogeochemist asks you to join an expedition in search of chemical mysteries buried deep beneath the waves, be prepared to get wet and dir.....»»

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Stamping Bar Codes on Cells To Solve Medical Mysteries

No one really knew why some patients with a white blood cell cancer called chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or C.L.L., relapsed after treatment and got a second cancer. Were some cancer cells just resistant? An unexpected answer to this mystery has been.....»»

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Bottlenose dolphins contain mysteries. She"s trying to get answers

Rain flecked the fiberglass boat and the still green waters as professor Shannon Gowans pushed off from Dock 6. Her students noted in pencil the particulars of time and weather: Not ideal, perhaps, for a Saturday on the bay, but what they sought was.....»»

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Study finds edible fungi could support transition to net zero

An Honorary Professor from the University of Stirling has made a breakthrough in resolving a key conflict in the world's quest for net zero—how to reconcile tree planting and food production......»»

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Deciphering unstated of Employee wellbeing in people practices

Asterisk mark has a unique significance in any written text – usually appearing to be an innocent footnote or comment to add or clarify the context of the core narrative. Yet the innocuous appearing litter star * of typography, sometimes appearing.....»»

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It’s time to fear the fungi

Humans have long been protected from fungal infections. Climate change could ruin that. Enlarge / Computer illustration of Candida fungi (yeast). The most common representatives of Candida fungi are C. albicans and C. auris with simil.....»»

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New study suggests infrasound may play an important role in how seabirds navigate

How seabirds navigate across thousands of miles of seemingly featureless ocean is one of nature's mysteries......»»

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Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Are Finally Coming into Focus

Twenty years after their initial detection, enigmatic blasts from the sky are starting to deliver tentative answers, as well as plenty of science -- Read more on»»

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New approach could overcome fungal resistance to current treatments

Current medications aren't particularly effective against fungi. The situation is becoming more challenging because these organisms are developing resistance to antimicrobial treatments, just as bacteria are. Now, researchers report that they have id.....»»

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Deciphering the impact of gene loss on biological evolution

A paper in Nature proposes a new evolutionary scenario that helps to better understand the evolution of our phylum and to discover what the ancestor of tunicates—the sister group of vertebrates—were like. Specifically, it reveals that the massive.....»»

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New approach could overcome fungal resistance to current treatments

Current medications aren't particularly effective against fungi. The situation is becoming more challenging because these organisms are developing resistance to antimicrobial treatments, just as bacteria are. Now, researchers report in ACS Infectious.....»»

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Understanding how pathogenic fungi build their carbohydrate armor

In a new study published in Nature Communications, Associate Professor Tuo Wang and his research team from the Department of Chemistry at Louisiana State University revealed the molecular architecture of fungal cell walls and the structural responses.....»»

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Xist marks the spot: How an RNA molecule silences the X chromosome

In one of the mysteries of mammalian development, every cell in the early female embryo shuts down one of its two copies of the X chromosome, leaving just one functional. For years, the mechanics behind this X chromosome inactivation have been murky,.....»»

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Child fossil find in South Africa sheds light on enigmatic hominids

Fossils found deep in a South African cave formed part of a hominid child's skull, apparently left on an alcove by fellow members of her species 250,000 years ago, scientists said Thursday......»»

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Using "mirror nuclei" to probe fundamental physics of atoms and neutron stars

About 20 years ago, Michigan State University's B. Alex Brown had an idea to reveal insights about a fundamental but enigmatic force at work in some of the most extreme environments in the universe......»»

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Studying Terfezia, the mysterious desert truffles, with an eye toward ecology and cultivation

In a caring, symbiotic relationship, mycorrhizal fungi live and feed in the roots of specific plants, while providing water and nutrients to their "companion." In arid and semi-arid environments, mycorrhization processes are essential to the survival.....»»

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The early bird gets…the truffle? Researchers show birds hunt for fungi, too

Humans like truffles, as do many mammals. Now new evidence suggests that birds may also seek out and disperse these ecologically important fungi......»»

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