Could AIs become conscious? Right now, we have no way to tell.

Scientists struggle to define consciousness, AI or otherwise. Enlarge (credit: BlackJack3D/Getty Images) Advances in artificial intelligence are making it increasingly difficult to distinguish between uniquely human beha.....»»

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Dashlane Nudges reduces the risk of credential theft

Dashlane unveiled Dashlane Nudges, a new automated tool to empower admins to proactively create a more security-conscious workforce and drive better credential security behavior across their organization, reducing the risk of credential theft. Compro.....»»

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Start today: Save with Dell and shape a more sustainable future for us all

The Dell sustainability mission for Earth Day 2024 means you can save while also remaining eco-conscious, something we desperately need in today's world......»»

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Physical field technologies to improve extraction and quality of extracted juices

Consumers are increasingly health-conscious and seek products with minimal additives and preservatives. The modern consumer understands the link between consuming bioactive compounds from fruits and vegetables and the associated health benefits. Henc.....»»

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Scientists explore method to increase the growth and carotenoid content ratio of an edible microalga

Over the past few years, people have generally become more conscious about the food they consume. Thanks to easier access to information as well as public health campaigns and media coverage, people are more aware of how nutrition ties in with both h.....»»

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Smart Rings Statistics 2024 By Country, Brands and Users

Introduction Smart Rings Statistics: After the outbreak of the […] Introduction Smart Rings Statistics: After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, global people become more conscious about their health and fitness this is the reason.....»»

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The Body Shop shouldn"t have failed in an age when consumers want activism from their brands. What happened?

We are in an era of brand activism and conscious consumerism. More than 70% of consumers expect brands to publicly stand for sociopolitical issues......»»

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Are eco-friendly hotels inconvenient?

With the possible exception of those people who still seem to think it's OK to throw their McDonald's bag out the car window, most people like to be seen as environmentally conscious—or at least reasonably respectful of the planet......»»

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Uber offers new feature for environmentally conscious riders

Uber has rolled out a new app feature for riders interested in keeping track of carbon emission savings when they use one of the company's greener vehicles......»»

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How do people allocate risks between themselves and others?

Whether you are conscious of it or not, the decisions you make every day involve risk......»»

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The best free dating apps for budget-conscious singles

Find love with the best free dating sites. We did the research, you do the swiping. Dating isn't just hard; it's expensive, especially if you're trying to search for love in places where you're more likely to score a restraining order than a se.....»»

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Affirmative action policies to increase diversity are successful, but controversial, around the world

In a landmark judgment in June 2023, the US supreme court ruled against the use of race-conscious admissions in colleges and universities. This decision marked a controversial end to affirmative action in US higher education admissions......»»

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Sustainable Design Architect: Work, Salaries, Jobs, Education and Ethics

Sustainable architects or green design architects are professionals specializing in environmentally conscious building design. Their responsibilities encompass a range of eco-friendly strategies, including energy-efficient design, water conservation.....»»

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The avocado debate: A polarizing fruit and its impact on society

The avocado has soared to unprecedented heights of popularity, gracing the plates of toast enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals worldwide. But what are the overlooked consequences of our latest food obsession?.....»»

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How to give gifts with the planet in mind

The holidays can put the eco-conscious in a tricky spot. On one hand, the holidays are synonymous with the gift giving: What would Christmas be without Santa and his overstuffed sleigh? And other faiths, of course, share in different traditions aroun.....»»

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New WhatsApp update gives you a more secure way to make phone calls

WhatsApp offers privacy-conscious users the ability to hold calls on company servers to protect your IP address......»»

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How climate conscious Americans reduce their carbon footprints

Bala Sivaraman drives an electric car around the US capital Washington, buys used clothes and furniture and cooks his vegan meals on an induction stove he bought after parting ways with his gas oven......»»

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Languages are both acquired and learned, so conscious and unconscious effort is needed when picking up a new one

Two concepts—acquisition and learning—play key roles in the study of language. Although there are people who use the two terms interchangeably, in reality they embody two different processes in the development of communicative competence......»»

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Best Samsung Galaxy A53 fast chargers to buy in 2023

Charge your Samsung Galaxy A53 quickly with these fast chargers. It is about to be two years since Samsung bid farewell to shipping chargers with select smartphones. It is said to be an environment-conscious move to reduce e-waste. Last yea.....»»

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Supreme Court affirmative action ruling will hurt us, argues Apple

A Supreme Court affirmative action ruling that bans race-conscious admissions into higher education will end up hurting US companies, and the economy as a whole – according to Apple and many other US brands. An amicus brief arguing in favor of con.....»»

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PS Plus July 2023: PlayStation Plus free games available this month

July's PlayStation Plus free games include an emotional eco-conscious adventure, and a geopolitical battle......»»

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